Giveaway: Princess Adelina

I’ve mentioned our book in the past, and I hope you noticed the banner in the sidebar.  Now we’re ready to show you the site:

Princess Adelina: an ancient Christian tale of beauty and bravery

This is an edited and updated reprint of an old book that we found at a library sale a few years ago.  Our family read it, worked on it, and found a publisher who designed the new cover and made it all happen.  Are you wondering who published it, and how we found them?  Did you really have to ask?

It’s already A BEST SELLER at Vision Forum, and we’re appropriately elated.  We’re working right now on getting authorization to send free review copies to several volunteers, but in meantime I’d like to have a giveaway.  Here’s how to enter:


  1. Leave a comment to enter once.
  2. Blog about the book to enter again.  Please be sure to include a link to this post or to our Princess Adelina site.  Feel free to use the banner.  We’re quite pleased with it.  🙂  Just come back and leave a second comment to tell us that you blogged it.
  3. Did you already order and read it? Post or email a review to be entered a third time, with our hearty thanks!  Please leave a comment to tell me if you post it to your own blog.
  4. Buy a copy of Princess Adelina directly from us to be entered again. You can use the button below or visit our Princess Adelina site and buy it there.  It’s just $18 (the same as Vision Forum), and shipping is FREE inside the US.
  5. Grab the code to put our banner in your own sidebar (find it in our sidebar under the banner) and leave a comment telling me you did it to enter yet again.  With our thanks, of course.

Are we crazy for allowing up to 5 entries per person?  I’m planning on actually writing and cutting out a little slip of paper for each entry.  I would love to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of entries!  Come on, I can take it!


  1. Jackie McBroom says:

    With 4 young daughters, this sounds like an inspirational read for them.

  2. Kriss Blume says:

    This sounds like a great book. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks.

  3. Added the sidebar link to our blog and a post to encourage others to venture this way!!
    I love you blog and look forward to the updates.

  4. Veronica Mullet says:

    The book sounds really interesting. I love old books.
    Please enter me.

  5. Jovana Young says:

    My daughter has been waiting patiently for Christmas to arrive to get this book. I just placed and order with CBD over the weekend. I was expecting it in a week or so but I received and email today saying that it is on back order until the 1st of the year 09. Now I am rushing around trying to find it to have before christmas. SHe has only asked for books this year, which I think it great!! I hope we win this but
    If we do not win please let me know where else I can find this book ASAP!!!

  6. This book sounds absolutely wonderful. Please enter me.


  7. Keri Cochran says:

    It would be so fun to read Princess Adelina to my girls!

  8. Thanks for having this giveaway! 🙂 It sounds like a lovely book!

  9. Cheryl Long says:

    I would love to read this aloud to my brood (7 girls, 2 boys). Sign me up!

  10. I blogged about the giveaway, AND added the banner. 🙂

  11. I’d love to get this book!

  12. Sounds great, Kim!

  13. Enter me~ I’d love to win

  14. Pick me!

  15. Count me in too! I would love to read it to my daughters!

  16. Please enter me, it sounds like a wonderful book and I would love to read it. Thank you!

  17. I’m in, too! I can’t wait to read that book! Thanks so much for doing this.


  18. When is the drawing?

  19. enter me, enter me!! 🙂

  20. Please enter me!

  21. Put my name in again, please, I have put the banner on my blog.

  22. Please put my name in the hat, too.

  23. I’d love to win this for my daughter. Thanks for a chance!

  24. Please enter me in!

  25. Oh, I love giveaways! Sign me up. The book sounds great.

  26. I also added the banner to my side bar!

  27. Looks like a good book! Thanks for the offer.

  28. I have three daughters, and would love to be entered! THanks!


    I blogged about it. Please enter me a second time. Thank you!

  30. We would love to win- my dd has been asking for the book! Thanks!

  31. Hi, I was very interested in this book as soon as I heard you telling about it on your blog earlier. I know my 6 brothers and sisters would love it too. Please enter me!
    Thank you

  32. I would love to win this…please add my name. 🙂


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