Sunset photos

Our deck has a great view.  It’s part of the trade-off living here in the Texas Hill Country.  Everything washes downhill, so if you live in a valley you have no view but you do own the best soil in the whole neighborhood.  Actually, you have the only soil in the neighborhood, because it all washed down to you from the neighbors’ yards.

If you live near the top of the hills, the land is made of rock – no dirt, no grass, just rocks.  I think it’s a good trade.

Sights like these make my heart sing with praises for the Creator.  Would you have thought of colors like these?  I would have gone with a nice conservative off-white, then wished for more color.

Which one is your favorite?


  1. God’s artwork Beautiful!

  2. I like the profile of your daughter & the one with all the pink.

    God is amazing isn’t He?

  3. I like #1 and #3. 3 reminds me of Arizona. Of course, living a short walk from the beach has its charms as well, but it’s strictly for sunrises out here. Except for the beach you can’t see much sky here; too many of those tall things folks call “trees”.

  4. Stunning!

  5. Pick one????

    #3 6 8

    We are in north eastish Texas and have dreamed of the hill country for a long time.

  6. Beautiful!

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