40 Days for Life

Abortion is an issue that has been heavy on my heart. For some reason, the deaths of these children have become very real to me.  Maybe our own stillborn daughter contributes to that.  I know what a dead baby looks like.  This is not a political issue, not a difference of doctrine or a disagreement over scientific beliefs.  These are real, living children, murdered for the sake of their mothers’ “right to choose.”

Today after church we happened past the local Planned Parenthood clinic and noticed some protestors.  Maybe I haven’t mentioned this before but hubby’s family and mine used to picket abortion clinics together long before we were sweethearts.  He’s been heard to say we met on the picket line.  We were 12 or 13 at the time, like Kaitlyn is now.

I rolled down my window so that he could yell out encouragement as we passed them.  Then, much to the chagrin of certain children, we circled back and joined them.  It was just like the old days for hubby and me, but this was the children’s first time.

We learned that they are currently in the midst of the 40 Days for Life 2008 fall campaign.  The idea is to have people commit together to have peaceful protestors present at local clinics for 24 hours/day, 40 days in a row.

We hope to go back on Monday and/or Wednesday this week, and would love to have others in the area join us.  If you can find a local campaign please consider joining in.  Just an hour or two as you able can make a difference.


  1. Caroline,
    Most statistics created and quoted by pro-abortion groups indicate that 1% of abortions occur following rape or incest. Some would say that these stats are questionable, since in many cases just making that claim allows the mother to have her procedure for free. But even in those cases, 95% of mothers give other reasons for the abortion as well. (studies quoted in the NY TImes)
    Also worth considering: anecdotal evidence and personal testimonies seem to agree almost unanimously that contrary to many people’s assumptions, abortion does not help with the healing process in these cases. Victims who have abortions nearly always regret it and/or struggle with guilt, while those who carry the baby to term never seem to regret their decision.
    Do the research yourself, but Reply

  2. I am 100% pro-life, and I applaud your efforts in bringing abortion to people’s attention. I am just curious about your comment that implies cases of women who are violated through rape and incest becoming pregnant are “rare”. There are thousands of sexual assaults that take place every day. Surely it is not “rare” that many of these women and children get pregnant as a result.

  3. Thank you – I am thankful every time I get to speak a word for the unborn, using the testimony of our family.

    Yes, amazingly, Dad grew up knowing his birth mother. His grandmother was the one who adopted him. His birth mother became a little bit like a sister – one who wasn’t around much.

    We see Dad’s birth mother every so often, and I’m glad I know her. But she will never be Dad’s mother. She lost that chance. His real mother is the one who took him in – his grandmother.

    I don’t say that spitefully. I mean it as a tribute to my great-grandmother. Her love changed what Dad’s life could have been.

  4. thou shalt not KILL, not thou shalt not kill, sometimes…

  5. your right there are 2 victims and one criminal I am just saying that unless we stand in someone elses shoes we shouldn’t judge them for their choices or make things harder on them

  6. Bravo for the decision to spontaneously turn around and join in the support of life. A good example for the kids to show you couldn’t just “pass by” the opportunity (even though possibly inconveinent and unplanned) to stand up for God’s most precious creation.

  7. Amber,
    Thank you for that amazing testimony! Did your dad ever meet his birth mother? Did the rest of the family?

  8. Again, thanks Kim. Our family stands with you.

  9. For those of us who live far from abortion clinics, the primary component of the 40 days is fasting and prayer. Those of you who stand in protest are supported in much prayer.

  10. “thou shalt NOT KILL” plain and simple…

  11. Maryjo, in those rare but real cases, every baby’s choice was taken the moment he or she was conceived. When a violated woman conceives, there are *two* victims and one criminal. It is wickedness for us to kill a child for the crimes of the father, even if the mother thinks it will make her feel better.

  12. Paulette please consider the fact that not ALL women get pregnant by there own doing. Those are the ones I feel for there choice was taken the moment they were violated.

