On Palin

It’s late, and I’m already short on sleep so I’ll try to make this short and sweet.  So far, my valiant husband has stirred up most of the political controversy on our blog, but I really need to say a few words as well.

I’m not trying to cause division in the Christian community, but we must be united on the right side.  I am just heartsick over the way so much of the Christian community has enthusiastically fallen in line behind a feminist candidate for VP simply because she professes to be pro-life and a Christian.

Do we really believe that this is the extent of God’s revealed standard for our civil rulers?  Is there neutrality in government?  Do our rulers live outside of God’s law?  Is God silent on the matter, because He has no opinion or requirements?

The standard for rulers is laid out just as clearly as the standard for elders in the church – and the standard is specifically masculine, among other things.

So many of us agree on the complementary roles of women and men in the home and in the church, yet our own sisters and brothers in Christ are denying that this aspect of our very nature has any influence in the third sphere of God-originating authority: that of civil government.  What are they thinking?

But it’s not just about Palin’s gender.  There are other issues that ought to dampen the enthusiasm of Palin’s Christian fans.  She supports tax-payer funded contraceptives and sex-ed in schools.  She vetoed pro-family legislation in Alaska, guaranteeing special rights to homosexuals.  And she is a self-proclaimed feminist.

And McCain’s record is far worse.  Remember him?  It’s not all about Sarah Palin.

Doesn’t any of this set off alarm bells?  I would rather have Obama in office while Christians pray fervently for national repentance than have McCain and Palin in office with the full approval of the general Christian community.

Please take the time to read Bill Einwechter’s article, Sarah Palin and the Complementarian Compromise.  It’s long, but worth the time.  Can you use Scripture to defend a vote for Palin?  Never mind how you feel about it or “what your heart tells you”; what does God tell you in His perfect Word?  It’s trite but true: a vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.

Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.  Psalm 127:1


  1. Perry, perhaps party was the wrong choice of words in that situation. In reality I’m not all that much of a die hard republican either. What I am, however, is someone who is very pro-life. Honestly, I supported Ron Paul in the primaries.

    However, it does not change the fact that a vote for anyone but McCain (unless you voted with the green party…which seems unlikely 🙂 ) is a vote for Obama. I do no think that it is something that a pro-life Christian can do and claim that they simply “sat out”. Sitting out is voting for Obama, regardless of the name written in on the ballot.

    I trust that God is in control, but I don’t think that gives me license to act irresponsibly. I wouldn’t run into oncoming trafic and say “it’s cool, God’s in control I won’t get hurt”. I trust in God, but I also must you the reason he has instilled inside of me. Honestly, I understand not wanting to vote for someone not completely pro-life, but after much prayer I can not support anyone who will indirectly support Obama.

  2. Karen one other quick question…

    Exactly which precepts in Scripture were given to “modern day America”?

    Near as I can tell they were ALL given to people long long ago in a land far far away.

  3. Perry and Kim,
    AMEN! You are speaking the truth. Not only your words, but what scripture actually has to say on this matter. It is so clear, and there is no “unless this or that happens, then it’s okay”. Our fellow believing friends and my husband’s coworkers think the McCain/Palin vote is the “only” way to go. Most of them have said “it’s better then Obama”. It’s sad to me that our country was founded on these biblical truths and what now, are we suddenly above the Bible? Above God? Have we gained so much knowledge that we now know what is best, even if God says, several times, He is against it? Is God not bigger and oh so much smarter than us? I feel as though people are telling God to sit this one out, that we’ve got it under control, we can make an even better choice then what was in His plan(the Bible). My husband and I will keep turning to the Bible for our answers and guess what, God doesn’t change His mind and there will be consequences for our country’s actions.

  4. All I can say is GO KIM. I am relieved to see someone else out there who feels like we do! A momma belongs with her family not out ruling a nation!

  5. Oh yeah Karen…calling names is a sure sign of a weak argument.


  6. Hey Karen (Palin for President),

    Who were they?
    They were the people of God.

    Who is the people of God today (according to the book of Romans)?
    The Church.

    What were the tribes of Israel doing?
    Electing leaders.

