Sunday Stills: Water

Recently one of you lovely commenters gave me a link to a site called Sunday Stills, (thank you, Jocelyn) and I have decided to participate.

This week’s assignment is water, which could have been hard since we live in a drought and all except it decided to rain last night. (lots of thunder and lightning) So this morning Kaitlyn, and I went questing for raindrops.

The top one is my favorite hands down. It’s the onion greens in the little patch of onions we planted in our yard (onions are pretty much the only thing the deer don’t eat.) and Kaitlyn suggested that I take pictures of these, she said it would be “so, me.” I have no idea what she is talking about by the way, I use  no more onions then absolutely necessary when I cook, and it’s not my fault that everyone else in this house is an onion wimp. 😉

You all know how good rain water tastes right? Well, when I was down on my knees taking close ups of the raindrops I noticed that one hollow stalk that had been cut for soup, was full of water. I like rainwater. So I drank it. YUCK! I like to eat raw onions and it was gross! It was like drinking weak onion kool-aid!


This one is just a little puddle that I found. After I got this one we tried taking a picture where Kaitlyn was stepping in it, but it was too shallow for anything other than what I have here. I also found a deeper puddle that was in a little natural bowl in a rock, but I let Kaitlyn take the pictures that time. After she was done though, I was still thirsty, so I knelt down and scooped some of that water up and drank it. It was still in my mouth though when Kaitlyn said in a very thoughtful voice “I wonder if a deer peed in that?” I spit it out. Fast. Then I smacked her. (what a terrible sister she is. I would never, ever do something like that. Right Kait? )


This one, I just threw in for good measure. It looks kind of symbolic though, a cactus, with raindrops, and a little sprouty thing on it. Caption, anyone? C’mon, I know you guys have awesome imaginations. Give me a caption.



  1. Liked the cactus the best! well done.

  2. Yes, that first photo is wonderful…I love the water droplets!

  3. Great shots! It was nice that Mother Nature decided to co-operate for you in this challenge

  4. Wonderful shots, love the last one, great closeup…Ü

  5. Wow, great photos!! I love raindrop pics.

  6. Nice close up shots. Very good detail.

  7. Nicely done…beautiful photos!! Welcome to Sunday Stills…glad you’re participating!

  8. Lovely shots and wonderful input from your daughter.

  9. Very nice! I really like the cactus.

  10. How about:

    Percipitation: a current happening

  11. Kimberly, I am using a Sony Alpha DSLR.

    Kelly, you never know. If it was a well hydrated deer, you might not taste anything, and there would be no color to tip you off. Which is why I spat it out so fast. All of that went whizzing through my head in about half a second.

    Thank you all for commenting!

  12. So pretty! I think “After The Storm” would be prophetic and so time appropriate with where America is now, and what God’s pruning will accomplish.
    And, wouldn’t you taste urine if it was there? ;}

  13. Beautiful photos. What kind of camera are you using for them?


  14. Great job, Deanna! You are taking some great shots!

    Bethany W – in MO

  15. Lovely pictures! I was thinking “Desert Spring” for that last one. Such a neat shot:-)

  16. Ashley, thank you for commenting!
    I like your captions! They are pretty much along the same lines as what I was thinking when I posted it last night.
    The cactus is a prickly pear, and I think the little sprout is a flower bud.

  17. Okay. I’m not the best at naming things. But …

    the picture of the cactus is way cool.

    Unexpected Blessing
    Undeserved Grace

    Because it’s a cactus, and it shouldn’t theoretically need much water, but there it is, pokey and almost angry looking and glistening with the gift of water – but that may be too vague as a name. I just don’t know, but that’s what I thought of when I saw it.

    Or you could simply call it Desert Flower, because the green thing sorta looks like one.

    I’m all out of ideas.

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