Happy birthday, Becca

Becca turned 7 yesterday, but I am a bad mom.  See?  I even start my daughter’s birthday post by talking about myself.

Why am I bad?  Because I didn’t do a birthday post for my daughter on her birthday.  Don’t be fooled by the date on the post; I cheated and backdated it.  See?  Bad mom proof #2: I cheat.

I did have an excuse for not posting yesterday: I couldn’t find a good photo of Becca to include.  She was at work with her dad so I couldn’t take a good picture.  But see?  Worse and worse.  Bad mom proof #3: I’m making excuses for myself.  Isn’t that what every bad mom does?  And honestly: What good mom can’t find at least one good recent photo of her child?

Now witness how Dad is making me look even worse:

He had both the child and the camera on her birthday.

He took her out to lunch on her birthday.

He bought her ice cream on her birthday.

His mom sent her a package that arrived right on her birthday.

And to top it off, he reminded me to do the post for her birthday.

The score


Mom: 0

But I’m trying to make up for it.  Yesterday I helped Natalie make Becca a lovely birthday skirt.  Last night, we set up a treasure hunt for her gifts. And now I’m doing her birthday post.

The new score

Dad: 5

Mom: 3

Today – even though we leave town early tomorrow morning – I will take the  Birthday Girl to both WalMart and lunch.  Maybe even ice cream.  Score 3 more points for mom.

The projected score

Dad: 5

Mom: 6

See, honey?  Mommy loves you best.  Happy Birthday, Becca!


  1. Aw, Thomas. I can’t believe you would go there. I saw your post, but how do I know you didn’t cheat the date like I did?

  2. LOL!! Happy Late Birthday, Becca! I love seeing your sense of humor, Kim 😀

  3. MAN OH MAN!!! I can’t believe you did that! You forgot your own daughters birthday post? WOW! Just joking….I guess it’s better late then never.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Becca! I wished I could have talked more the other night, but little girls need thier sleep.

    BTW, Mrs. if you want to see a Birthday post that was ontime…..mmmm….never mind, I won’t get into that 😉 Last thing I need is hate mail.

  4. Karen,
    Yes, she was our bathtub baby. So I get a point for that? And Perry loses a point? Cool, cuz we didn’t get around to the ice cream yesterday.

  5. homemakerang says:

    Happy Birthday Becca!

  6. If every bad mom was like you… We wold have a world of happy children!
    Happy birthday Becca, you have funny and loving parents 🙂

  7. Was Becca the bathtub baby? If so, it’s a hands-down win for you, Kim, and better-luck-next-time for Mister I’m Getting Ice Chips.


    (If not, well…regardless, that is one blessed child to have parents who argue over who cherished her the most!) You two are wonderful.

    And happy late birthday, Becca!

  8. homemakerang,
    You are so right!

  9. this possibly, I am in no way implying, but possibly could be filed under ovarian guilt too…

  10. That scoring system is so commical. Good job getting up fabulous pictures of your cutie and (BONUS) on her birthday. The Baby pictures vs. Big Girl pictures ratio is about to be balanced…are the planets aligning?…will the internet self implode? The gap is closing, now all we need is a picture of Racheal. Tune in next time on Life In A Shoe for answers to these questions. O.K. I’m just borred, thanks for the fun. Happy Birthday Becca!

  11. Hilarious! Happy Birthday, Becca!

  12. Happy Birthday plus 1 Becca 🙂

    oh and Perry… Kim delivered Becca…that is worth unlimited “points”…. keep trying 🙂

  13. now wait a minute…. I don’t think a late, self-promoting, backdated birthday post should count.

    Dad: 5

    Mom: 6 -1 = 5

    See there?

    We’re tied 😉

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