No shampoo – week 4

I can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks since I shampooed.  The change has been very gradual, but either my hair is getting better or I’m getting used to this.  I’ve decided to wash with a mixutre of 1 egg and a bit of lemon juice once each week, and use baking soda with apple cider vinegar about every other day for the rest of the week.

Incidentally, I learned the same lesson that the Headmistress learned about egg shampoo, though not so dramatically.  Don’t use very hot water, Do rinse very thoroughly, and for the love of all that is good and pure, Don’t use a blow dryer on your hair unless you want to see how many bits of egg white you missed even though you thought you were rinsing thoroughly.

And if you don’t take my advice?  Well, the bits of cooked egg white comb out pretty easily.

My hair still seems a bit heavy and greasy, but not terribly so.  I can wear it down if I want, but I still don’t think it really looks nice.  Since we moved to south Texas I’ve preferred to keep it up anyway.  All my short new hairs that used to stick up stubbornly all over my head are far more manageable with a bit of natural oil on them.  In this sense, my hair looks far better!  No more post-partum crew cut!

I do still notice a bit of that “scalp” smell that a commentor mentioned, but everyone else in the house swears they can’t smell it unless they sniff my head closely, not something I expect to happen often in public places.  Hubby has requested that I wash the pillow cases more often since it has become noticeable there.  I was thinking the same thing.  😛

I was tickled to learn this week that several of my sisters and one sister in law are doing this as well.  I’m not the family nutcase!  At least, not the only one.  I was also pleased to learn that NPR did a story on the spreading No-Poo movement, so apparently the idea is going mainstream.  Even so, I refuse to call it No-Poo.  I just can’t do it.  It sounds too much like…well, you know what it sounds like.   We crazy people have to draw the line somewhere, you know.


  1. I’ve been trying this for about 3 weeks now……………. I love it. My hair seems to be adapting nicely. I rarely wear my hair down anyway, so I haven’t tried it down much. It’s about as long as yours and little more layered. I am doing egg/lemon once a week and baking soda and acv rinse every 2-3 days. I did find a fun site – – with some recipes for shampoos and conditioner. I may try a couple of them for the dry/frizzy/static issues I have living in a very dry climate. Just thought I would pass along!

  2. MamaFish says:

    I’ve been “no poo” since October and have had no problems. I have never washed my hair more than every 3-5 days, depending on the time of year. I now use baking soda and vinegar every 4-5 days. I use about a TBS of baking soda mixed in a cup of water and several TBS of vinegar mixed in water. I can get by without the vinegar, but it certainly makes a big improvement in how soft and wavy my hair is.

    BTW, I found your blog while looking for info on pro-life management of ectopic pregnancy.

  3. I love when you write about this. I’m secretly wanting to try but not totally sold yet. A week ago I cut off my long and curly hair to donate it to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program for cancer patients. I’m more willing to try now that I don’t have so much hair but now its too short to put up. I’ll keep reading and appreciating your wit and humor!

  4. Amanda,
    I have two suggestions from my limited experience: you didn’t mention how often you are washing, but try washing less often, since even baking soda can be a bit harsh used too often. Second, make sure you’re using enough vinegar. Baking soda opens the cuticles in your hair, leaving it rough and dry-feeling. Vinegar smooths it down again, making it feel sleek and conditioned without adding any oils. You should feel the effect immediately, as the vinegar runs down your hair and you work it through.
    Otherwise, it might just be a matter of waiting for the natural oils to work their way down. If you don’t have much oil, it might take a while. You could try a heavy natural conditioner in the meantime. Maybe mayo?

  5. So, with inspiration from you and your commenters, I’ve embarked on this “no-poo” journey as well…and after a couple of days, I’ve found that while my scalp and roots are minimally oilier, the ends of my hair (actually, pretty much from about an inch from my scalp on down) is even frizzier! Any thoughts/comments/suggestions? I had wavy, coarse, fairly frizzy hair to begin with – I’m not quite sure if this will pass in time or what. Still, this is such a good idea and for the most part, I’m enjoying the anticipation of having glorious, soft waves falling nicely down my back. 😉

  6. And here I am thinking: She has a neat new way to up her google ranking? How come I dunno about that?

    If you continue to post about No-Poo, I might succumb to peer pressure and try it out myself (my 11 yr old daughter is already intrigued… she also wants to make a cocoa-powder mixture for her skin… girls 🙂 )

  7. ha ! I’m so glad I’m here and you’re there. ; 0)
    I’m kidding..
    just stopping by to say hi, pray you have a wonderful week , and send hug your way…
    God Bless

  8. Hi!

    I love the no-poo method, though I do it because my hair is extrema-curl (!), long natural ropes that get very veeery dry when shampooed.

    You’re doing it just right for your curly kids- just use egg/vinegar or egg and some sort of natural acid (lemon or lime juice, if you want to change it up and brighten the scent. Natural juice is better, you get the natural oils from the citrus peel to scent your hair, with no additives or preservatives, but it takes a minute to squeeze!)

    Now, what people don’t say is that if you have straight hair, you have to include a regular regimen of BRUSHING. If you normally do 100 strokes, up it to 150 or 200. This pulls that natural oil- the anointing if you will, my father refers to it that way- down to the very ends where it really wants to be! This will help keep the hair from ‘stranding’. You may find it takes a while to get used to.

    Also, yes, never use hot water for your face, hair, or scalp! I found this out the tough way when I lived in Puerto Rico, with no water heater. Most houses don’t have one. The humidity was tough, but my face and hair never looked so good.

    Thanks for the posts, do keep us posted!

  9. Andrea,
    Funny you noticed! I’ve found that google is the fastest way to find a particular post that I want to link to, but I usually remember to “clean up” the link first.

  10. Ok Kim,

    I had tried this last fall and gave up after about 4 weeks, but with you blogging your “a natural” hair, it has given me the courage and determination to try again. It has been a week since I shampooed last. This week I have used baking soda/acv once and used the egg/lemon juice once. My hair is doing fine so far. It has been a crazy week so I haven;t gotten to mess with it a lot to even observe the oiliness factor.

    Keep up your dedication.

    Hugs, Brandi

  11. Ok, you I admit it, you inspired me to try it. I am finishing up my first week without shampoo. I have curly hair and so far it has been easier for me than what you experienced.

    I’m doing the curly girl method, using conditioner on the ends whenever I wash. No baking soda or vinegar for me. So far, my hair is much curlier and less frizzy than usual. However, I think that my roots are a bit oily, but my family says they can’t tell.

    Anyway, wanted to let you know that I’m following you in your craziness. Like sheep off a cliff….


  12. would it be “off-topic” to ask why you hyperlinked to your own blog via google?

  13. Good job! Stick with it. It will pay off!

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