Laughter keeps us nice

Since Bethany and The Boy have a ba-a-a-a-d case of diarrhea – what’s that?  TMI? Too Much Info?  I haven’t even started with the details yet…

Anyway, since there is sickness in the house, I had a nice chat with a friend this morning about potty humor and boys and the whys and wherefores thereof.  We found ourselves talking about the hidden laugh – the one you do even though you really don’t want your kids to see you laughing because IT’S NOT FUNNY.  Like when The Boy serenaded his baby sister:  “My butt is in my underwear, my underwear, my underwear,” or the one about “Your poop is yummy to yoooooo!

I often find myself trying to cover a smile or hide the fact that I’m laughing because I don’t want to encourage the behavior, or I want to make sure that my correction is taken seriously.  But you know what?  I hope it never gets too easy.  I want to always fight that laugh.  I’d much rather struggle with my own laughter than my anger while correcting a child – especially when I’m correcting foolish immaturity rather than rebellion.

If they do catch on?  Well, usually they knew it was funny anyway.  They knew they wouldn’t get off the hook just because they made us laugh.  So the laugh doesn’t help them, it just helps us.  And since we were created in God’s image, it makes me wonder if God ever laughs at our foolishness, even while He chastens us.


  1. homemakerang says:

    did i give this to your household over the phone the other day?… NOT FUN! no baby! I AM ORNERY!

    i will send the sprouter collect on monday… Lord willing, unless i am in the bathroom or having the babe

  2. My boys are 23, 20, and 16. It NEVER stops!! Take it from me. After the potty-language stage is over, it becomes the body PARTS language. Nothing degrading to females mind you, only male body parts…..need I say more?

  3. I just found your blog and I love it.

    This post made me really laugh. My oldest ds isn’t so much into potty humor. My 4 yod can belt out the tunes though. My favorite one I “didn’t” laugh at was about how big certain body parts were. That was in the shower one evening. Nothing like singing in the shower while you admire yourself. He was corrected while hiding the laughter.

    I did appreciate this post. I tend to be an angry person so the encouragement not to lose the ability to laugh is much needed.

    I do love your blog. I originally found it looking for baking soda and no shampoo. i have given up on the baking soda but found another alternative plus the lemon juice.

    God Bless.

  4. heehee! yup this happens a lot here…… 😀

    And somehow, it’s always the boy starting it… hmmmmmm

    “” And since we were created in God’s image, it makes me wonder if God ever laughs at our foolishness, even while He chastens us.””

    Lovely Thought!

  5. Thanks so much for a great laugh. I needed that. I think this is the first time I’ve laughed all week.

  6. Aw, I should’ve saved this post ’til later!

    Didn’t make for great lunch time reading;D I didn’t see it coming because of your post title! (You think I’d be used to it since all my little people seem to need wiping while I’m eating.)

    If I know that I will have a difficult time controlling my laughter in such a situation, I’ll open my eyes real wide, gasp, and cover my mouth until I can bring myself under control. I wonder if they know anyway.

  7. armymamma says:

    I am so glad I’m not the only parent who is subjected to songs about undies and bodily functions! I do believe my son may have actually sung “my bum is in my underwear! He’s six though. I thought this stage would be over when he was done potty training (that’s when it started), but 4 years later here we are. Sigh.

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