A momentous occasion in the life of a 4yo

Her Christmas gift brought a few tears, but she’s happy now!  4yo Rachael couldn’t wait to get her ears pierced, so at Christmas we gave her a card full of pierced earrings.  She knew just what that meant, and Sunday was the day!  She smiled nervously while she waited, chose her earrings, and when it happened the smile on her face froze. After a long 5 seconds, just as I thought she was going to shake it off and loudly proclaim that she didn’t feel a thing, she burst into tears.

Talk about ovarian guilt.

The whole event was captured in video on my phone and you might see it someday, but at present I’m finding it a challenge to transfer the footage so you’ll have to settle for a photo:


Just in case you can’t tell, they’re pink hearts.  Nothing less than the best for my Little Red.


  1. Marci,
    Yes, all of the older ones have their ears pierced. Most did around the same age, though one or two were younger.
    I know some people like to do it when they are babies and won’t remember, but I really prefer to wait until they are old enough to get excited. It also helps that they can remind me to clean their ears and twist the earrings, because I am memory-challenged.

  2. Congrats to four year old! That is wonderful, I love it when I see little girls with pierced ears. I want to pierce my girls when she is a baby… that is if I ever have a girl!!!….

  3. Do all of her big sisters have pierced ears too? I think they look darling!!!

  4. Aaaaawwww….You are ssooo cute little girl!…I miss you all! Wish I could have come down this week as was planned, but obviously God had other plans.

  5. My Rachael turns 8 this year and will be getting her ears pierced for her birthday! She cannot wait…I hope it goes well!

  6. Just beautiful. I’m glad you share my family’s position on earrings at a young age… I got my ears pierced when I was two. I just barely remember it. And I cried, but it was worth it, even at the time. If that’s any consolation to your guilt. 😉

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