My kids are weird

We just had a huge scream-fest over a small insect in our box of peaches.  He is a house centipede.  He is small and harmless, and I see them frequently.  Apparently my kids have never laid eyes on one.

Tarantula-girl and snake-girl were the two loudest screamers in the crowd.  When I questioned the logic in that, snake-girl shrieked, “But my snake doesn’t have legs. AAAAAHHHH!  He’s moving!!!!”

Tarantula girl added, “I like fuzzy fat pets.  That one is skinny and he has too many legs.  AAAAAHHHH!”

Apparently my kids don’t even find it reassuring that these little guys eat spiders, bedbugs, termites, cockroaches, silverfish, ants, and are generally incapable of penetrating human skin.  This was so creepy that Deanna now peels her peaches, just in case the skin has come into contact with a house centipede.

My kids are weird.


  1. We have too many of these buggers showing up around here lately. One was in my bed and came into contact with my leg leaving a welp like mark and boy did it sting.

    Be careful. They are harmless but hurt somehow when they come into contact with skin.

    My daughter would not eat a banana after seeing one in the bag.

  2. I’ve wondered what those multi, long-legged things are! Since moving into my new home about 9 mos. ago, we have “squished” several of those crazy looking things. Thanks! I just couldn’t stomach looking through pics of bugs to discover what they were!

  3. Anne,
    The tarantula lives in a small tank in Kaitlyn’s bedroom, but she often takes her out to hold. She eats large insects and small lizards that we catch around here.

  4. No, no no. Your kids are not weird. House centipedes are THE WORST CREATURES ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. I am convinced they somehow came into being AFTER the fall. I can handle spiders, mice, snakes, lizards, beetles, and toads, but not those. In fact, in our family those horrible creatures are known as Satan-Hitler Bugs. The worst.

  5. Anne from Faraway says:

    here we have big cockroach, I mean BIG like 2″1/2 and they can fly! yuk! but there is nothing you can do about them, you kill one and there is another one the next night. I usually see them at night if I go to the bathroom. Otherwise they keep quiet, so I am fine with that. But we have no big hairy spider … does she usually keep it in a tank??? I am sure my Elina would love to pay you a visit, she would enjoy your creepy creatures very much. I enjoy reading your blog, keep writting and thanks

  6. In mid- Missouri we call those things with all the legs- Nightcrawlers. They tend to creep around at night and stay hidden during the day. They get stuck in vases, boxes, storage containers in the basement and can’t get back out so I usually find their creepy, crawly skeletons in various places.

  7. I think this would be a LOT OF FUN to have at home. We’d get a millipede and do a “hair club for bugs” commercial. That thing you have there would be the “after.”

  8. NO!!!!!!!!!! Centipedes are THE WORST BUG ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!!!!!!!!

  9. Ahhhh! How can your daughter have that thing on her?!?!?! We think house centipedes are grose too! (Shivering)

  10. snakes, bugs, eh… but that picture of the tarantula makes me want to shrivel up and die, ewww! So wrong, you are one strong mama…

  11. Good thing that’s not a Brazilian Giant Centipede… You’d have a good reason to be afraid of THAT.

  12. You had me laughing so hard at this post!
    Kids are so silly about insects, aren’t they?

    My three boys have no problems torturing little bugs outside while 3 of the girls scream with disgust. The other girl peers cautiously and then throw herself in the fray!

  13. Big spiders would definitely be more scary to me than the centipede. My wife doesn’t like any kind of bug, though.

  14. yes they are and I should add you should have some ovarian guilt for this love of these spiders…

  15. You would be voted “Mom of the year” by kids with leaving them have those things in the house.
    Just looking at the snake and spider make my skin crawl…I am a mean Mom!!
    AND a cow eye in your fridge, I guess it’s good no one thought it was something else.

  16. Oh I love it! I am cracking up! Gotta love kids.

  17. I am requesting that you do a post with each girl’s face, naming who they are. 🙂 I have no idea who those girls are with the snake and spider (*shudder*) but the girl with the spider looks JUST like you!! They are beautiful girls!

    Those bugs are really creeping me out though, I wish you’d give a warning or something, I just about jumped out of my skin, yuck!! 😛

  18. I have never seen one of those bugs before. But if it eats all the things you say I think I could live with it.

  19. Well, at my house the centipede would have been eaten!

    By my 22m old DD.

    She’s eaten daddy longlegs. Ok, most of a daddy longlegs, my mom managed to pull a couple longlegs legs out of her mouth. Yes, they were still wiggling, what’s up with that?

    She ate a worm. Ok, most of a worm, my MIL pulled half a still wiggling worm out of her mouth the other day too. I just wonder if I’ll survive my Mary Alice. She’s determined to kill me from fright or ‘gross! spit that out right now!’-isms.

    I won’t even mention computer paper (I don’t even bother taking that away anymore, I”m a bad mommy), crayons, milk-jug rings, upholstery(!), vinyl strips off of my table cloth (when I took it off the table she started chewing on my table!). She could so win on the ‘eating gross stuff’ part of ‘fear factor’.

    Anyways, cute bug. Kinda looks like a featherboa with legs or something. He’d have a limited lifespan at my house.


    PS, what kind of storm preps are you guys taking? Do you live near (or within 100miles of) the coast of TX?

    PPS, I’m sure my Mary Alice will be the one keeping gross stuff in my fridge on the sly too.

  20. Speaking of the cow eye, I just had a conversation that I never expected to have:
    Kaitlyn: Deanna, I think your cow eye just fell out of the fridge.
    Deanna: Well, where else would I keep it?
    Me: Umm…in your purse? In the trash? In your treasure box? New rule: no cow eyes in the fridge.

  21. They certainly are . . . that cow-eye Deanna brought to church the other day threw me over the edge. You must have some guts 😉

  22. RFLOL that is just funny 🙂 In our house, it is my son who is rather squeamish… DD loves bugs.
    This morning she brought a ‘baby caterpillar’ into the house- and was told to remove it.
    The other day she was showing a cricket she had caught to DH and made him jump 😀
    I am not sure she’d like a centipede much though- they ARE creepy looking (mind you I think caterpillars and crickets are as well ;))

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