Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo

psst: scroll to the bottom for something you won’t find anywhere else on the web: an exclusive sneak preview of a full episode!

It’s no secret that we love the Jonathan Park series.  We own them all and have heard them many times.  I think everyone else loves them too, because I lost count of how many times people have asked me when the next addition to the Jonathan Park series is coming out.

It’s here!  It’s new and different too, in a good way.  These are not the radio-style mystery/adventures in which Jonathan P. usually finds himself entangled.  Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo brings creation science to the zoo, with amazing facts about 100 different animals!  Now we’re going to have get a family zoo pass!

From the VF website:

Join Jonathan Park and his father for a trip to the zoo as they explore these and other wonders of the animal kingdom. Featuring one hundred, two-minute segments, this creationist audio guide to a hundred zoo animals dispels common evolutionary myths and highlights some of the most fascinating attributes that God gave each creature He designed. Filled with engaging animal noises and amazing scientific tidbits, Dr. Kendall Park and Jonathan take listeners on a zoo journey to remember…

Check out the audio samples on the website: you can learn about the Elephant – it’s the main sample, near the top of the page – then move down to the complete list and learn about the Bald Eagle, Wallaby, Leopard, and Great Horned Owl.  I thought I knew a lot about animals, but I was genuinely surprised by many of the facts on the tracks I have heard so far!  I can’t wait to hear more!

If you enjoy those, buy the set: just $25 for 100 animals on 4 CDs.  That’s 25 cents apiece.

If you want to save even more, buy all 6 Jonathan Parks sets plus a bonus for $125. What’s the bonus?  Here’s a hint: it will come in very handy for zoo trips.

Now for the sneak preview:

Listen to the full Gila Monster episode!

Fun?  Watch my friend Mother Hen at Ship Full O’ Pirates for a different episode, and come back for more soon!


  1. I just noticed on Vision Forum’s website that this new J.P. cd had some out….and was interested. So, I was glad to see you had a sample. In listening just to this one sample, it seems like the background noise (to give that “being at the zoo” feeling?) was a bit distracting. Is it really that pronounced? We, too, really enjoy the other J.P. adventure stories…..

  2. Our kiddos LOVE the Park series. We listen to them constantly & our kids can recite almost entire episodes word-for-word. NO KIDDING- episodes! That is how much we listen to them! So, we are THRILLED for the new one to come out!

  3. When we visited your booth at the OKC homeschool convention your husband told us they were working on a new Jonathan Park. My kids have been waiting ever since than to see what it was. They were thrilled to see it was out. And what a great subject. They have listened to the other Jonathan Parks many times. We love them. They are great.

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