Poll: do we try to sell you too much, too often?

Tell the truth: do you get annoyed because we try to sell you stuff so often?

First, hear me out.  We don’t just try to sell you anything and everything.  Probably 90% of our sales pitches represent family endeavors.

  • Vision Forum: Hubby works there, and what’s good for his employer is good for our family.  The children are often there with him, and they look forward to their time with Dad.  We know and love the products and the people behind them.  Of course I’m also in the VF affiliate program.  🙂
  • our For Sale Page: this is the children’s little entrepreneurial endeavor.  Hubby and I don’t usually make a dime on those sales; we occasionally lose money on them because of Paypal and shipping fees because we estimate and try to keep it conservative.
  • Geneva Bible Pages: This is our family business, an idea that hubby and I developed over the course of many years.  The kids help assemble the products on the kitchen counter, and we pay them out of the proceeds.
  • Princess Adelina: this book was another family project.  Hubby, I and the 2 oldest children actively contributed, while the others helped in less conspicuous ways.  I would love to employ the 7-12 year olds in shipping, etc. if we ever get a fair amount of sales through our website.  I’m not complaining, though, because it’s selling like hotcakes at Vision Forum and we get a small royalty from each sale.  Thank, y’all!

The other 10% are always for products we really like.  They’re never just me trying to make a quick buck off of my readers.  But I didn’t want to turn this post into yet another sales pitch; I really just wanted to demonstrate that each of these is really a part of our family life, which is (I presume) what you came here to read about.  Over the years, we have:

  • mowed lawns,
  • cleaned and repaired VCRs,
  • sold Melaleuca products and signed up others to do the same,
  • demonstrated Discovery Toys at home parties,
  • sold toys on Ebay,
  • owned and operated a virtual ISP,
  • invested in real estate, precious metals, and stocks,

and probably a few other things I’ve neglected to mention.  Most made us money, though none have made us rich – yet.  At least one was  a spectacularly bad idea, and we’re still paying for it with no end in sight.  But we’re an entrepreneurial bunch, and we’re always going to have an eye out for new opportunities.  Just be glad we’ve already learned our lesson about multi-level marketing schemes.  Cross my heart and hope to die, I’ll never try to sell you an Amway product.

What I really want to know is, do you see it that way?  Do you mind? Do you simply skim over the posts that don’t interest you and buy stuff when it does interest you, or do you heave a deep sigh and tell the person next to you, “Those money-grubbing people in the shoe are trying to sell me something again.

So here’s the poll promised in the title of this post.  What do you think?
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Oh, and by the way…that Vision Forum sale – the one advertised in the sidebar with instant rebates of up to $100?  The one that says it ends December 11?  It’s been extended for 2 more days.  There are tons of items on sale so you can stack deals to get discounts of 50% or more.  I’m just saying…


  1. I am of this mind. It is your blog sell what you want. It is not as if we are sitting here being forced to watch commercials we don’t want to see in order to read other stuff on your blog.
    Don’t sweat it.

  2. I think that it’s your blog, and you should be able to do with it whatever you want (though I totally understand your wanting to know if something you’re doing is putting your readers “off”).

    For the record – your sales notices totally don’t bother me. I like hearing about the Vision Forum deals – I love their products, and encourage whomever I can to shop there. I think you’re being a very “good” wife to encourage people to support the business that your husband works at, as well (not so many people today in the world of the corporate realize that what is good for the business is good for the employee).

    I’d also like to thank you for your sharp wit, and the humor that you bring to those of us who read your blog on a regular basis! Keep it up – please! It is an encouragement to those of us “in the trenches” in the world of motherhood!

  3. Hello Kim! I am a long time reader and first time commenter.

    I love your blog! I think that you should keep doing things just like you do. I love that you and your children are doing what you can to contribute to the family income! I love that you choose to sell things here, where it can benefit your readers.

    I love that you posted about your daughter needing to sell a doll for Christmas money for gifts. This gave us readers insight into your family. We know that you found a solution for your daughter being able to buy Christmas gifts for the family. Instead of throwing money at her as many moms would do, you chose to help her earn the money! I love this!

    And…I loved hearing that you and your littles did not eat breakfast until 11:30 the other morning! I was having a little guilt that we have not been eating until 8:30 or 9. My guilt is now gone!! 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Nope–I drool over the things you show us!

    And I notice the “open letter to the children” post has magically disappeared. Hmmm…


  5. Kim,

    What strikes me funny is the ladies saying “it doesn’t bother me” and they “skip it”, in the same breath. I am laughing at the irony there.

    I buy very little of anything these days, but I like reading reviews from someone who has bought something.
    If I was going to buy something, I would plan it in a way to support a VF family.


  6. As long as you don’t call me on the phone trying to sell me things, it doesn’t bother me a bit! 🙂

  7. My philosophy has always been (re: blogs), “It’s my blog, I can post what I wanna!” Therefore, just keep doing what you do! Not every post is going to appeal to everyone, but people don’t have to read it! ; ) Bless you! (BTW: I love your blog, sales pitches and all! Say “hi” if you ever pop over to my blog.)

  8. It doesn’t bother me. I just skip the posts that mention vision forum or something else for sale.

  9. PS Pay per post really bugs me. But your stuff doesn’t because I understand your dh works there, you love the products and YOU USE THE PRODUCTS. It isn’t you writing a post *just* to make a quick buck. You believe in the company and its mission. Hope that makes sense. God bless ya!!

  10. Hey, I learned about VF products through your site. I don’t have a lot of them, but have been happy with my purchases. Recently I got some Jonathan Park CDs through CBD. I don’t know if I like them or not. I’ll let you know sometime after Christmas!!

  11. Okay, the option I liked wasn’t in the poll, but it was in the post. I just skim when I’m not interested, so it doesn’t bother me that you post about sales, but honestly I’m not reading them all.

    Which makes sense, really–if a reader hasn’t gotten around to placing that VF order yet, they might want to know there’s another sale going on. If, however, she just placed an order in a dollar amount that would feed a small country for a day (hypothetically speaking, of course) she’s not likely to place another one a week later, no matter how good the sale is.

    I appreciate your asking, though. 🙂

    While we’re talking about it, I would like a button in your sidebar that goes to the VF products your kids are selling. (Or is there one and I’m missing it?) I’ve checked out that page more than once, and usually I do a search for the post where you mentioned it, or count on my browser bar to remember the address. I know I could bookmark it, but a button would be nice.

  12. the vision stuff doesnt bug me, you are usually letting us know about a sale..and i’ve bought there twice now (thank them for making it easy for canadians to buy)
    the princess adelina book doesnt bug me….i guess for you kids’ stuff i wish they would post themselves….
    like when the little one wanted some xmas money..i don’t know why, i’m likely the minority…i have a low threshold for people hocking stuff….but if i don’t want to buy i don’t and that’s it…i love your blog and as long as there are more tips, cute pics of the baby then products for sale you are cool with me…

    i love that your kids work with dad…loved the dirty room post….lol


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