Because every woman needs free chocolate

Free sample of 8 gourmet chocolate from Haydee Chocolatier

After finding that, I did a simple google search and turned up some more.  Some of these are old and might not work, but they were all worth a try as far as I’m concerned.  They all gave me encouraging results like, “Thank you for your request.  Your sample should arrive in 2-99 weeks.”

Hey, chocolate is chocolate.  Who am I to pick and choose?

Can you find more?  It’s nice to share.


  1. I didn’t get anything yet. But I forgot to go back for the Green & Black. I bet that one was legit, and I missed it. And there’s a chance that some are still coming – it’s been about 9 weeks, I think, and didn’t they say 8-12?

  2. So did anyone ever receive free chocolate? I still haven’t received any of the ones I requested. I was hoping for a little treat for Christmas. 🙁

  3. Brenda,
    I’m sorry – I never thought about this. I have a special email address I use for that sort of request and I only check it when I need to verify a request, so I never see all the spam.
    Sorry if I got anybody else spammed!

  4. I know this is old, but just to warn people, if you sign up for these you will start getting 100s of spam a day. I wish I had read the comments that these were a scam before I signed up for them. 🙁

    I know it’s not your fault, Kim.

  5. Thanks for the info. I hope to get some chocolate to share with my kiddos- maybe for a Christmas treat!

    From one chocolate lover to another 🙂

    Sarah E

  6. It looks like “Delicio Chocolates” may be a scam as well. No contact information, a one page site registered to someone in the Netherlands.
    Oh well. 🙁

  7. I looks like the Haydee Chocolatier one might be a phishing scam. It seemed “phishy” so I put on my Nancy Drew hat and decide to check them out. If they are a new company, why no phone number or address? Then I did a “who is” search to see who owns the company, and it’s registered to a company in Afghanistan. 🙁

  8. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  9. I so enjoyed this post. Each day, I wake up and look in my email for your new blog update. I usually find something fun to read and this just makes me smile. If I could eat chocolate, I would send in for some 🙂 Hope you enjoy your chocolate.

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