How many errands can you do with 10 children in 8 hours?

Today may have been a record for us.

  1. Blockbuster, to return a video.  Yes, we have Netflix.  I’m not the one who decided to rent a movie at Blockbuster.  🙂
  2. WalMart, for our regularly scheduled Friday grocery trip.  We actually didn’t need much at all.  I guess we’re living on sprouts, homemade bread & yogurt, and produce by the case from downtown.  I did feed the baby and let the kids browse fabric for a good long while.  I’m sure there were bathroom trips involved.
  3. The local river park, for lunch with the ducks.  As we pulled up, they left the water to gather around us.  “Hi, humans.  What’s for lunch?”  They were hungry.  I think they ate more of our lunch than we did.
  4. Small town thrift store.  I can never pass up a chance, and today we were in no hurry.  Found hubby a brand new pair of khaki slacks, and a hawaiian style shirt that I think he’ll love.
  5. Tractor Supply Company.  Hey, honey?  Remember when you mentioned getting a post pounder and a few t-posts to see how hard it will be to fence a goat yard?  I’ve gotcha covered, honey.
  6. Tire shop #1, looking for a used tire for my uncle’s truck.  Nothing here.
  7. Tire shop #2, still looking for a used tire for my uncle’s truck.  Nothing there.
  8. HEB, the big local grocery chain, to get a load of free-after-sale-and-coupon guacamole – ht to my mom.  mmmmm.  I won’t tell you how many packages I got, but I will say that Mom asked me to get 10 more for her in return for the hot tip.  Also picked up 12 more pounds of boneless skinless pre-seasoned fajita meat for $1/lb, in addition to 32 lbs. we bought Wednesday.
  9. Sun Harvest, to get more goodies for sprouting.  We’ve tried and loved lentils.  Almonds, wheat, and a salad mix are nearly ready, along with a 2nd batch of lentils.  I also have a big pot of beans sprouting before cooking.  Still to go: garbanzos (they grow in the fridge!), peanuts, sunflowers, mung beans, barley, and…oh, yeah: alfalfa.  Can’t forget that.
  10. Gas.  Cuz boy did we need it. I quit at 30 gallons even though the tank still wasn’t full.
  11. Vision Forum, to drop off some items for friends and pick up some items of our own.  It was also nice to say hi to friends while we were there.
  12. GoodWill, because we were already in town.  Found a little French press for hubby to take to work (99 cents), and the girls found some darling clothes.  I’m jealous.
  13. Costco, where we bought the majority of our groceries and enjoyed the free samples and restrooms.
  14. Home Depot, because we just hadn’t made enough stops today already.
  15. A neighbor’s house to buy farm fresh eggs.  In the country, anyone within 5 miles is a neighbor.

And that doesn’t count stopping at my parents’ house beforehand to borrow my 13yo sister (were you wondering how I got 10 children?), stopping at our house to get a book for my brother, back to my parents’ house again to drop off sis and book.

Home again, home again, jiggety jig!


  1. “It’s far easier to take 10 kids of varying ages than it is to take a baby, a toddler and a preschooler.”

    I’m going to hold you to this in about another decade, LOL!

  2. That sounds just like my day, only take out the tire stores, replace Costco with Sam’s Club, we don’t live near Vision Forum, we have our own farm fresh eggs, and we got a post-hole digger for the tractor for the goat fence. 😀

  3. Hannah C. says:

    Wow….!!! I don’t know how you did that…even if not everyone got out at every stop, it still sounds very exhausting! I think the most my mom has ever done, at any point, is about half of that – and we live in the DFW metroplex…so everything’s really close together and we’re close to everything!

  4. I have to confess that:

    1. It’s far easier to take 10 kids of varying ages than it is to take a baby, a toddler and a preschooler. I remember those days! I prefer these days!

    2. Not everybody got out of the van at every stop. Sometimes it was only me; sometimes it was me with 2 or 3 children. Sometimes they asked to be allowed to stay in the van. But we all got out quite a few times too.

    3. I rarely do this for fun. It WAS fun, but it was a rare sort of fun for us, and getting all my errands done with one tank of gas was definitely an ulterior motive.

  5. That’s exactly the sort of thing mom would do along with us kids. Squeeze as much into one trip as possible. =D

  6. Reminds me of the “good ol’ days”

  7. You are a woman after my heart. I took my mom with us on our shopping day a few weeks ago. My mom loves to shop. She told my aunt (who called while we were out) that she found someone that can actually out shop her. HA!!! Gas is too expensive to waste so we hit every possible place we can while we’re out. i usually do my shopping on Co-op day as well. I think it’s fun to see just how fast we can get into a store and out. Everyone has a job and if you don’t do it right you slow the process. BIG No-NO!!! Of course, I only do this type of shopping with 6 children but one is a nursing baby and that always adds another element.

    So how is the no-poo coming along? I thought of you this morning as I wash my hair. HA!!

