Militant Fecundity :)


  1. Oh this is SO PRECIOUS!! I cannot WAIT to show my girls tomorrow!!! (They are sleeping right now.) 😀

  2. What an adorable video! My husband thinks the baby said, “Yeah!” at the end! LOL

  3. Those numbers are off

  4. What?

    That’s it?

    Just a couple of sweet comments on a video with tags such as “feminism” and “deep thoughts”…??

    Where’d everyone go? Are y’all melting away like we are? (Hey – no laughing, you Texas folks…we in the NW don’t like this heat for the few weeks we have it, and we have the right to complain!)

    Regardless, I’ve watched this video before, Perry, and really enjoyed it. What a darling little girl – and a creative idea, having her head into her little playhouse to “show off” her baby brother.

  5. Hannah C. says:

    Some people in this world would say that having 10 billion children in ten billion generations would be a very bad thing, overloading the world, whatever…

    That little boy is sooooo cute!!

  6. Amen!!! That was beautiful!


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