Pumpkin rolls

Cream-cheese-filled Pumpkin Rolls are a longstanding tradition in our house.  My mother-in-law has made them for the masses every Thanksgiving and Christmas for time immemorial, raising enough funds for Christmas shopping to make Santa look stingy.  I sold a few myself back when all of the kids were little, working far into the wee hours while the wee people slept.

Now my girls do it.  Last year was their first time, and they raised a respectable amount of money.  This year I was dragging my feet about the whole ordeal but they were undeterred by my whining and our lack of a freestanding freezer.

The noise and mess are terrific, and so is their level of motivation.  It started today: this morning I woke to a sparkling clean house.  The children were knocking on my bedroom door to ask if they might just run the half-mile to my sister’s house and back to borrow some baking soda.  And run they did.  They were there and back, over hill and dale, in a flash.

And then it began in earnest.

They made 12 before they ran out of sugar.  Now I’m waiting for the mess to evaporate.  It might be a long wait.  I might need a snack while I’m waiting…


  1. Kim, how much do you usually charge? Are there other ways that the girls make a little extra money. My ten year old son is always looking for ways. Blessings to you and your family….Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Michelle,
    I emailed you about this.

    We only sell to friends and acquaintances, though my mother-in-law has great success by getting permission to take orders at small businesses where she knows the owner/manager. Upscale hair salons are among her favorite, since the patrons typically have a good deal of disposable income.

  3. We like to make something very similar. How do you advertise these to sell them?

  4. That’s the same recipe I’m making for Thanksgiving! It’s so yummy….way to go, girls!

  5. Looks like fun girls.
    Hope to see you soon.


  6. Quick question. When ever I click on my VF widget, on my blog, it pulls up your name with the VF page. Plus I ahvent had a single click. I’m thinking I’ve done something wrong.

    I removed it from my page just a bit ago, as I was trying to find the problem. It should pull up my name, right?

  7. On my way over. I’ll bring the tea!!

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