Fun with kids: building a Kid Pyramid

We tried this once years ago and it wasn’t pretty, but the kids are bigger now.  Somebody decided it might be time to try again.  After all, what’s the fun of having 3 and a half dozen kids if you’re not going to build a few pyramids?


Wow!  That was fun!  But let’s not push our luck.  How about something easier?  A flattened pyramid, maybe?


Well, that’s cute but the lighting is wrong.  Can we try it again?

Hello?  I said, “Can we try it again?” I’m over here, people.


Hey, where do you think you’re going?


Awww, look at ’em.  So sweet.  So cute.  So…bored.


and ornery.


Are we done yet?  Well, actually I have one more idea.




There.  Isn’t this fun?  From above, if you turn your head and squint a little, they almost look like a star.  Can you see it?  I can see it.  Beautiful.


Kids are fun.


  1. TOO CUTE! what fun. I remember doing that when I was little!
    your flooring looks almost exactly like the one we just put in our kitchen last spring!

  2. I am the youngest of 7. We had lots of pyramid pictures too.

  3. good times. I notice that little man came back for the PigPile. couldn’t miss out on that fun stuff 🙂

  4. Very witty! Three and one half dozen . . . I get it now. Thought you were using hyperbole at first.

  5. I love these pictures!! I’ve been wanting to try a kid pyramid fro a few months now! We were going to give it a shot at Thanksgiving but it rained! (I wanted to build the pyramid in a pile of fall leaves.) So, I thought sure we would do it over Christmas break, but between busyness and sickness, it still didn’t happen! So, i’m hoping to give it a try when my 21 yod is home for spring break!! I bet it will be crazy fun and hopefully we will get some good pictures! I guess I have 4 and a half dozen children!!! 🙂

  6. D and Kait look a little smashed!…not that they don’t deserve it. “Revenge of the younger siblings”

  7. Hannah C. says:

    this is so awesome!!!!
    My family has never actually thought of doing a pyramid…but i’m sure it would be funny if we did!

    by the way, your daughters look a lot like you! at least two of the older ones especially. 🙂

  8. Jody from AZ says:

    Oh, Kim! The girls are so beautiful! And that handsome, young man! I can’t believe how fast they all have grown. It looks like they are having lots of fun. You and Perry are very blessed!

    I only have a forth of a dozen, hoping for more though!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Right – but what’s 3 and a half dozen? Nine. You got it!

  10. I just love your family. You are all so beautiful. This was great seeing the pictures of the kids. Thanks hun for sharing..Hugs

  11. You got me! I was trying to figure out how I missed you having so many kids- 3 1/2 dozen! That’s 42 kids.

  12. I love the last picture. It is the best!!!

  13. I love love love the logic involved in 3 and one half dozen kids! Alas, I only have 2 and one half dozen! 🙂
    Great pyramid!

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