Pics from our trip.

We just went on a weekend visit up to Oklahoma to see my mom’s family, and while we were there we went to the park.


Even though she is scared of heights, I was able to get my best friend/aunt Briana  a whole 6 feet off the ground on the jungle gym. (and just so you know I am posing in this picture.  I do NOT take myself that seriously in real life.)


We all enjoyed sitting around visiting in the crisp February air, and I had to smack a certain red haired someone with a stick for ambushing me with oak apples.


Uncle William and I also enjoyed our wild ride on the teeter-totter.


Kaitlyn and Aunt Alaura spent most of the time on the jungle gym. (show offs)


Perry Boy had a lot of fun climbing high, and also played a little bit of baseball with Dad.


and even though it was really scary, Uncle William survived his daredevil, freefall down the slide.


I love this picture, when Mom had to take the little kids on a potty run. Aunt Briana took Bethie for her, and I snapped a few pics of her rapturous adoration. Everyone loves Bethie.


  1. The pictures are awesome!!

    It seems a bit odd to me that some of the aunts and uncles look to be the same age or younger than some of the nieces and nephews! But I guess that’s just the joy of a really large family. The chances that my baby sister will be closer in age to a niece or nephew than to the youngest of her older sisters are pret-ty high…

  2. Deanna you are a beautiful lady with a beautiful eye!

    Love ya

  3. How Fun! My kids are itching to go to the park but it isn’t very fun in 30 degree weather. Everything is too cold to not have gloves on and gloves prevent good gripage. Sigh… one more month of cold to go. (Also here in Michigan we are usually guarenteed at least one snowfall in April too.)

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