Voddie Baucham speaks the truth in love


  1. A tough pill to swallow for us working ladies…Nonetheless, Voddie makes great & brave points. So few pastors are willing to even go down that road b/c they know the ladies would rip them apart and accuse him of being sexist.

    It is easy to just omit the scrpiture verses that are inconvenient.

    (I am so surprised there aren’t a bunch of nasty “girl power” comments, yet!!)

  2. Vicky,

    You are absolutely right. We have deserted God, and that is why our nation is under judgment. Men not taking their roles responsibly is merely a sign and an indicator. When people replace God’s commandments with their own, the order and structure of society falls apart.

    Maybe my point wasn’t clear in my above comment — I don’t believe that men not taking their places and obeying God in those places is THE reason for national judgment, at least not in our case. Deserting God is what caused all the secondary effects, like men not taking their responsibilities and women feeling forced to do it instead, and then the nation suffers.

  3. I don’t think this country is under judgement because men are not taking their roles on as leader.
    I think this country is under judgement because we have deserted God.

  4. Voddie did a remarkable job!!! I am more impressed with him than ever before.

  5. Hmm. This sounds like the regular old news-media scam — to draw out biblical Christians out into the open, and make them subject to attack. I think that’s what seems to be going on with this particular conversation on CNN — to make Baucham look like a bigot.

    I think that he was right in several respects. I agree with him, that leadership is a man’s role, and that the nation is under judgment because not enough men have been taking their responsibilities as just and virtuous leaders, and then it falls to women to take stands on the issues of the so-called “culture war.”

    I am still not certain that womanhood itself disqualifies a woman in all cases whatsoever, from assuming some kind of leadership. God can certainly use a woman if men do not listen to Him. I don’t think God is too picky about who He uses to accomplish His will. But that’s the catch — one must be sensitive and obedient to the call and will of God.

    Kathryn Kuhlman was a perfect example of that. Many objected to her ministry because she was a “woman preacher.” When questioned, she admitted that her job was indeed a man’s place. However, she added that A) the men who were supposed to be in her place were not obeying the call of God, and B) that God had called her to remain SINGLE so that she could fulfill her ministry work. And the hand of God was mighty in her ministry.

    Civil leadership is generally the role of men. But if there are no just men to vote for, than I will choose a woman who has just principles. But I don’t think that Palin qualifies, for the reasons that Perry has mentioned in previous posts.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. I really hope that woman’s words will wake Christian’s up to the truth. Her words were empty and devoid of Biblical truth. When a Christian finds oneself in agreement with a segment of the main stream media on Biblical issues it ought to sound a huge alarm.

  7. These people just cannot understand that true Christians take their orders from the Bible, not from man, not from feminism, and not from diversity quotas.

  8. That was so awesome! I can’t believe CNN showed it.

  9. I cheered and clapped when I listened to this. Incredible! And this was on CNN! It is so toally wonderful that Baucham had the opportunity to speak like this and he did it in such a wonderful way, always coming back to what the Bible says, not what makes sense to the modern family.

  10. Thanks for the video Mr. C! Hmm, “keeper of the home” can be translated?

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