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Note to buyers: All items are new and all prices include shipping

I (Lydia) am selling a copy of A.D. History of the World for $50ppd including shipping and handling. The price at Vision Forum is $125 for a brand new set. It has 20 lectures and the reason I am selling it $50 is because discs 2,4,5, & 6 have been replaced with hand-written copies.


I am also selling Of Plymouth Plantation,

I will sell it for $12ppd. It is in very good condition.  The only problem is that pages 203-207 and 10-12 are wrinkled at the bottom of the pages.
The picture shows the worst wrinkle. Hardback


and Sergeant York and the Great War.

I will sell it for $8ppd it too is in good condition only the 2 bottom front corners are bumped.  It is a nice shiny and sturdy hardback.


Megan is selling 3 Liberty Dolls.

Liberty 1: Came from the manufacturer with a loose leg and then was professionally repaired. She does not have a hair net. Will sell for $45ppd.

Liberty 2: Has a half-inch repair to the seam on her back.  She also does not have a hair net(see picture below) . Will sell for $40ppd.


Liberty 3: Is in perfect condition. Will sell for $50ppd.


Kaitlyn is selling 1 Abigail Doll and 1 Evangeline Doll.

Abigail: Brand new.  Will not be shipped in her original box .  Will sell for $50ppd.

Evangeline: Is in good condition except for a small purple mark just above her right leg(see picture below). Will sell for $45ppd.


Kaitlyn is also selling a few books:

Before You Meet Prince Charming: I (Kaitlyn) loved this book I have read my own copy 3-4 times and will probably read it many more! Minor creases on the cover. Will sell for $6ppd. Paperback

Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends: Some slight shelf-wear. Will sell for $6ppd. Paperback

Draw 50 Flowers, Trees, and Other Plant:  Our family loves drawing books by Lee J. Ames. There are 2 copies of this, there are a few slight creases on the cover of both but over all the books are in good condition. Will sell for $5ppd each. Paperback


  1. We had another birthday here (just in time to buy another doll!) and Emma would like to buy Liberty Doll 1 if she is still available. She was wanting Abigail, but I was not sure if the hair would get real tangled since it is curly… if that is not a concern (I HATE dolls with terrible hair)… let me know and we may get Abigail instead.

    Thanks! You have made two of my little girls very happy with their birthday money this week!


    • My little sister got Abigail, and you’re right, her hair stayed nice for a couple of days, then she decided to plait it and it went crazy! We straightened it and trimmed the fuzzy ends, but she definitely wasn’t the best doll out of the collection (we have Abigail, Fidelia, Jubilee and Liberty).

  2. Jody from AZ says:

    Hi Kaitlyn,

    I would like to purchase one of your drawing books. My daughter, Haley, loves to draw. Send me an email and tell me what to do.

    Thank you!

  3. Marcy Smith says:

    I missed out on Making Brother and Sisters Bestfriends. But i would like Evangeline Doll #2 and Before you meet PRince Charming. Thanks Marcy . YOu can email me and let me know how to pay .

  4. I’d like the copy of Before You Meet Prince Charming, please.

    I have PayPal (but I’m not sure I know how to use it lol) or I would be happy to send you a postal money order. Thank you!

  5. If the above sale of Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends falls thru please let me know. I would also like Draw 50 Flowers, Trees and Other Plants.

    I have PayPal, or can send you a check. :o)

  6. My husband has been checking out Of Plymouth Plantation over and over from the library, and would love it. If it is still available, please let me know. I can paypal or whatever. Thank you!

  7. Jacqueline says:

    I’d love the copy of Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends. If it’s still available, just email how you’d like me to send the money, and I’ll email you my address. BTW, read your blog faithfully and congratulations on your Bethany. Blessings.

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