Pet meme by Meg

Please make it fun and play along!

The Pet Meme

  1. What is the first pet you remember?Cinder our cat. She ran away when I was 3yrs old.
  2. How many different kinds of pets have you owned? Dogs , Cats, Stick bugs, Gerbils, Baby birds, Geckos, an Armadillo, and a mouse ( I secretly saved him from a trap.)
  3. What was your strangest pet? My stick bugs.  We ( my sisters and I ) actually gathered about 50 one time and kept them in a Wal-mart bag. They were about 3-12 in. long.
  4. What is your dream pet? I have to agree with Mom here, Tim.
  5. What is your nightmare pet? A Chihuahua.
  6. Tell your best/funniest pet story. How about waking one of my sisters up by letting a gerbil loose on her stomach?
  7. Tell your worst/saddest pet story. Finding my gerbil Emily dead under the washer a week or so after she got away.
  8. Did you ever have a scary animal experience? Once at a friend’s birthday party we got to ride a spoiled little pony named Mingus. Well apparently Mingus didn’t like me because the minute I got firmly stationed on his back he began bucking like crazy. I didn’t get hurt, just scared but I haven’t liked horses since.
  9. What was your favorite pet? Emily, my gerbil.
  10. What did you really want to tell us about your pets that didn’t fit in the other questions? Remember the mouse I secretly saved from a trap?  I didn’t know what to feed him so he died a few days later.

The tags: 6, in honor of my stick bug’s 6 legs.  I’m going to choose some of our commentors randomly.

  1. Heather
  2. Judy
  3. Carrie (momma of 5)
  4. Tommy Funcle (yay, I tagged him first!)
  5. April
  6. MInTheGap

The rules. Don’t worry.  They’re easy.

  1. Copy the questions to your blog.  Answer them.  This is the fun part.
  2. Feel free to grab the adorable button.  If you don’t see it, it’s here: Pet Meme button
  3. Tag as many people as the legs on your leggiest pet.  Probably 4, but if a fish or snake was your only pet then you’re off the hook.  If you ever had a centipede, you have my sympathy.
  4. Copy the rules to your blog.  You’re done.  Wasn’t that fun?


  1. Ahhh… I was tagged, but the pictures isn’t working. 🙁

  2. I’m going to do this at a blog where I do more personal things, but I’m wondering where the pet picture went that’s part of this meme. I’ll check back later…

  3. the pet meme was fun! Thanks Kim, I have enjoyed reading your kid’s also!


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