She loves me

Our kids love to go to work with their dad, but I sure miss them – especially the younger ones. It feels unnatural to have them gone for so long.  Apparently they miss me too.

They left extra early several days this week, and since they were leaving before most of us woke up, they took to leaving notes on the whiteboard for the rest of the family.

Most of the notes had to do with chores: “Kaitlyn, please check the rabbits for me,” or “50 cents to whoever puts away the dishes for me today.”

This note just warmed my heart.


  1. How cute is that!?
    Oh they have there good days!

  2. Ohhhh, SO SWEET!

  3. Moments like that keep you going, don’t they? Sweet as pie….

  4. I love you too 😉

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