14’s for Kaitlyn

Today is Kaitlyn’s birthday, so as usual we’re going to do a post for her.  On a slightly less usual note, we came up with a new sort of birthday post.  We’re going to work together on several lists for her, each with 14 items.kait1

Things Kaitlyn Likes

  1. drawing
  2. holding her tarantula
  3. sewing
  4. stress
  5. reading Boxcar Children to little ones
  6. fluffy pillows
  7. the color green
  8. silky stuff
  9. chocolate
  10. bottled water
  11. anything sweet
  12. brain-bending computer games
  13. Tim Hawkins
  14. puzzleskbday

Nicknames/Alter Egos for Kaitlyn

  1. Kittykait
  2. Mary Poppins
  3. Kaily-shaley
  4. Tay-tay
  5. Kay-kay
  6. Katie-kate
  7. Tatelyn
  8. Stress Monkey
  9. Charles
  10. Zorro
  11. Control freak
  12. Were-N___ (inside joke.  Don’t ask , and if you know don’t tell. That means you, yeah, you. You know who you are.)
  13. Electra
  14. Neatnik

Things We Love About Kaitlynkbday5

  1. She’s a hard worker
  2. She helps without being asked
  3. She likes to read to little ones
  4. She’s a nice babysitter
  5. Her cakes
  6. She’s nice to Rachael
  7. Her taste in clothes
  8. She’s thin & beautiful (inside joke, again.  but she is!)
  9. She’s our sister
  10. her sense of humorkbday2
  11. when she dresses up as a Jedi, or as Queen Amidala
  12. when she lets us post silly pictures of her to facebook
  13. when she consents to be in silly movies and plays
  14. she looks just like Mom

Things Kaitlyn is good at

  1. cooking
  2. puzzles
  3. sewing
  4. graphic design
  5. manipulating redirecting Lindsey  🙂kbday6
  6. drawing
  7. multi-tasking – her sisters say she can yell and clean at the same time
  8. photography
  9. Facebook
  10. singing
  11. decorating cakes
  12. flips on the trampoline
  13. borrowing clothes
  14. math

Things that Kaitlyn Hates

  1. tomatoes
  2. dirty dishes
  3. dirty rooms
  4. people who won’t do what she says
  5. people who hate praying mantids
  6. tangled hair
  7. a drawing without green in it somewhere
  8. ugly blog layouts
  9. ugly blog headers
  10. being called Charles
  11. when people throw things on her bed
  12. being tickled
  13. when Deanna posts silly pictures of her to the internet
  14. games she can’t figure out


  1. Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!!!!!!

    Here are 5 things I love about Kaitlyn
    (there is only 5 because other people took some of mine ;D )

    1. She can keep such a straight face she make’s YOU laugh ;D

    2. She loves everybody (well, almost anyway : )

    3. She is a WONDERFUL friend

    4. She has a very big heart

    5. And I love her for who she is

    So, Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!!!!!


  2. OH SHOOT!!!…Now I sound like I just threw it up there:'(
    I didn’t…I thought through every line, but I forgot to check them before I submitted it…

    I’m stopping before I dig this hole any deeper.

  3. I apologize for all the bad grammer, and misspells…I was working on three programs, and didn’t check it. 🙁

    Man, I’m just falling down on the job…

  4. kimberly in idaho says:

    You guys crack me up! Happy 14th Birthday, Kaitlyn.

  5. 14 Things I love about my Niece:

    1: She’s her Funcles Kait girl.

    2. The is one of the Hardest working young ladies I know.

    3. The smile of her 😀

    4. :D…she makes me smile.

    5. I love it when she gets mad…right Charles 😛

    6. Her insane desire for Dark Chocolate.

    7. Her golden heart, that shines through those beautiful eyes.

    8. Her kindness to those in need, or hurting.

    9. Hey, she ain’t no bad cook.

    10. Cuz she Kait 🙂

    11. Her love of animals.

    12. Because I first heard the words “Funcle” was when she was 12.

    13. ….

    14. Cuz she still loves her funcle even though he forgot to call her on her Birthday. Sorry KAit.


    Tommy FUncle

  6. fun post and happy birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday, Kaitlyn!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!

  8. Happy Birthday, Kaitlyn!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!

  9. Happy Birthday to a fellow TIm Hawkins fan! Our family loves him…so funny. My current favorite is “Chick-fil-

  10. Aw happy birthday dear girl. I’m sure you know you are very blessed and are a special young lady (cute too!). I hope your day was lovely and full of sweet memories. : )

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kaitlyn! Hope your day was very special! You sound like such a wonderful girl! I like alot of the things you do! especially your hairdos! 😉

  12. Camille says:

    I LOVED the Boxcar children books growing up!
    oh and happy Birthday, Kaitlyn! =D

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