    Who were they commanded to pick?
    Godly MEN.

    Can you explain how this does NOT apply to us?

    Thanks and back to work.

  7. Palin for President says:

    The tribes refers to the tribes of Israel not modern day American politics. Stop twisting scripture around to fit into your mysgomist mindset.

  8. Just curious, Perry: What do you say to a woman who is obedient to her husband when he tells her who to vote for, even if she desires to vote for someone else or not at all?

    I also just wanted to say that in our “goverment” schools here in the South, parents have the right to review reproductive health materials and decide if their children will participate in the class. Our children most likely will not when they reach that age. We have been teaching them about God’s plan for sex but it is SCARY how many Christian parents do not!

  9. Wow PalinforPresident did you read the article and the Scriptures quoted in it?

    Scripture speaks directly to the issue when it says

    “Choose for your tribes wise, understanding, and experienced men, and I will appoint them as your heads.'” Deut 13:1

    In other words WHEN you VOTE choose MEN.

    Again in Exodus 18 when it says “1Moreover, look for able men from all the people, men who fear God, who are trustworthy and hate a bribe, and place such men over the people as chiefs of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties, and of tens.”

    The masculine here is intentional. If you try to say that men doesn’t mean “male persons” here then you have no log to stand on in Timothy when we are commanded to have the husband of one wife” as elders.

  10. I too am waiting to here Kims reply since she is the one who posted.

  11. Palin for President says:

    Please stop slandering Palin. It’s bad enough she has to put up with attacks from the liberal media. Can’t her own brothers and sisters in Christ show her some grace? Scripture says that men are head of their wives and only their wives as well as leaders in their church. It doesn’t speak for women in public office.

  12. Lauren,

    A candidate either gets our vote or they do not. Neither I nor my hubby are into ‘defensive voting’. Offense only has to be lucky once, defense has to be lucky every single time.

    How has that defensive voting worked out for the right wing lately? IMHO all it’s done is triangulate this country further and further to the left.



  13. Lauren said

    “Also, it is disingenuous to pretend that your third party vote does not amount to a vote for evil.

    Our actions do not exist in a vacuum. When we pull the lever for a candidate that is in competition within our own party, we are casting a vote for the other side.”

    To which I reply….see you lost me at that last right turn…the Republicrats are not my party or Kim’s party. We don’t have a party. We try to discern which candidates are qualified based on our understanding of clear Scriptures. We may not always be correct or consistent but we try as much as we are able to make biblical guidelines and not party lines our standard for voting.

  14. Kim & Perry,

    Thanks for writing this. Hubby and I have been discussing this for several days. While there are many good things about the Palin nomination (and some not so good as you’ve pointed out) & her politics we’re left to wonder if there weren’t any men who shared the acceptable part of her beliefs. Was she picked because of her beliefs or because she was a woman with those beliefs?

    Hubby’s not sure we would swallow the McCain pill even if we were totally on board with Palins beliefs. He’s not even mentioning the disagreeable parts of her political platform. Or that she’s a woman.



    ps, maybe I’ll just get pregnant this fall. I”m always in a better mood when I’m pregnant! Prayers in that direction always appreciated!

  15. MintheGap said “The lesser of two evils is trite, and attempts to dodge the fact that we will never have a “perfect cadidate” or “perfect President.” It’s impossible. Only when the Prince of Peace returns to rule will we have a perfect leader.”

    The issue is NOT perfection. We are not looking for a perfect candidate. We are looking for one that meets the qualifications Bill laid out in the article. You are correct that perfection is impossible this side of heaven but that does not release us in our obligations to God’s standards.

    Minthegap said “Until that point, we’ll always be choosing the better of two candidates (or in the negative, the lesser of two evils).”

    We actually I’m choosing a 3rd most likely Chuck Baldwin he is the only one that can pass the qualification test (IMHO)

    Thanks for the comment.

  16. Lauren when you said “Well to begin with we’re never going to find a candidate who is against abortion if the mother’s life is in danger. If the mother dies, so does the baby, so I really don’t see the purpose in allowing both to die.”