  13. Life is so precious and for woman to choose to end a life of a baby is murder, the baby does not have a voice and if the baby could speak he or she would say, ‘Don’t kill me’!!
    It is murder,
    It makes me sick that woman get pregnat then selfishly choose to murder the baby. It is a horror I will never get used to and I do not hesitate at all to tell my view on it.

  14. The very word “abortion” moves me, deep inside.

    maryjo, you said no one has the right to choose for someone else.


    I know a lady who, when she was in her teens, committed sins, and ended up pregnant. She didn’t want the baby. But in the year she was pregnant, abortion was illegal. She tried to find a doctor who would commit an illegal abortion, but couldn’t. Then she tried pills, but couldn’t keep them down. Then she tried strenuous work, to make herself have a miscarriage.

    Nothing worked. She gave birth to twins; two baby boys. The boys’ father didn’t want to keep them, and so their mother gave them to someone else to be raised.

    Now those two little boys are grown men, and have children of their own – ten children, between the two of them.

    Ten children, who would never even been conceived, if abortion had been legal. Ten children who have lives of their own, loves of their own – they are real, breathing people, not tissues.

    The boys’ mother would have made a choice for those two babies in her womb. She would have chosen death. She would have chosen death for her 10 grandchildren.

    God chose life.

    I am one of those grandchildren.

    If abortion would have been legal the year my Daddy was born, he would not be here today, and neither would I. …or my siblings…or my cousins.

    I’m sure that most murders are committed by people who are angry, or desperate, or otherwise in turmoil. They need someone to come along and gently take the gun out of their hand – to prevent injury to others, and consequences to themselves.

  15. If anything else i will be in prayer for Saturdays LIfe Chain. My hubby doesn’t walk with the LORD and not sure how he would fill about me going to the event.
    He is pro-life just doesn’t understand the picket line and wouldn’t let me take the kids. So i will pray!
    I have a friend of the family that about 7 years ago had a abortion because her husband , and mother in law did not want a Downs baby so they made her have a abortion. To this day she has a hard time. She had a really hard time with it at first she will not set foot in a church because of her guilt. Nobody talks about the guilt afterwards. The doctor that did it said she would have lost the baby anyway and that is what her husband has always said to make her fill better but it doesn’t work. In prayer for all ! Marcy

  16. maryjo,
    I’m so sorry we don’t agree on this. I feel sorry for these women too, but we don’t only do this for the sake of their babies – it would not be loving to allow someone to commit such a heinous act out of ignorance or desperation. We want to help them too and present other options when they are in turmoil.

  17. I’m sorry, Kim……that website is:

  18. This is wonderful, Kim! I counsel at the Agape Pregnancy Help Center in San Antonio and we are getting ready for our Annnual Walk for Life this Saturday. There are two walk locations and it’s not too late for anyone to walk or donate. Go to http://www.prolife.org for more details!

  19. WOW that intersection doesn’t look exactly safe for your youngsters. I really feel sorry for the woman in turmoil who has to deal with these protest. Noone should have to right to chose for someone else especially not knowing there circumstances. I understand your stance and am not in suport of abortion for birth control however there are times when I find it acceptable. Not trying to debate it here just saying I feel for the woman in crisis. We will never agree on this other than to agree to disagree.

  20. Kim and family,
    That is beautiful what you did today, truly beautiful. For your children too. They will remember it always. It is something that should weigh on all our hearts and minds. It is not something to be dismissed lightly. Thank you for sharing your post.

  21. Hi Kim,

    I’m a longtime lurker. I’m a local in your area and hope you do come back out this week. 40 Days for Life also involves fasting so you may want to add that to your prayers for the Pro-life movement.

    Quite a few TX Catholics are doing all-night prayer vigils for the election as well. We’ve been doing them every First Friday since last year and will have one the last Friday of October before the election, all day Monday and Tuesday, ending with the election results and again on the First Friday of November. So much hangs in the balance with this election.

    Ad Iesum per Mariam,

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