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It’s that time of year again.  We listened to Christmas hymns and songs for much of the day yesterday.  I let the girls wrap lights around the deck rail.  We’re eying the Stupid Santa Hat with anticipation.  No, we don’t do the Santa thing, but hubby likes to wear the big red hat when he’s on the road and with an hour commute that means he wears it a lot.  And today, the kids made an enormous mess cutting out paper snowflakes.  My dining room was covered from top to bottom in white confetti.

It’s also time to dig out the fun links that have become part of our family traditions.  I feel a wee bit guilty that the lights and links are being unearthed before the nativity set, but let’s not over-analyze the order of things.  Christ is first in our hearts, and our whole family knows what we are celebrating.  The fun stuff is just the cranberry sauce at the table; it’s a sweet little garnish.

So with that disclaimer, here are some of our favorite Christmas-y websites and activities.  What are yours?

  • Elf Yourself – add a headshot of a friend, family member, or important political personage, and let the hilarity ensue.
  • I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas – I can’t help but see Santa with toothpick legs every time I hear this song.  The reindeer solo is priceless!
  • Make a Snowflake – be sure to check out creations saved by others.  Some are absolutely amazing!
  • Snowcraft -the classic snowball fight with simple, understated graphics and intense competition.
  • Pandora Radio – create your own Christmas radio station online with your favorite Christmas music, like this.

That’s all for now, but we’ll update if remember any old favorites or discover any new favorites.


  1. …another hint 😉 Go to Pandora, create a new station, and for the “artist seed,” type “Vince Guaraldi Trio (holiday)” He’s the musician behind the “Charlie Brown Christmas” program. My 2nd favorite Christmas music (first is Handel’s Messiah) is the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack –this is like having it playing, only extended and with lots of variety, so I don’t hear “not the Charlie Brown CD AGAIN, mom!” from my kids …as much :). Pandora is a wonderful thing :).

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