    It is a red herring. I never suggested anyone needs to stand idly by when the mother dies. What I did suggest is we need candidates who will not proclaim it alright to preemptively kill a growing baby.

    As for the Obama vs McCain on abortion, no doubt that Obama would be far more aggressive in his support for abortion but McCain is only better by degrees, having to my knowledge never voted to defund planned parenthood (just one example)


    Since neither meet the biblical qualifications for elected leaders (see the article Kim linked to above) I think it’s a moot point. if they don’t fit who we are instructed to choose for leaders then we may not vote for them.

  17. Samantha gaciously asked
    “Just curious why Perry is answering all the comments, when Kim is the one who wrote this post. Can’t she speak for herself? Or does she not get that opportunity in your “male-headed” household? I’ve often wondered just how oppressed a woman is in situations like that. Perhaps here is my answer.”

    Hey Samantha thanks for your question. To put it bluntly no she is not allowed to speak for herself.


    Actually she is running errands including a midwife appointment that is 2 hours from home so I happen to be a little closer to the computer today (although not by much).

    We are very busy in the Vision Forum warehouse getting ready for the new catalog.


  18. The Bible tells us the battle is the Lords and it is not the strength of our armies, or our votes, that will bring about a win but God alone. So, to say that Christians “have to” vote for a person that someone feels is the “lesser of the evils” is putting our hope in the election process and not in God. We are not to fear man (or presidents) but we are to fear God. I believe I am to do my duty to God and let Him deal with the outcome.

  19. Way to go, Kim! I agree. We need to be watchful and careful that we abide by God’s standards. Having a Christian worldview goes beyond merely being on the right side of the issues of abortion. If one has a Christian worldview, it will affect his total thinking and lifestyle. I guess that definition really trims down the amount of politicians we thought had a Christian worldview!

    I agree that Christians ought to be careful that we don’t throw our total support behind a candidate just because he or she is “pro-life.” Abolishing abortion is important, but voting for someone with untrustworthy character, etc., is not the way to do it. We have put tyrants like Bush and others in office, because they told us they lived by “faith” and were “pro-life.” Now people around the country see Christians as responsible for engineering all this country’s problems. Let’s not make that same mistake again.

    Keep up the good work!

  20. Spurgeon said (and I”m not certain this is word-perfect): “When faced with a choice between two evils, choose NEITHER.”

    Voting against your conscience is wrong and dangerous. If you vote for McCain (even though you don’t approve of him) because you think he’s better than Obama, you’ve just “chosen the lesser of two evils.”

    Take “the lesser of two” out of the phrase, and you’ve just “chosen evils.”

    I love my country, and I don’t WANT Obama running it! But if to keep him away from presidency requires me to cross my conscience, it’s wrong.

    Others may look on voting for anyone besides Obama or McCain as throwing away a vote. And wasting a vote may affect the judges that are appointed in the future, or laws that are repealed!

    Maybe. Maybe not. My God is still on the throne, and I’m certain He’s quite capable of controlling even Obama. (IF Obama is the one who wins.)

    When I stand before the judge of Heaven and Earth, I’m not going to care who was running my country. I’m only going to care if I was faithful to follow what I know is right.

    My pastor has lived in other countries. He knows what he is talking about when he says it’s POSSIBLE to live under other governments. (though not exactly pleasant). The Chinese Church survives. But voting for what I believe is wrong would be deathly to my soul.

    Separate nations don’t exist in Heaven, as far as I know. America isn’t going to be in Heaven.

    I will.

    And I care about what I will need to account for.

    I’m not saying who I’ll vote for. I don’t know yet. I’m just saying that when I have finished reading, and praying, and listening to my father’s counsel, I’m going to vote only for what is good, not what is “better than what it could be.”

    No compromises.

  21. Thank you, Kim, for holding up God’s Word as our standard. The words of Samuel Adams come to mind here-
    “We have this day restored the Sovereign, to Whom alone men ought to be obedient. He reigns in heaven and. . . from the rising to the setting sun, may his Kingdom come.”
    It may be a small beginning, but when we apply God’s law to our votes we are doing this very thing.

