One more Vision Forum sale before Christmas

Well, we took a poll and most of you would want to know hypothetically speaking if Vision Forum were having a great hypothetical sale in which everything in the store is 20-50% off.  Especially if they were also offering FREE hypothetical SHIPPING.

Here’s a small sample of the very long list of 50-off favorites, presented in no particular order except that I picked all my favorites.  Don’t despair if you don’t see your own favorite.  Go look.

  • Thoughts for Young Men – The first time I read this I couldn’t wait to have a boy and start applying it!
  • All-American Pop Gun – These are too much fun!  The sounds echo all over the convention center at every homeschool conference we take them to!
  • Passionate Housewives Desperate for God – Quite possibly Vision Forum’s all time best-seller.
  • Toy Crossbow w/Darts – I wish I could have been a fly on the warehouse wall the day this first arrived.   Keep in mind the staff is heavily comprised of young men.  I hear it was a day that will go down in history.
  • Ten P’s in a Pod – The book that inspired us to form the habit of daily Bible reading.
  • True Story of Noah’s Ark – Don’t miss the last few pages: practical diagrams and numbers showing the simple plausibility of fitting all the animals into the ark.  We never doubted God’s Word, but it’s fun to see proven nonetheless.
  • Western Revolver Cap Gun – Every boy needs one, and this is a very nice one.
  • The Coral Island – My daughter tells me that this is the Ballantyne to start your collection!
  • So Much More – Another extremely popular title, and for good reason.  This is not just for single young ladies;  I learned many new things about the roots of modern feminism.
  • (CD) Curriculum Advice Volumes 1 & 2 – My friend Victoria Botkin has such a sweet and encouraging demeanor!  Don’t miss the chance to learn from her!
  • Juggling Balls – Every mom of many should learn to juggle.  How did you think I managed 3 young children in a busy parking lot before I had big children to help?
  • (CD) Sabers, Spears, and Catapults – Not directed at children, but ours were thoroughly engaged by Bill Potter’s enthusiasm for his subject.
  • The Book of Psalms For Singing – A fixture in our home for many years.  You need several, so get them at half price.
  • Rubik’s Cube – A blast from the past.  I used to solve it in under 2 minutes.  Now I just reminisce about the old days.
  • 1599 Geneva Bible – Did I just say the Rubik’s Cube was a blast from the past?  Try going back another 400 years!
  • Jonathan Park Hat (Blue) Child’s Size Adjustable – My boy is so cute in his JP hat that I’m convince every boy needs one.  Then he might look as cute as mine.  Not.  But I don’t blame you for trying.

My inside source in the warehouse tells me that Thursday is the last day for regular ground shipping before Christmas,  so if you’re waiting for the last-and-best sale, this is probably the time to buy.


  1. I would like to buy a couple things, but I’ve heard most of the VF parenting material is directed towards the father. My husband is not interested in family Bible studies or the like. I often get discouraged when I read or listen to things on parenting, and so much of it is talking only to the father. Will I run into this a lot? Are there certain materials that are more geared towards the fathers than others, that I should stay away from?

  2. Hi, Kim,
    I’m just about ready to bit on the Book of Psalms for Singing. Can you tell me how it compares to the original Psalter? And, who are the folks behind Crown and Covenant publishing?

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