Homeschool Kids Write Assignment 51

My Dad was very rotten when he was young(when I say rotten I mean ROTTEN). He told us hundreds of childhood stories, most of them rotten things he did to his brothers.  Here is my favorite. 🙂

When he (Dad) was eight or nine  and his younger brother (Christopher) was four or five there was a big oak tree in his back yard.  They live on a hill so the yard sloped away from the back deck.  Dad, Nathan (Dad’s friend), and Christopher went out back to play with a rope that was tied to the back of the tree.

They tied Christopher up with the rope so they could swing him off the deck. At the last minute Christopher freaked out and wanted to be untied. Nathan and Dad didn’t untie him.  When they were about to push him off the deck Nathan slid the rope under his neck so that if you saw it from the right angle it would look they were trying to hang him. Unfortunately Grandma saw it from that angle just as they pushed him off the deck.

Grandma went running out screaming, thinking that they were trying to hang Christopher. When he swung back to the deck he had rope burn on his neck. Nathan ran and hid while Dad got in trouble, and still if we ask Grandma then she’ll tell us of how Dad tried to kill Christopher by hanging him.

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Lydia C. 12 years old


  1. So funny. Thanks for sharing this story. Great job on the assignment.

  2. HAHAHA! That is funny! My mom tells us stories of how rotten me and my brother that is 11 months younger than me were. We would climb out of our crib, go get eggs, bring them back to bed and chunk them on the floor to watch them splat. And to think she says we were the “easiest” of her 5 children!

    I did try to kill Chris when she brought him home from the hospital. He was in the carseat and I went to get the skillet. Just as I was about to hit him my mom stopped me *blush*

  3. Meredith_in_Aus says:

    Thank you for this story, Lydia. Maybe my boys aren’t so mean to each other. :oP Thank Megan for her story, too, will ya.

    In Him


  4. Lisa Beth W. says:

    Very funny! I always suspected that of your dad, actually…(that he was rotten when young. Something about the look in his eye…)

  5. with tricks like that i’m surprised your dad survived childhood..or more likely that his mother survived his childhood….

    my mom was the youngest of 16….and her 8 older brothers convinced her that the behind of a bee is where they kept the honey..and she ate alot of them..wondering why she couldnt taste the honey….she was quite naive…..

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