    Keep Standing,

  22. I have been reading your blog for a while- your family amazes me! I had to comment on this post- I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity! I am also a complementarian- I believe in male leadership, I stay at home with my four children six and under, I try to be a good helpmeet to my assistant pastor husband. But, I strongly disagree with you.
    Obama is evil. He is for infanticide, welfare, and the communistic society. I shudder to think of what it would be like for our children, grandchildren, and future generations if he got into office. McCain and Palin are much better then Obama. Not perfect, but much better. I can not- in a clear conscience, vote for anyone but them. Any other vote would be a vote for Obama, and I could not shoulder the responsibility of helping such a man get into office. So, I choose between going against the natural order of having men in office, or I vote for a man that murders babies- even babies that survive abortions. It’s not even a choice for me.
    One more thing- where are all our men??? This is one of the reasons that Sarah Palin has stepped up to the plate! If all the great men that are sitting at their computers typing out articles *against* Sarah Palin would use their great oratory skills, talents, and convictions to *do something* in politics, then we wouldn’t even be debating this. I say to the men, “If you don’t like a woman in charge, then step up to the plate, and run for office!” And don’t say that they would never get elected. Sarah Palin is a true conservative, with conservative values, and she got elected. It can be done.
    There is a huge difference between a woman being in office, and a man that supports infanticide, universal healthcare, abortions, and all other un-Biblical, morally wrong things. I am very surprised that you would rather see Obama in office than a woman supported by Christians in office. I am about as complementarian as they get. But I do not agree with that assesment. (my husband also agrees with me.)

  23. Also, it is disingenous to pretend that your third party vote does not amount to a vote for evil.

    Our actions do not exist in a vaccum. When we pull the lever for a candidate that is in competition within our own party, we are casting a vote for the other side. We can pat ourselves on the back for “not voting for the lesser of two evils,” but the reality is that we have now voted for the greater of two evils, but backhandedly, and with much self congratulation.

  24. AMEN AMEN AMEN SISTER!!!!!!!! i totally agree with you. i have been blogging about this for a few days and i have only 1 person who feels as you and i do! SHOCKING!! don’t these people read the bible?!

  25. I think that you make a really strong argument when you bring up McCain. He’s the one on the ticket, and yet it’s a distraction to talk about Palin.

    My mind’s not made up on her possible “job” and whether she should even be doing that, but my family follows more what you say, and that’s what I feel personally. I know that God has used women in the past, and even prodded on leaders using women, so I’ll still think through that.

    The lesser of two evils is trite, and attempts to dodge the fact that we will never have a “perfect cadidate” or “perfect President.” It’s impossible. Only when the Prince of Peace returns to rule will we have a perfect leader.

    Until that point, we’ll always be choosing the better of two candidates (or in the negative, the lesser of two evils).

    But I’m totally with you that Christians should be praying that God would work in hearts so the country would long for a leader that puts God first.

  26. Perry Says
    “Palin calls several things “good” that God calls evil like abortion in the life of the mother or sex education for children ”

    Well to begin with we’re never going to find a candidate who is against abortion if the mother’s life is in danger. If the mother dies, so does the baby, so I really don’t see the purpose in allowing both to die. There is no preservation of life in this case, just the loss of life. In fact, it could be argued t hat the woman commits a sin of suicide if she does not abort. I’m not saying I necessarally agree with this position, but it is an argument that has been used in the Talmud to command Jewish women abort in such situations.

    As for her stance on sex ed. She has said that she will not approve “explicit” sex ed, but does believe in sex ed that discusses contraception. I think it is our jcb to educated our government about the abortificient nature of hormonal birth control, since most people are unaware exactly how it works. As for other contraceptives, I believe their use is a matter of our personal relationship with God and our convictions on the matter. While the bible teaches that children are a blessing, we are not told that contraceptive is a sin.

    The only mention regarding contraception is mention of a specific disobedience to God that I do not believe can be extrapolated to mean that all contraception is disobedience to God.

    Kim, it greatly troubles me that you would rather have Obama in office. This man has said that his very first act in office will be signing FOCA which will repeal all abortion laws. At this critical election where it is very possible that two Supreme Court positions will be open, it is imperitive that we elect someone who will elect strict constitutionalist judges, as McCain has promised to do.

