Bethany is in a blanket chest

by natalie, 9yo

Well last night I took pictures of Bess.

I think she looks tired in this one.


In this one she looks she is thinking, “What are you doing?”


In this one she looks like she is thinking, “Are you  done yet?”


Those are my favorite ones.

And I learned how to use photoshop to make the pictures smaller for the blog because if you don’t, then they’ll take forever to load.  The bottom one was really big after I saved it for the web and I had to resize it.


  1. Hello there, this is my first time visiting, I like your blog! Have a great weekend!

  2. So Adorable! Love both of your blogs!

  3. So cute, I enjoy your blog and tips for large families… thanks for sharing

  4. What a sweet blessing you have there!

  5. You also might find this nifty tool helpful for resizing photos.

  6. Thank you! Yesterday the five youngest were home.
    After dinner, me, and Becca, and Rachael were playing on the deck, and when we came in, I opened the blanket chest and put her in. I think she thought it was her bed.
    Thank you for the comment!

  7. Aww! she is such a doll! Too cute! 🙂

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