Writing assignment : Stories from your relatives.

OK, I’m a little bit behind on this assignment but I still want to do it. So without further ado, here goes!

When my Dad was 12, the pastor of his church and another man named Mr. Tippery took all the kids around his age in the church out camping.

Mr. Smith (the pastor) took all the boys in his car, and Mr. Tippery took all the girls in his car.To tease the boys Mr. S would drive right up next to Mr. T and then slow down and drop behind. To make matters worse for the enraged boys, the girls would grin and wave as the boys dropped behind.

Now before we go any further 2 things must be understood, #1. My Dad was very  rotten when he was younger. #2 It just happened to be my Dad’s turn to sit up front. Can you see where this is going?

My dad decided that he was the only way to catch up with Mr. T. He crawled down onto the floor boards and and pushed the gas pedal down.   He floored the gas pedal! All the boys in the car whooped in excitement as  Mr. S grabbed at Dad.  Dad shrank down against the floor.  Mr. T’s car sped behind them, and the car in front looked as if was going backwards. When Dad let up they were way ahead of Mr. T, and about 3 ft behind the car in front of them.

Dad sat in the back for the rest of that trip. I wonder why?

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