  27. Hello-

    I can understand what you are saying Kim and Perry, but I think some of us in the Christian community are willing to vote for McCain/Palin because it is the lesser of two evils. What choice do we have? I cannot vote for Obama because I don’t feel he is any more “Christian” than McCain/Palin and I have a really difficult time with his less than patriotic attitude toward our country. My husband serves in the Air Force, so who I vote for could potentially be his commander and chief. So, that is why I am voting for McCain/Palin, I just don’t feel like there is any better option, and I refuse not to vote, since my husband has served twice in Iraq protecting that freedom. He also protects our freedom to have these kind of “debates” and I am thankful for you choosing to post on the matter. We have the freedom of being able to share our own opinion, isn’t that wonderful?!

    Samantha- I felt that your comment was a little rude and not at all constructive. Maybe Kim is just tired, she is a contented mother to 11 children. Perhaps she is putting her children’s needs before her own. If Kim was so “oppressed” by her husband, than I doubt he would allow her to even blog. Let’s be a little more courteous in sharing our opinions. We can have differences in opinions and discuss them in a way that would honor Christ.


  28. I just re-read your post. You said “simply because she professes to be a Christian.” You are actually playing God here and telling us that you judge this woman NOT to be a Christian simply because you think you are better than she is because you stay home with your children and see does not. WOW. What on earth gives you the gall to judge whether or not a fellow believer in Christ is a Christian or not? It is one thing to disagree with her politically and to vote for another candidate, but I am appalled that one believer would call into question the salvation of another. Judge her politics all you want, but you have no right to judge her faith. You are way out of line. Last time I checked there was only one God, and it wasn’t you.

  29. So how exactly do you propose we vote for — since there are so many “perfect” choices? Let he who is perfect cast the first stone … Politicians are not supposed to be ministers, by the way; they set the policy agenda for the nation, and McCain and Palin will do a far better job following a conservative policy than will the alternative. May I suggest you be realistic about the choice that is before us and think about the choice that we actually have to make.

  30. Just curious why Perry is answering all the comments, when Kim is the one who wrote this post. Can’t she speak for herself? Or does she not get that opportunity in your “male-headed” household? I’ve often wondered just how oppressed a woman is in situations like that. Perhaps here is my answer.

  31. I’ve been heavy hearted about this for a while now. I was very excited about Ron Paul and disappointed when he dropped out of the running. I did see the McCain Palin ticket as the “lesser of two evils” but you are right (and I never saw it this way before) it is still an evil. I am interested in Chuck Baldwin, this is the first I have heard of him and will be doing more research, but what I see looks good. My question is this; if there is not a candidate that you feel you can support wholeheartedly do you abstain from voting? Isn’t that in essence voting too?

  32. Karen you said “I think it is important to pray for God’s will for our country in this situation, and vote how He guides you”

    I couldn’t agree more. The question is…how does He guide us?

    I say it’s by his objective infallible word. So what does his word say about voting? Einwecter addresses the points incredibly well from not just a historic standpoint but also and exegetical “what sayeth the Scriptures” standpoint.

    Folks it doesn’t matter who is running if they do not meet the qualification laid out in Scripture for civil magistrates.

  33. I thought our country was founded with the view of “seperation of church and state”. I sure hear a lot about “church” when it really has nothing to do with the running of our country. I think we need to leave religion out of politics completely because there are many different religions that create our country. Just because not everyone believes in your views does not make it wrong. I feel sorry for people like you that are so close minded that you truly miss out on some truly amazing people.

  34. In agreement here, too!

    We’re also voting for Baldwin!
    Soli Deo Gloria!

  35. I agree that children and adults can be taught to control themselves, and that the proper place to learn about these matters is in the home.

    However, the problem with that is that most people do not address these issues in the home. Christian and Non-Christian families alike. Perhaps this is something churches (leaders) need to address with parents.

