Are you done Christmas shopping yet?

Because today is the last day of the Vision Forum Instant Rebates – save up to 35% on your order.  Check the banner in the sidebar for details.

Also, the girls have more clearance merchandise to sell from the Vision Forum retail store.  As usual, shipping is $3/item  or free on orders of $50 or more.

  • English Adventurer’s Swords (2 available) – they are asking $25 for one w/o a hilt, and $30 for one w/the hilt.  Both are new, but the welding has come loose in one spot on the handguard of each sword.  It’s not structural (not the part you hold, but the bit that wraps up around your hand) so it’s hardly noticeable.  Shipping will be free if you order over $50, so check our Sale Page for more.
  • Princess Adelina – brand new, not clearance.  This book is our family project, published by Vision Forum.  We sell it at our website for $18, but let’s call this a sale: $12 each between now and Christmas if you request it here or through the contact form on our Sale Page.  Go ahead, make our day.  Order several!
  • Evangeline: No hair net. Wearing a pink checked dress.  $50 shipped.

Check the Sale Page for far more, and feel free to make an offer on multiple items.  I would love to have a little less stuff in my house, and my kidlets would love to have a bit of cold hard cash in their hot little hands.  To buy gifts for their beloved siblings, of course, the little dears.

PS. I almost forgot!  Check out Wee Maidens for lovely handmade historic costumes to fit these dolls!  Several outfits with special accessories are on clearance at half price!


  1. Homemakerang says:

    havent even started!!!! seriously, need time and money, one more than the other!

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