Chocolate memories

I just remembered a tidbit from my childhood.  I told my kids this morning and they loved it, so I thought it might be a good idea to store it here in my longterm memory banks blog.

Back when I was 11yo, I went on a babysitting job with my best friend.  She was 12 and an old pro, but I had never been allowed to babysit so I felt very grown up and privileged.

We babysat.  This was where I learned a little toddler-diapering trick that has stood me in good stead over the years.  This was also where I witnessed an adorable bit of toddler cuteness as the mom was giving us instructions before she left:

Mom: Here is Miranda’s plate with her dinner.

Miranda: Dinner!

Mom: She can watch a bit of TV after she eats.

Miranda: TV!

Mom: She can have 2 cookies for dessert.

Miranda: Cookies!

Mom: Her bedtime is at 8:00.

Miranda: Not yet!

Gina told me that the parents in this home allowed her to snack on whatever she wanted and they had given me permission as well.  I imagine my jaw hit the floor when I heard that.  In our house, I remember the menus being strictly planned.  “Don’t get into that cheese!  I need it for Thursday!  Don’t each all of the peanut butter – it has to last til next Friday.”  There was no free snacking in my childhood memories.

I peeked into the freezer and found – oh, joy! – a bag of chocolate chips!  What treaure!  What luxury!  At my coaxing, Gina and I nibbled the entire bag.

It. Was. Good.

And then the parents returned, and we went back to Gina’s home.

But the story doesn’t quite end there, on such a happy note.  Apparently the parents later discovered the missing bag of chocolate chips.  Gina told me later that they changed the rules and began setting out preplanned snacks for Gina because they feared she was not making wise choices.

I’m sorry Gina.  But it was worth it, wasn’t it?


  1. Ha, we once had a babysitter eat an entire pizza and a half from the delivery place. I was hoping to have the leftovers the next day! I never did figure out if she actually ate it all, or if she had had a “visitor.” Hmm……

  2. I’m laughing about how strict your mom was on snacking!

    Just this afternoon I had to explain to my 9yo about the economy and how the price of food is skyrocketing and, while I really don’t ever, ever want his little tummy to be anything but completely full, I’m going to start strictly rationing snacks!!

    We briefly discussed raising our own cows and chickens and then he just growled “Those Democrats” who are, in his mind, clearly responsible for rising food costs! 🙂

  3. the only thing we take is food… but we also watch your tvs and read any books or magizenes left out, and sometimes we even put the tv back on the chanel it was on so that you favorite show is still what you get when you turn it on 🙂
    I try not to eat something up or take the last coke unless it was offered to me : )

  4. Funny story! We haven’t had a lot of babysitters yet, but I’ve never noticed anything missing when we got home…

  5. I had to laugh…I actually have the same story of one of my first babysitting gigs, except it was a bag of oreos!

  6. It’s just this: once the baby gets a little heavier, save yourself some work by teaching them to lift their bottom for you. We call it “butt up.” We’re trying to migrate toward “lift up,” but old habits die hard. Anyway, you get the idea. The baby bends her knees, plants her feet and raises her bottom for you so you can slide out the used diaper, and position the new one. With just a little coaching, I’ve found that they can learn this easily by 12 months.
    It’s especially nice when you are very pregnant and still have a toddler in diapers. 🙂

  7. Oh babysitting memories……I loved going to babysit this one family because they had THE best snacks! Not that we didn’t have snacks in our house. But we had to ask, and sometimes the response was the same one you got. I make my girls ask for snacks now too….I’m so mean! LOL But they have friends who don’t have to ask, and just snack away the day, and then don’t want to eat at mealtime!

  8. I have to admit..I was a tad scared to read it w/ the title of “Chocolate Memories” then going into “toddler diaper tricks”…but alas…it was really about Chocolate 🙂

  9. The (almost) exact same thing happened to me when I was a teenage babysitter! I was accustomed to sitting for a family who left out snacks for me so when I started with a new family who didn’t, I just ate whatever I wanted out of the pantry. This was fine for awhile but one day their little girl told me, “Mommy needed those M & M’s you ate to make cookies for my school.” I was so embarrassed but I really don’t think I was at fault! : )

  10. So, let’s hear the toddler diapering trick.

  11. that is something that as a baysitter i would do… if they say you can eat whatever you want i check out the food when the kids are sleeping.
    no free snacking!!
    as i college student i survive on snacks. : )

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