You too can buy peace of mind for $1.77

I had an epiphany.  You might remember that we have a lot of vomit stories in our family.  Don’t believe me?  Try searching our blog for vomit.  Hubby’s family has weak stomachs, and my family has carsickness.  It’s not a good combination.

Usually when somebody starts complaining about carsickness, we start rummaging for an old soda cup – hopefully with a lid to lock in the odor when she’s done.

If we’re well prepared, we might have a special container for just this purpose.  Usually it’s been kicked around so the container is wedged under the back seat and the lid is nowhere to be found.

If we’re really in a bind, we pull a fresh diaper out of the diaper bag, spread it out inside a plastic grocery bag, and have the victim toss her cookies into it.  It works in a pinch.

But now I’ve really got the perfect idea.  I’m ready for the next wave of carsickness – I just can’t wait to try it out.  I mean, I can’t wait for one of the kids to try it out.  Not me.  I want to maintain my status as a spectator.

Oh, you’re waiting to hear the idea.  Sorry.

Ziplock bags.

I just bought a small box of name brand freezer bags (freezer bags are thicker than the standard ones) with the extra special zipper and expandable bottom.  I went with quart size, which should be plenty of capacity for anyone young enough to get away with puking in a moving vehicle.  I paid $1.77 for a box of 15 – more than I would pay for general household use, but definitely worth the peace of mind I’m feeling now in the van.

Who knew peace of mind could be bought so easily?


  1. oh i am soooo late at commenting on this but i had to say i loved it!!! great idea!

  2. I just wanted to tell you…it will work great! Tried and true in our car. A few years ago DD and I spent Christmas with the stomach flu and a 6 hour drive. Oh what a ride. She is the one with a queasy stomach. I would grab a new bag and just watching me she would ask for one. It was absolutely awful!!! We continue to travel with Ziplocs and have added a porta-potty to the list of needed supplies! 🙂

  3. Ziplocs have been our puke bags on many occasions. They saved our camping trip to Montana 15 years ago when one fell with the flu 6 hours into the trip and then the next a couple of days later and the next…….. Ziplocs and paper towels and baby wipes are musts for the vehicles.

    Rick wants me to tell you about the other option, should there be no ziplocs available for a pregnant woman, who thought she was past her morning sickness, in the meat store. This unnamed pregnant woman was suddenly overcome, could not find a restroom, and desperately grabbed her wallet and checkbook out of her purse. Purses work great as receptacles, when absolutely necessary.

    This unnamed pregnant woman is still indebted to the poor meat store clerk who had mercy on her and threw the purse in the dumpster after asking her if she wanted to keep the purse. Um……No!

    Boy, can we relate to this post!

    In Him,
    Recording the Faithfulness and Provision of God for Future Generations

  4. Oh my heavens, what you can get away with blogging about…

    (As the stomach turns…)

  5. Kim, you are brilliant! I am so telling my mother that trick!

  6. Our daughter has a car sickness thing too. We give her a chunk of fresh ginger to swallow like a pill–and no more car sickness. Warning: don’t chew it!

  7. As a mother of seven, our little trick is having a large empty coffee can with a plastic lid. It has a large opening and a lid to close it, so no one can see the “dirty deed”!

  8. I’m so very glad I took time out of my lunch-eating to read this post. 🙂

  9. As nannies, my sister and I eventually learned to make sure, before leaving the driveway, that there were two “puke packs” in the car. They were kept in the pockets on the back of the driver’s seat and front passanger seat. NOTHING else was allowed to go in those pocket by order of the gestapo nannies…They were marked with a sharpie marker, PUKE PACK, DO NOT REMOVE!

    A “puke pack” was designed after a few nasty episodes, one which included catching vomint in one’s cupped hands….

    The puke pack was a gallon-sized ziplock that contained a black lawn and leaf bag for soiled clothes or as a secondary puke bag if domino-effect puking took place, saltine crackers, antacids, ozium air freshener (which is a sanitizer, deodorizer, purifier) and another gallon zip (in which the dirty deed would be done) that had a paper towel inside of it for splash reduction….after a pack was used, it along with any pukey clothes, were sealed in the lawn and leaf bag and stowed in the trunk until we got to a place we were going.

    Now with that said, one of my favorite pictures of a puke event was taken on our way to the Alaska state fair. The picture is of Gator who has a McDonald’s toy bluebird clipping his nose shut. He was a notorious sympathy puker. He and I entertained ourselves in the Suburban while Andrea and Mrs. Moore took Reagan, who was wearing a very long, zipped-up coat, inside Target to buy some new clothes. The puke pack retrieval wasn’t fast enough…early anouncement and quick draw is crucial….

  10. Stephanie Green says:

    Yup. The see-through thing would absolutely prohibit this for me. But glad it works for you! We’d have chain vomiting if I used a Ziploc.

  11. We have a kiddo with motion sickness too.
    Two natural things that WORK!
    Sea Bands
    And, Ginger tablets!

    Try it!

  12. We used them for years when my kids were little and were car sick. I usually keep the ziplock bag box in a Walmart type shopping bag so we can put a “used” ziplock bag into the Walmart bag so you don’t have to “see” it. Or you can “double bag it” as it is being used as well. I know, I know. too much information.

  13. You’re too funny. That really hadn’t crossed my mind, but we’re more bothered by the smell than the sight of vomit. I was thinking of the old commercials with a steak in a ziplock bag and a hungry tiger, who couldn’t smell the meat because the bag just that good. That’s what I want: odorless vomit in my van. If I must have vomit at all, of course.

  14. You forgot one thing. Since I have a queasy stomach just reading this. Ziplock bags are SEE THROUGH. EVERYONE will be using the bags and you’d only get 1.5 vomiting episodes before needing to buy some more.

    Other that that, great idea! Especially after Mercy threw up in the van in the middle of Atlanta the other day when on vacation. It was 30 minutes before we could stop, and took another 30 minutes to clean up the seat, etc. YUCK!!!

    Good thing I wasn’t pregnant or I would have been joining her.

  15. 😉

  16. Great! Now guess what I’ll think of EVERY time I use a ziploc baggie FROM NOW ON!

  17. And you can just throw it all away when you get to where you’re going! No having to wash tupperware containers! We do this also because my son gets car sick. And we use them for really stinky diapers when we are on the go.

  18. I like it! However, speaking as one who was hit this week with a stomach bug, you might need to go for the gallon size. I couldn’t believe what came out of my four year old 🙂

  19. I had to snicker at this one! I start carrying ziploc bags in my purse at the first hint of morning sickness. It works really well if you have to barf while you are driving. Blech, I know…

  20. That’s kind of a disturbing thought- especially one to take with me to bed. I think I should go read something more uplifting and less pukey now! Hahahah! (Side note- I use to have a horrible problem with car sickness.. but ONLY on Sunday. Doesn’t that sound strange?)

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