More baby pics, because I just can’t stop

After this many children you’d think some of the newness would wear off, but somehow we still find ourselves staring with awe and wonder as the newest baby does something mundane, like dozing off.  The only difference is that she has 10 admirers instead of just 2.


“Are you still taking pictures?  Can’t a girl get some sleep around here?”

Almost asleep.  This is when smiles come most easily:

And she’s out.  The only thing sweeter than a wide-eyed baby is a sleeping one.


  1. She is perfect! Your joy is merely multiplied. Congratulations on this addition to your wonderful family and thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey when will you a mother to 9 instead of 8?

  3. I love the look on their little faces when they are almost asleep. They are just so sweet at that moment.

  4. She’s simply beautiful! Don’t stop posting those pictures. You’ve got to share the joy!

  5. Oh I just love those dozing off pictures!! She is just precious!

  6. She’s too cute for words! God bless her! I have four children, and I loved it when they where in their newborn stage. Wouldn’t mind going through it again a couple more times! To see them grow is truly a miracle!

  7. She is beautiful!

  8. Angela H. says:

    hear….not here….duh 🙂

  9. Angela H. says:

    Awe, that is soo sweet! I can almost here lullabies playing in the background. God bless.

    Angela 🙂

  10. Oh, SO ADORABLE! This post is sure to increase your number of comments!

  11. I have to say, she is such a cute baby!

  12. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog, but it’s even more fun now that we’ve had a baby at the same time! I read this post just as I put MY little one down for his nap!

  13. I think I have more photos of our youngest child as a baby than of our first, thanks to digital photography! (Not that most of them are printed, though…)

    It’s so refreshing to read your blog, since most people don’t understand how I could possibly want more babies when I already have five children. I almost find myself feeling *guilty* when I get that longing for another baby sometimes, with the way people act.

    So it’s just really great to read your blog and see you enjoying your ninth baby just like she was your first. 🙂

  14. Indeed, she’s a precious little napper. 🙂

  15. In one the the Anne books by LM Montgomery, Anne finds a letter in which her mother wrote, “I love her best while she is sleeping and better still when she is awake.” (Or something very similiar.)

    That just about sums it up, doesn’t it? As a mama, I even love watching my teenagers sleep. Teens don’t draw the crowds that new babies do, though.

    Bethany is quite lovely. Thank you for sharing.

    (p.s. I have eyes that are stoo-pid, too. Something about having babies causes this malfunction!)

  16. She is a beautiful baby for sure. Her lips are so perfect!

  17. Erin M in MO says:

    No, new babies never get old. 🙂 What a sweet little girl!!

  18. Those are the most perfect and precious baby pictures I have ever seen. Her head is just perfect, and that little smile! Oh.My.Goodness!!!!

  19. Caroline says:

    What a sweetie! Don’t stop taking those pictures! My mother has like 16 photo albums of my older brother, one of which contains two pages of little ol’ me. : )

  20. I LOVE those little closed hands. And the ears. And the feet. And the little nose. And the neck. And the…

    At least on my Bethany. I am sure your Bethany is just as cute. 🙂

  21. I’m glad to hear that fascination with watching the baby doesn’t wear off! We’re only at #3, but it certainly hasn’t worn off for us. All the gazing admiration, the oohing and aahing, the amazement at this child’s awareness/skills/interaction/knowing expressions, etc. is still going strong! (He’s not even a newborn anymore.) So I’m glad to see all the pics and hear that your newest member has so many rapt admirers! Blessings!

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