A riddle

posted by Megan, 10yo

I just wrote this.  See if you can guess the answer.  It’s a single word.  It’s really easy, and I won’t be surprised if you guess in a couple of seconds.  Please don’t look at the comments until you have an answer.

With your eye take a look
On this page an enigma is hidden
Remember to search in every nook
Discover what you’re looking for
So you will know that I’m not kiddin’!

Update: The answer is given below this line in white text.  Highlight it to see the answer.

The first letter of each line spells the answer: WORDS


  1. Here is one for you!


    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Lois Groat says:

    I love the way you posted the answer. So cleverly hidden in white! (I also feel dense for having missed such a cleverly written riddle!)

  3. I did I posted the answer, please don’t maul me for taking so long:)
    look at the update for Petes sake

  4. Uh…I used to be smart, but I actually lost 12 IQ points when I was pregnant with my first, and I never got them back. I suspect that I have lost additional points with subsequent pregnancies. So, please, have some sympathy for an IQ depleted mom, and post the answer?

  5. Great job, Megan! I was about to panic because I wasn’t getting it and was feeling really dumb….then it jumped out at me. Very clever girl!

  6. Melissa Hibbs says:

    I got it! It took a while and some thinking cap time. That’s a great one. Looking forward to more.

  7. sooo what the heack is the answer

  8. Okay, I love words: puns and word play, but that one took me a bit [smile].


  9. It took me only a few seconds to discover it, but I still had to look up ‘enigma’ to be sure I hadn’t found something different than what I was supposed to find! 😛

    Good job!

  10. Lois Groat says:

    Thank you, Maryjo and Lelir. I was feeling very dense myself. Nice to know I’m not alone.

  11. Uh, I’m so dense when it comes to riddles… *scratches her head and stares blankly*

  12. I never get riddles so feel free to post the answer

  13. I LOVE riddles! Keep ’em coming!

  14. It seems that I am slow and flaky. I have no idea what it is.

  15. I wrote a longer harder one that I will post next week with a few others. I’m glad you figured it out Jill 🙂

  16. HA! I couldn’t find it and decided to look at the comments (gasp! it was before knowing the answer!). Well, THAT didn’t help at all! lol!
    So I went back to the riddle to start over. And there it is staring me in the face. 🙂
    Very cute! And I’m so glad I got it. I’m always the one that is the last to figure stuff out…

    Jill J

  17. Ah! I have to say it took me a minute. It’s possible that I was distracted by the adorable baby pictures underneath. The riddle is very clever!

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