Stuff you should see.  Or at least, I think you should see it.

  • The Widow’s Might, which won the $101,000 prize at the SAI Film Festival, will be playing on the big screen April 13-18!  This is an extremely well-done movie, a musical that will appeal even to those who don’t normally care for musicals.  It’s got humor, snappy dialog, a great plot, good production quality…in short, this is the sort of film that Christians should be making.  See if it’s playing in your area.  If not, at least download the soundtrack from  You’ll love it!
  • The Genevan Psalter is available online.  Many of the songs have lyrics and music uploaded, usually more than one version, in both midi and mp3 formats, often with vocals.  In short, this website is a massive work and an important reference.  Bookmark it, and use it.
  • Not to toot my own horn, but Feelin’ Feminine recently posted an interview of li’l ole me.  It only seems right to link to it since they have been kindly sending traffic our way as well.  I enjoyed answering the thoughtful questions.  Read it if you like.  🙂
  • My friend made a solar oven and actually cooked brownies in it! Now I’m interested.  Her design is like this, but I like the looks of this one too.  Maybe 1 or 2 of each for our family?


  1. Vanessa Pruitt says:
  2. Wonderful interview and great answers! I could say a hearty amen to it all! I am going to have my oldest girls read it as I think it is so encouraging!

  3. LOVED reading your interview on FF! Thank you for taking the time to do it and for being an example to all of us young ladies who are striving to become women of God!

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