    When I was in college, I did volunteer work with a Child Abuse Prevention agency. What I saw in some inner city areas of a large metropolitan area would shock most people. There are people who were teen parents themselves that encourage this activity with their own teens so that they are eligible for more government benefits. Obviously, they are not teaching the right moral standard. When birth control and education (promoting that abstinence is not only OK, but preferred) was offered to these young teens at the community center as part of the program (the school wouldn’t allow it there), the turnout was phenomenal. These kids WANTED to know more. Christian principles and morals were taught, and many souls were saved. For those that were going to engage regardless, birth control and safe practices were taught which cut down dramatically on disease in this community. The teen pregnancy rate declined, and graduation rates and college entry rates escalated. While I disagree with these teachings on principle, I have to admit that they are effective.

    Many of these kids, once they were able to break the cycle that they felt trapped in, were able to get themselves and their families out of poverty. Many were brought to Christ, which was the ultimate point. They are now in a position to teach Christian morals in their own homes to their children, but the point is that they had to be won first.

    I think that when looking at the big picture that this political race encompasses, it is important to take into consideration what is best for the entire country when making our decision. While homeschooling and teaching morals in the home is obviously the best solution, it is not what the majority in our country do.

    I think it is important to pray for God’s will for our country in this situation, and vote how He guides you. He might have a larger plan that we are unaware of, or capable of understanding at this juncture. Perhaps if we are all doing this with an open heart and mind, we will not know who we are going to vote for until we cast our ballet.

    While Palin says she is against abortion except in cases where the mother’s life is in danger, that does not mean that any woman HAS to have an abortion in any situation. Christians can still uphold our morals and standards, and show ourselves as examples in our everyday lives.

  36. Oh, sorry about the horrible spelling. I should obviously have proof read before I hit post.

  37. Palin for President: You made the comment that McCain is strongly pro-life. How do you reconcile that statement with the fact that McCain has stated that he wishes to expand the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research (May 3, 2007 GOP primary debate). Rephrased: he wants to take our money and use it to experiment and kill unborn children in the name of science! If you look at his voting record in the senate, I believe that backs up his claim.

    Kim and Perry, thanks for the post and comments. I believe that the Lord is bringing judgement on this nation because of exactly what you are saying. Christians have rejected the word of God as the final and ultimate authority and instead have a spirit of unbelief and fear.

    Unbelief in that we don’t believe that we need to obey God’s word in ALL that we do and we do not believe that God’s word should govern ALL our actions.

    Unbelief and fear in that we don’t believe that God is able to bring whom He wills into power. We think that we must take that responsibility on ourselves and vote for the lesser of two evils in order to save our country. Until we as Christians are willing to speak and act in obedience to God’s word and willingly accept the God ordained results of that obedience, we can not expect blessing and our nation will not be saved. We must obey and let God be God.

    Unbelief in an unwillingness to stand against something that God calls a judgement (women ruling over us), but instead to embrace it and try with all our might to bring it about. Has God said? Does it matter? The seeming attitude of Christians today is that it doesn’t matter because this woman is a good woman and what will happen if Obama gets into office.

    I pray that Christians will soon be carachterized by strength and courage, faith, and trust. We serve a loveing, merciful, and SOVEREIGN God. Be stong and of good courage.

  38. My husband and I completely disagree with you…we’ve had long talks about your perspective.

    If there weren’t that little thing called a Supreme Court appointment or two or three or four, we could understand voting your conscience in November, where a vote for someone outside the two main candidates is a throw-away vote, or a vote for the greater of two evils.

    But to help a socialist like Obama do the damage he intends is not something we think that God calls us to do. We pray that God will work with the lesser of two evils, who happen to be Christian, rather than work with the greater of two evils, who mock the Christian faith.

  39. I, too, am shocked at the complete about face on feminist issues that many Christians are taking on Palin. Honestly, she has a husband and five children. Two who will need her desperately. I simply don’t get how some people can say she can be a Titus 2 woman and be absent from her home.

    The other thing I don’t get is we just came through 8 years with a self-proclaimed, pro-life Christian and Roe v Wade is just as much the law of the land as ever. What’s all this hope people are putting in a VP?!
    I agree with you that I would rather have Obama as Christians wake-up to the state of our nation than have McCain and we continue to slumber.