  8. Impressive! You are quite an inspiration!

  9. Hi Kim,
    After reading this post I was later reading a book that I picked-up at the library called ‘Nourishing Traditions” written by Sally Fallon. I don’t know if you have ever heard of this cook book but it has a whole section on sprouted grains, nuts, and seeds. I found something that she said quite interesting about Alfalfa sprouts and being that you plan on sprouting these I thought you might want to look into it.

    I will quote partially what she said ” There is only one seed we do not recommend in sprouted form (or in any form) and that is surprisingly alfalfa! Unfortunately, it seems that all the praise heaped on the slfalfa sprout was ill advised. Tests have shown that alfalfa sprouts inhibit the immune system and can contribute to inflammatory arthritis and lupus. Alfalfa seeds contain an amino acid called canavanine that can be toxic to man and animals when taken in quantity. (Canavanine is not found in mature alfalfa plants; it is apparently metabolized during growth).”

    I have never sprouted these but I know that they are very popular. Just something to pass along or look further into!

  10. Christina says:

    See, and I would have just left all the children at your mom’s house on the way to run my errands…LOL

  11. Sounds like a record to me.
    Do you leave them (or some) in the van while you go in the stores? Even when ours are in good moods, just getting everybody in and out of the van 15 times would use up a whole day.

  12. LaSandra, I only have two little ones so far, so I am no expert at managing a large group. That said, my Moby wrap makes errands so much easier. Now my youngest is old enough to sit in the double decker carts with my son, but for the first 9 months, it was great to have the baby in the moby while my son sat in the cart.

    Maybe you can wear the baby and set the older two in the double decker cart? Worth a try!

  13. Hoo, I’m exhausted just reading about your day!! My errand day today is a walk in the park compared to that!! I’m thanking God on errand days for my Ergo!

    Just wanted to let you know I’m still reading your blog, even if I don’t comment very often! Your blog is one of my faves.

    Take it easy!!


  14. I’m going to take a stab in the dark here and say you have well behaved children. I come up with this theory because no mother in her right mind would make that many stops with 10 screaming fighting crying kids in the car! Am I right? I knew it! 🙂

    Slightly off topic. When my kids were little (I only have two) people would stop me in the store to tell me how well behaved they were. But then it was always followed by how do you do it? When I said they knew they would get a spanking right there in the store the person would argue with me about spanking. If you don’t want to know don’t ask me!

  15. WOW! We too were at Costco yesterday but that was only 1 of 2 stops for us! And we only had 4.5 children along and that was tiring. Way to go!!!

  16. It sounds like you had a busy, but super-fun day. I actually enjoy taking my little ones out to run errands with me. I have gone into a store by myself before and just felt odd not having to do the head count. Besides, with the noise level I’m used to, the quiet can be deafening.

  17. I don’t like running errands period. So when I’m out with our littles I don’t make extra stops, ever.

    I admire you. You are probably a much more fun mom than I am. Although I do have an occasional trip to the park up my sleeve.


  18. Way impressive! I only like to do that much alone. I only have five to take with me and I usually choose to leave the 12 year old home with the other older three and take the baby with me. But I’m usually not gone for more than a couple of hours. You are Super Mom!

  19. Whew! Way to go! I just can’t even imagine. I was just talking to my mom yesterday about the fact that I need a new errand running strategy now that we just had #3.

    On the other hand, I wonder if I’m just being a little “chicken.” If I avoid the challenges of taking my 3.5 year old,almost 2 year old, and newborn out with me, I may not figure out how run errands with them in a way that’s peaceful. If the Lord should bless us with more, like you, I don’t ever want to be too overwhelmed to take them anywhere by myself(that would be bondage!).

    What’s your take?

  20. I’m tired just reading this!

  21. That sounds amazingly similar to my errand day today! Except I only had five children with me, but I’ve done it with ten before!! 😉

  22. Me again . . . the link for SunSeedlings is correct, but you’ll need to click the links at the top of the page I gave you to get more info about the diapers. The one marked “shop” should get you to the page with pictures of actual diapers for sale – ones which require clicking on the pictures to get specs on the individual diapers. But do check the links at the top of the home page to find out more about these terrific (and very cute) diapers.

  23. Hi Kim,

    Totally unrelated to your post, but I’ve got to stick it somewhere . . .

    Check out these diapers:

    I just got some and they are wonderful. She has some already made (click on the picture to get more info), or you can choose your own outer and inner fabrics and type of fastening (scroll down to the custom order area and click on the picture of the little child to get more info).

  24. I am impressed! I take my three little ones (4,3,and 1 yo) to the store all the time, but we usually stop after errand #1.
    LOL, we can’t make it out of a store without going to the bathroom either 🙂

  25. Oh, I forgot. You are a minion of the dark side, aren’t you? I can never find help at Lowe’s. Maybe you could move down here and work at our local Lowe’s?

  26. You went to Homer Depot!!! LORD SAVE US!!!!….AAAAAHHHH!

  27. My errand day is gonna be a breeze compared to that. I’ll have to keep this in mind.


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