Vision Forum Ministries responds to the CBMW’s Double Standard

Today on Doug’s blog is the first part of Vision Forum Ministries response to the double standard used at  the CBMW (Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood) when it comes to Biblical Family and Gender Roles.

USA Today’s Dr. Gushee asks:

Is it now your view that God can call a woman to serve as president of the United States? Are you prepared to renounce publicly any further claim that God’s plan is for men rather than women to exercise leadership in society, the workplace and public life? Do you acknowledge having become full-fledged egalitarians in this sphere at least?

CBMW Answers:

The Bible calls women to specific roles in the church and home, but does not prohibit them from exercising leadership in secular political fields. Therefore we must be careful to not go beyond the teaching of the Bible. A president is not held to the same moral standards as an elder of a church. While it is a blessing from God to have ethical or even Christian political leaders, the Bible places no such requirements on secular governments. Even though the Bible reserves final authority in the church for men, this does not apply in the kingdom of this world.

Vision Forum Ministries Responds:

…Note that the 1996 statement by CBMW wisely reminds the Church that those rare and non-normative examples of role reversals in the Scripture such as Deborah (Jud. 4:4-23) are reminders of male abdication “worthy of shame.” They are not meant to be examples for emulation, CBMW argues, nor does their inclusion in Scripture justify the suspension of the duty of men, not women, to lead. Yet this is precisely what semi-complementarians such as CBMW’s Executive Director David Kotter are attempting to do in 2008 by excluding the numerous patterns and precepts found in Scripture that demonstrate the complementarian mandate for male leadership in the civil jurisdiction while attempting to justify support for Sarah Palin based upon the non-analogous and non-normative example of the Israelite prophetess Deborah.[11] CBMW has done an about-face on Deborah by using her example to justify Sarah Palin’s bid for the vice presidency while stating in 1996 that it was a sign “worthy of shame”…

Just a small example in my opinion of how the church has lost its mooring to distictive, Christian political thought. Click here for the rest of Doug’s article.


  1. I also stayed home and raised my children I loved it. We did not have allot of money and God was faithful to provide it. Our friends would say how do you make it on one income and the answer was always the same, we believed biblically that God would provide and he always did. For us we lived full time in what ya’ll are doing now, 30 days to nothing, because nothing is what we had, but it was the happiest times in our life because we were in God’s will.
    I have always always been in God’s will, I must say when my husband left us, I dealt deeply with the issue of my husband is gone, my children’s father is gone, what does that do to us biblically? I sought our christian counseling and what it boiled down to is I was abandoned by my Godly husband because basically he said he was tired of living up to God’s expectations, he was tired of basically being responsible.
    So I have to be responsible, the Lord made it possible for me to still be at home with my son who is finishing up high school, so I have been able to fulfill my passion for being a stay at home Godly mother.
    I believe what the bible says, I understand it but what I stuggle with the most is what we believe doesn’t seem to matter allot in politics, people do not care what I believe. They are going to do what they want to do because we can’t get enough people to take a stand at what we believe.
    I admire you and Kim I really do. I love the life you have, I love how you believe and what you stand up for.
    I pray that you will always have this life, I thought I would, I have seen marraige after marraige fall apart, I have seen so much divorce in the past 2 years that I never thought was possible, Men walking out of Godly marraiges because they are tired? They are selfish.
    So forgive me where at times I may have a problem with the role in the family , I still have to figure that all out.
    Bottom line is I love the Lord with all my heart, with all my mind, and with all my life. That is the very best I can do.

  2. My husband, who is in the military, gets questioned about our life. I think most people think that he “makes me” or puts me down to act as I do. Happy to be a house wife, not only raise our kids but to homeschool them as well. But he tries to explaine that it is not a “Double Standard” but a different standard. He is not a loud to wear a skirt to work, let his hair grow to the point that it touches his shirt, because he is what God made him to be, a GUY not a woman… The same as me. If I had not found him I would had worked but since we met, got married, had kids I stayed home and raised them the way God wants us to.

    I can not even say that if we did not make as much I would work, because we have learned from the beginning that if our paycheck could not pay for it we did not do it.

    Just my thoughts

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