  40. I don’t mean to be snarky, Perry, but the Bible says nothing about teaching children sex education. We as Christians understand that it is not conducive to God’s law (i.e. sex only within marriage), but to say that God calls sex education “evil” is not exactly honest. In my church they call that legalism.

    I was also taken aback by how quickly you dismiss (and even question, perhaps?) her profession of faith in Jesus. We will never know anyone’s true faith until we see them in Heaven, as much as we may question and disagree with the manifestation of personal faith.

    This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think a wasted vote based solely on ridiculously naive and unattainable principles is far more detrimental to the country than one where you may not agree 100% with the candidate.

  41. I so agree with you on this issue. as she talks more and more i hear people saying how wonderful she is and i think to myself it is just not right. I can talk to other Christians and they all say the ame thing well it is better than having Obama.

    I at have decided from the beginning that I will not be voting for McCain. I can’t go against what I believe. God convicted me in this area and I will stand firm even if no one else does.

    Thanks for all these great posts.

  42. One more thing for now.

    If you are not a Christian then what Kim said and what the article posits will not make much sense.

    If you are – please weigh the words of the article. Does God’s word say anything about how we should vote? If so they should weigh on you, on your decision if you are planning to vote.

  43. Kids and Adults can be taught to control themselves.

    The government controlled schools that refuse the Lord’s standards is not the place to be teaching ANYONE much less children about sexual relations.

    Home is.

  44. “Palin for President”

    You better check her record again she is not only for abstinence only.

  45. Palin for President says:

    I’m a strong supporter of McCain. Yes he is strongly prolife and actually wants to turn over Roe vs Wade since is was decided on a bad interpertation of the constitution. As a Republican woman, I love seeing a canidate that represents me. She is for abstinence only ed in schools which I’m against. It’s niave to think that kids aren’t having sex. They need to know about birth control. Yes I’m for birth control. A family has the right to control their family size and this is the responsible thing to do on so many levels. the Feminist for Life group is strongly pro-life. They encourage pregnant college students to finish their education while raising a child. They also stand for equal rights for women. Such as the right to vote, own property, receive the same level of education, and have a successful career but also recognizing that their are clear gender differences. This is different from feminism and patriarchy which tends to put one gender over the other. We are equal but different.

  46. Jesse no we are not voting for Obama for the same reason we are not voting for McCain.

    He does not meet the Bible’s qualifications for civil leadership. Right now it looks as if we are going to vote for Chuck Baldwin for President.


  47. Leah,

    Perfection is NOT the issue. Just as in the article biblical qualification is the issue. Palin calls several things “good” that God calls evil – like abortion in the life of the mother or sex education for children – this alone would make her unqualified.

    Our nation was built on men and women who stood firm on God’s standards no matter what the odds. If Bill E. is correct and I believe he is, then we must not give assent to those who are unqualified by God’s standards, to rule over us no matter how bleak an Obama presidency looks.

  48. Leah, I agree a lot with what you said. I have some issues with Palin but I would rather have her in the white house and be praying regarding those issues than praying for Obama administration and all the issues.

  49. Just out of interest, does this mean you’re voting for Obama?

  50. Wow. I’m slightly offended that you would refer to Palin as “the lesser of two evils.”

    This is a woman who is a baptized Christian. A sister in Christ. (Not just since she joined politics, mind you. She’s been a member of the same church since she was young.) She is proven to be pro-life, even in the case of her own Downs son. She is HUMAN, and therefore not perfect, but God is using her in big ways to bring about a possible change in our country.

    There will never be a perfect candidate… yet we are called to support those that seek to do right, aren’t we?

    I see that you mention Palin being a “feminist”, but I believe what Palin proudly proclaims herself to be is a member of “feminists for life”, a pro-life group of women who feel God has called them to protect the unborn and educate women. I may not agree with 100% of what this group stands for, but I also don’t agree with 100% of what the Amish stand for, or the Catholics. Does that mean I would never vote for one? Uhh, no.

    I’m proud to say that I’ll be voting for McCain and Palin in November. This won’t be the first time God chooses to use a female to do great things!

    Politely disagreeing,
    Leah in Alaska 🙂

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