In which I do not whine, even though it might sound like I do.

Some days I still feel like that tired young mother years ago:

First, I stayed up too late.  I was stalling because it looked like the dog was in labor.  She was pacing, and cramming her swollen body into every odd nook she could find.  She usually sleeps under the children’s bunkbeds but doesn’t seem to fit anymore.   Serves her right for letting her boyfriend dig an escape tunnel so she could get out of her out of her outdoor run while we were at church nearly 2 months ago.  Let’s just say Lady is no lady.

I fixed her a bed/birthing room in the corner of the living room, where she often naps during the day.  It’s a rather private little nook where two sofas meet, but evidently wasn’t private enough.  She kept trying to get into our bedrooms, desperate to try out the closets or see if she could still fit under the bed.  Not this time, Lady.

I checked to see that the bedroom doors were all shut so she couldn’t get in, and I finally crawled into bed.   It was well after midnight.  What was I thinking?  Bad idea, Kim.  Almost as bad as me sitting here at 1:30 AM composing this post.  If it’s disjointed and rambling, don’t blame me.  Blame the clock.  But I digress: it was well after midnight…

Then the baby woke up to eat.  She started sleeping through the night at 3 days of age, but something happened around 3 months and she’s been hit-or-miss ever since.    This time she woke earlier than usual, around 1:30.  I had been sleeping for less than an hour.  When she finished, I put her back in her bed and dozed off.

An hour later, I heard Becca calling me.  I ignored her, hoping she was dreaming and would quiet down, but alas it was not to be.  She kept calling, sounding neither groggy nor scared, but sad and persisent.  My hopes were dashed when she came to my door.  “Mom, I puked.  In my bed.  And my hair.”

After an undetermined amount of sanctification time, Becca was clean and settled into a comfy bed on the couch with a saucepan close at hand.  I glanced in the direction of my bedroom and right on cue, the dog decided that she really had to go out RIGHT NOW.  I’ve been pregnant enough times not to argue.  I know what it’s like to have one baby sitting on a full bladder; I can’t imagine 9 or 12.  I waited for far too long while she did whatever it is that dogs do.  I suspect her of tracking deer, but in her condition the deer must have been laughing.  She finally waddled back to the door, doing her best to look innocent.   Considering the fact that our pedigreed Golden Retriever is about to deliver an unplanned litter of mongrels, I wasn’t buying the innocent look.

Hmm.  My groggy brain is now wondering if there was a punchline to this story.  There was supposed to be humor in it, honest, and no whining.  Can you just laugh and pretend I made it sound funny?  Because it was funny in my head, and I wasn’t feeling whiny about it.  I was very grateful to have plenty of energy for the long, busy, exciting day ahead, and we lived happily ever after.  Honest.  And the dog didn’t have her pups yet.  Are you laughing yet?  Come on, just a little one?  It’s the holiday season; what better time to ho-ho at your friend’s lame jokes?

But I wasn’t going to end there:  I was going to tell you that the girls and I left the house at 1 to go help with orders at Vision Forum, and then I was going to tie it into the fact that my Hardworkin’ Man is on his 2nd day of double shifts.  Yesterday he worked from about 8 AM to after 1 AM, plus an hour commute on each end of the day.  Today, he started a bit later but plans to work til 3 AM.  Did you hear that, people?  Three.  A.  M.  All this without overtime pay or a hint of compaining – just a dedication to getting the job done on time.

If you placed a last-minute order with Vision Forum, you might say a little prayer of thanks for my man when your package arrives.


  1. Well, my dog isn’t ecpecting, but I’ve shared similar lack of sleep nights lately. Four out of five kids sick doesn’t make for good sleeping. Tell your hubby thanks for getting our order to us. The other order I placed isn’t a rush – just taking advantage of the sale, but I guess there’s no way for him to sort that out, so if it gets here by Christmas, great. If not that’s ok too.

  2. Kim,
    Great post! Like you, I have vomit-y children. Sometimes I even get to wake up to someone who had an accident during the night. That’s always fun too. Tell your husband we got our boxes & then placed another order. My husband loves to order from VF & always finds something for the littles. Even though there isn’t a rush on our order we still appreciate all his hard work, & your’s & the girl’s too. Thanks & many blessings!

  3. I’m laughing. Partly because I’m sitting up after a croup all-nighter, and so I am punchy, and partly because you reminded me of the time one of my girls was sick, dreamed she was in the bathroom leaning over the porcelain receptacle for that of which we do not speak but use when we have flu and also for everyday purposes, and carefully upchucked into it.

    Only she wasn’t near the porcelain receptacle for that of which we do not speak but use when we have flu and also for everyday purposes.
    She wasn’t in the bathroom.
    She hadn’t even gotten out of bed.
    She’d simply sat up and leaned over.
    And she leaned over the bed next to her and upchucked carefully onto her sister.

    I didn’t laugh very much *then*, but it’s pretty funny now.

  4. Yes, thank you Perry! I appreciate my order getting here so quickly!!!

  5. i hope you didnt get the throw up too…. Hope hubby, and you, are getting some well needed rest!

  6. You always make me laugh, Kim!

  7. PLEASE get your dog spayed! It’s certainly not HER fault she got pregnant. There are way too many disposable animals in this world – and it’s up to us to be responsible pet owners.

  8. Wow, keep us updated about your dog. And… pictures of the puppies, please. 😀

    As for husbands doing late hours, I know how that goes. This time last year, my hubby was on a BIG project – the type that needed to be done “last week,” so he was literally work 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, and did so, day in and day out, for over 6 months. He got quite sick from it, too. Glad that’s over, but I know what it’s like.

  9. What a man! He’s doing a great job and so are you Kim. I know it can be hard on those at home too when hubby’s away so long.

    Blessings to you and prayers for you all,

  10. Our family is grateful b/c we were one of those people making an order at the last minute before the sale ran out last night… and we paid for the quick shipping. So, THANK YOU! We praise God for VF!

  11. Thank you Perry! I just added to your workload a bit last night with some Christmas gifts for nephews and a sweet little neice…and a few irresistibles for the family library….

    Praying the day goes smoothly for all of you, and that your dog has her pups soon, during the daytime!

  12. I did order a last minute package. Two, in fact. And, they both arrived exactly when promised in pristine condition! Please tell your VERY hard working husband thank you from Helena, Alabama! I am supposing it was he himself who packed it so beautifully!

  13. Homemakerang says:

    no sleep does ugly things to me…. just ask my hubby! 🙂

  14. Oh, do I know those times! You just have to laugh to keep from crying. BTW, could you ask Perry to pick up some sausage on his way home? 🙂

  15. Lois Groat says:

    You asked us – and we wanted to hear more about your daily life, remember? Kids barfing in their beds is very “daily life” in a large family! Serves us right for asking! 🙂 (And I did not hear whining in your post. It was more like resignation.)

  16. I’m laughing with you. That has been similar to my last several nights, with a stomach bug and a chest cold sweeping through our 9 children. I’m just thankful that I am old enough now to realize that lack of sleep is not the end of the world.

    Now if I could just function enough during the day to get caught up on all the Christmas plans….

    I hope the illness stops with Becca, and that Perry eventually catches up on his sleep.

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