I wax crafty: Wool soakers and fitted diapers

I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I do have a contribution to Mother Hen’s Homemade Thursday.

I’m not really a crafty person, but I do enjoy tackling a small project now and then.  Yesterday, I stitched up a super soft lambswool soaker from a thrift-store sweater.  I used the free pattern for Katrina’s Sew Quick Soaker.  It would have been a very simple project but I just couldn’t bring myself to trust the thin fabric so I doubled it.

Just for fun, I changed the instructions to create a reversible soaker with all the seams completely hidden.  I’m not sure why this was important since it looks exactly the same inside and out, but my poor brain needs all the exercise it can get and this was real exercise.  At least one of my children insists that the fact that it’s reversible and identical inside and out earns this post a place in the “Mom is neurotic” category.



Other outside:


See?  No inside out.  Perfect for addle-brains and people in a rush.

I also whipped up another wool soaker from these super-easy instructions, though we left the drawstring out of both of ours.  I just love the way the legs stick out.  It makes me smile every time I look.


Our first wool soaker, made from the same instructions by Kaitlyn several weeks ago, has even longer and funnier legs.  You won’t see any poop leaking through these legs:


While I was at it, I decided to try out a brilliant idea that Kaitlyn and I hatched, only to find out that somebody else already thought of it and created a photo tutorial.  Yes, you can turn a regular prefold diaper into a snazzy fitted one.  See?

I glanced quickly through the tutorial photos and blasted full speed ahead.  My elastic didn’t work out, probably because I was too excited to read all the directions and thought it would oh-so-much-easier to reinvent the wheel.   I ripped the elastic out and called it done, so my prototype will need be followed up by an older and wiser version.  At any rate,  here’s the first:


Note the nifty pocket: increased absorbency right in the center, where it’s most needed, plus the option to slide in a doubler if your baby is a real soaker.  For my next trick, I will trim the edges of the soaker and turn them under to create a smoother surface for Bethany’s bottom.  I will also figure out a way to make elastic work.  The fabric was just too bulky and stiff the first time so the elastic didn’t stand a chance.  Next time we’re snipping some of the extra layers out before inserting elastic.  Sorry if that doesn’t make sense to you, but it does to me.  🙂

I still have 2 unwanted fleece sweatshirts which I plan to use soon for some fleece soakers.  These will be much cuter since fleece comes in far more COLORS than the wool sweaters at the thrift stores I frequent.

What have you made lately? Where did you get the idea?  Were you happy with the results, or are you already working on Plan B?


  1. I can’t figure out how you made all of the seams hidden. I can figure out the waist band, but how did you do all three?

    • Andrea,
      I made cut two each of the front and back, then hid the seams between the layers. It was tricky to figure out how to put them together but easy to do it, if you know what I mean.

  2. AnnaH,
    Yes, I treated mine with Lanolin. I’m still very new to all this, but I just melted a bit of Lansinoh in some hot water and soaked the soaker. I guess you should do this every couple of weeks or whenever you wash the soakers.
    Does that sound right to you?

  3. Ok first pair assembled-love them: ).For more waterproofing(or other wetness)I’m going to treat them with lanolin though..I don’t know how well this’ll work with an old jumper but worth a try!Have you treated yours with it?
    Hearing about having a boy after an all-girl offspring was a bit of a shock,I was set out for more dresses and bows again but apparently you’re not allowed to put those on boys lol..

  4. You are good!

  5. Re-purposing woolie jumpers into nappy covers… genius. Saddly the youngest of my chidlers is 11 and unless the Lord steps in with a medical miracle (which we’d love) there won’t be any more nappy wears in our home until the grand-chids arrive in later years. Those nappy covers were cute though & I bet they’re soft & comfy for liitle behinds too.

    Manndy (UK)

  6. Anna,
    Thanks for commenting. Let me know how the woolies work for you.
    Too funny! You know we had 7 girls before our first boy was born, right? What a shocker, when it goes everywhere! What a shocker just to open a diaper and see one of *those* after so many years of diapering little girls!

  7. Just popping in quickly ‘cos I had to comment on those bum sweaters: )!!What a brilliant idea,as the price of buying ‘proper’ woollies is high and some of us are somewhat..challenged when it comes to knitting(sure I could if there was time yadayada lol).Will definitely try this one out esp as we just found out we are having a BOY for baby no6 after 5 girls and I’ve heard they wizzle everywhere haha..

  8. I love the soakers! And I totally get the need to make it reversible, even if there is limited practical application.

    I have a question and a bit of advice.

    First, my question. What use is a fleece soaker? It will have no chance of preventing “leaks.”

    Secondly, the advice. Buy all the wool sweaters you think you may want now, before the stores put ’em away and put out the Spring items. 😉


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