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update:this drawing has ended. Watch for the winner to be announced on Friday and another drawing on Monday.

Don’t hold me to this, but I’d like to start doing a weekly giveaway.  I’m going to kick it off with the obvious choice:

Remember I posted about it here?  There was a free download of a full track, so check it out if  you missed it.  And my friend Mother Hen has another full track that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

Now you can enter a drawing to win the full album!


Just go to the Vision Forum website and look at the list of 100 animals included in this fun new album.  Then come back and tell me which one you’d most like to hear.

On Friday, I’ll announce a winner who will receive the album for free – but to make it even more fun, I’ll post another free download of the most-picked animal from the entries.  That way, everyone’s a winner!

free download:

And now, here’s one more to whet your appetite: one of my favorite zoo exhibits, the hippo.  Not many animals can balance cute, dangerous and disgusting as well as the hippo.

Now, can you hear the TV announcer’s voice?

but wait! there’s more!

Remember my friend Mother Hen?  Go see what she has for you this week. Hint: it will go very nicely with what you found here.  And the comments on her post are sure to be a hoot!


  1. This drawing is closed. The winner will be (or has been) announced on Friday, August 15.

  2. Wow! What a cool giveaway. I didn’t even know that this product existed! I would love to hear the Yak or the Beaver, both seem interesting! I would love to have this for my son (I’m sure he’d like to hear the monkeys!). Thanks!

  3. KimberlyOR says:

    Growing up, I was totally panda obsessed. I’d love to hear the audio for the Panda Bear.

    As dedicated Jonathan Park fans, our whole family would love to win the giveaway. 😉

  4. Giraffes would be our pick – not because they are so uncommon, but for some reason my son loves to hear about them. Last summer we went to the zoo and that’s all he wanted to see… but the zoo we went to didn’t have any! What an incredible creation of God. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. Hey, no one has picked the YAK yet! 😉 Since we live in yak-land (no, not Tibet, but the countryside of Mongolia….they must have migrated….smile), we see and hear(!) these funny creatures every day, but I’d like to hear what good ol’ Kendall and Jonathan have to say about them! I’m thinking Ahnya, my 10 yr. old, might choose the snow leopard, though — also in these parts, but NOT something we see everyday! (she’s in bed; I’ll ask her tomorrow….)

  6. Monica M. says:

    This was a hard choice but we’re going to PICK (he, he) the Porcupine. My kiddos would absolute love this set both of their birthdays are coming up and it would be a real treat to be chosen. Thanks so much for offering these!!!

  7. The camel. We spent 5.5 hours at the zoo a week before I gave birth at the end of June, and we were the most impressed with the camel. Much bigger than I expected.

  8. Okay, there are alot of animals that we would love to hear about. However, the ‘gecko’ word just jumped out at me from the list. Maybe I just like to say gecko.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Miss S.I. Cave says:

    I love the tiger and wish I could have one for a pet some day!

    Great blog post. Thank you.

  10. Miss S.I. Cave says:

    I love the tiger and wish I could have one for a pet some day!

    Great blog post. Thank you.

  11. giraffe

  12. The green mamba… what is a green mamba?… hmm… off to google that one…
    Thanks for the freebie – I enjoyed listening to this and know my daughter would like these as well. I love that he is a creationist. We watch National Geog. but I’m so disappointed at their “millions of years” comments.

  13. Please enter me.

    I would be curious to see what they say about the Panda… I know that the Science community has gone back and forth as to whether it is truly from the BEAR family or the RACOON family.

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