Playing an old trick on new kids

The cover story: we’re picking up Dad after work and going out to dinner.  The real story?  Only those who have figured it out on their own know.  They are all 9yo and up.  The big girls put us up to it this time.


Why are we taking suitcases?

It’s part of the recent dejunking we’ve all been working on.  We have too many suitcases, so we’ll be dropping these two extra suitcases at the Goodwill while we’re out.

Why are we taking the dogs to Aunt Stephanie’s house?

Because a prospective owner is coming to look at the puppies while we’re gone.

But why did we take all the dogs?  Why not just the puppies?

Because we might be out very late at dinner, and it would be mean to leave poor Precious locked up in  her kennel for so long.  She’ll have much more fun playing with the puppies at Aunt Steph’s house.  And the pups might want their mom there.  We can’t leave Lady all alone!

Why did we take all the rest of the dog food?

Just in case we’re out too late.  Then we might just let the dogs spend the night at Aunt Steph’s house.

Why are we taking clothes for Dad?

He wants to change out of his work clothes before dinner.

Why did we take a whole bag of disposable diapers?

We need to return them to WalMart since we use cloth diapers now.  We’ll add that to our list of errands.


Why are we bringing the playpen from Vision Forum?

It’s an extra that we brought to VF, but nobody uses it here.  We’re going to drop it at the Goodwill when we stop there for the suitcases.

Where are we going for dinner?

We haven’t decided yet.  I know it’s a long way.  We’ll probably try someplace new. What sounds good to you?

Can we order dessert?

No, let’s go somewhere else for dessert.  It’s a long way too, but it will be worth it.

Are we there yet?

Did we stop yet?

to be continued…


  1. You’re coming to see us in Washington, aren’t you? And the diapers are for Baby Gus, aren’t they? Wow. You guys rock!!! 🙂

  2. Hee hee! I can’t wait to find out where you’re really going 🙂 And I’m glad it’s staying a surprise so far!

  3. This sounds like so much fun! I wanna go! I wanna go! I promise I won’t tell the little kids!


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