The real story

Did you figure it out?

I’m sure you got close, at least.  We’re in Oklahoma, visiting my family.  The younger ones didn’t figure out what we were up to until we pulled into the driveway at 4 AM.  Apparently in their world, it’s not unusual to drive 9 hours when going out to dinner.  They didn’t even ask.  This is what happens when you live 50 miles from town.

The kids are having a good ole time playing with aunts and uncles their own age, and I’m having a good old time playing games with my mom, who could easily pass for my age.

PerryBoy spent the afternoon tagging along after my 10yo and 12yo brothers, just being one of the guys – except that he was only 2 feet tall and spent much the day wearing his jeans backwards.  He was quite a trendsetter swinging a baseball bat and sporting that zipper down the crack of his bum.

How are you spending the weekend?

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