Pet Meme

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The Pet Meme

  1. What is the first pet you remember? Samson, my grandparent’s big black dog. I called him Sambo, and shared my ice cream with him. But I said that he stole it. I still feel bad about that. (You hear that Grandma C? Sambo didn’t steal the ice cream. I gave it to him)
  2. How many different kinds of pets have you owned? The only pet I’ve ever exclusively owned is a rabbit, but the yorkie is part mine.
  3. What was your strangest pet? The yorkie (what was I thinking?)
  4. What is your dream pet? either a big rottweiler named Brutus, or a halfbreed husky/chow
  5. What is your nightmare pet? any huge, hairy, ugly bug with a lot of legs.
  6. Tell your best/funniest pet story. When I was seven or eight, we had a chocolate lab/border collie named Frodo, and when we wanted to play with him we would attach pillows to our rears and get him all riled and rowdy and run around the house screaming while he would try to catch us by biting the pillows and pulling.
  7. Tell your worst/saddest pet story. that would probably be the Curse of the Dopeys. When I was 10 we lived with my Grandma and Grandpa Brown while we built this house, and all of the stray cats in the neighborhood would come and eat there. Well one of those cats was named Spider, and she would sometimes have a kitten that was all light grey on its body, and dark grey on its feet, ears, muzzzle, and the tip of its tail. These were all named Dopey because once a family dog named Bubba got the first Dopey kitten and killed it. For ever after not a single one lived to adulthood. I think Spider had a total of five Dopeys before she died. The first was killed by Bubba and went to  his kitten graveyard (that’s another story), the second and third got chopped up in the fan that ran the deep freezer, the fourth died in the birdhouse where Spider always gave birth (presumably from heatstroke), and the fifth I think was gotten by dogs, but after he died Spider ate everything except his face and his ears.
  8. Did you ever have a scary animal experience? When I was something like six I was about to put on my purple rubber rain boots, and I found a spider in them. I freaked, I screamed, and I ran away and did other hysterical things. I didn’t wear those boots again for at least two weeks.
  9. What was your favorite pet? Probably Panther, our black kitten that Kaitlyn found. Tim is sweet and everything, but Panther was my baby.
  10. What did you really want to tell us about your pets that didn’t fit in the other questions? My great uncle had a dog named Duke that all of my aunts and uncles told horror stories about, and always told me how mean and scary he was, and told me that if I ever had to walk down to Uncle Dave’s house (right down the hill) then I had better take a big stick. But when I went down there by myself for the first time, Duke came over to me barking and growling but I just glared at him and he backed off right away. I never really figured out if the other kids were pulling my leg, or if I’m just that intimidating when I glare.

For this meme I tag four people,  since I have never had even part ownership in a pet with more legs than that.

  1. Our friends at Plymouth Rock Ranch
  2. Dad
  3. Calico Zak
  4. The Cap’n

The rules. Don’t worry. They’re easy.

1. Copy the questions to your blog. Answer them. This is the fun part.
2. Feel free to grab the adorable button. If you don’t see it, it’s here: Pet Meme button
3. Tag as many people as the legs on your leggiest pet. Probably 4, but if a fish or snake was your only pet then you’re off the hook. If you ever had a centipede, you have my sympathy.
4. Copy the rules to your blog. You’re done. Wasn’t that fun?


  1. Oh Deanna, You are my kind of girl! I’m definetly for the big dogs and don’t care at all for the snakes and spiders that some of your sisters seem to favor. 🙂 Our Great Pyrenees, Wilma, has seven puppies right now and they’re so much fun! I’m going to be posting some new pics on my blog soon if you’d like to see them.

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