No Shampoo week 6: the saga continues

I’m afraid I spoke a bit hastily last week.  Success was too strong a word.  My hair does seem to be improving, but it’s still very oily.

I had used the egg/lemon juice mixture on Wednesday morning, and when last Saturday rolled around my hair was still feeling pretty clean.  I forgot that it had only been 72 hours, and failed to give enough credit to the power of the egg shampoo.  Now, 7 days later, we’re still having some significant oiliness.  It doesn’t look like Week 2, but it also doesn’t look like success.   I didn’t use egg at all this week.  I’m going to hold off on the egg for a bit and see how things progress.

On the bright side, the fact that my hair still looked and felt clean 72 hours after an egg shampoo represents a tremendous change for the better!  I may not be done with the adjustment period, but I’m still very encouraged.

Photos?  I don’t know…my hair still stays up or braided.  You won’t see a difference unless I let it down, and I’m not ready to do that.


On a related topic, I stopped using facial cleansers when I stopped using shampoo.  My oily-but-sensitive skin was always uncomfortably tight after cleaning, then shiny and oily again within an hour or two.  Moisturizers didn’t seem to help.

But when I started washing with just warm water and a cloth, the results were very different.  I’ve never had good skin – large pores and 10 years of adolescent acne – but I can honestly say it has never looked better.  I’ve had no acne, far less oil, and it’s softer and smoother than ever.  The change in my skin has actually encouraged me to persevere with my hair.


  1. Did you go through a transition period with your skin—similar to the one with your hair? I am contemplating trying both methods, but I’m not sure if I can emotionally handle a transition in both areas! haha

    Thank you!

    • I didn’t notice a transition period with my skin at all. It just stopped getting so oily when I stopped stripping it with cleansers – even gentle ones. After over 2 years, I think my skin looks better than ever, and I almost never have any blemishes anymore!

  2. everybody always tells me i have the softest skin. i haven’t used soap on it in years, i wash with a body gel or body wash instead. something about cake soap makes my skin flake and get rough.

    i always had a problem with acne, regarless of how much or how l ittle products i used. finally i tried acne free- the cheap version of proactiv- and it worked. it took 2 weeks to get rid of probably 100 zits! the stuff is strong, so i have scaled back my use. i use it once a week and it keeps my face clear. i use only warm water to wash it with a washcloth and then i run an ice cube over it to cool it off and tighten the pores. i am still using my same first kit of acne-free that i bought last july!

  3. Hi Kim,

    I am new to reading your blog but was excited to see another person doing this hair experiment. I have curly hair and tried this experiment a few years ago and ended up having success for a couple reasons, the number one reason being the right brush. I know its sounds strange but the brush that you have can make a difference. What you want to have is a “boar bistle” brush which is a natural bristle brush that will help distribute the oils from your scalp into your hair. The other key is the old “100 strokes a night” like Laura Ingles used to do and most of our great-grandmothers. When you brush your hair with the right brush it wil distribute the oils from your scalt to the tip of your hair making it feel soft with some luster and eliminate the white oil build-up from you scalp. You can get a boar bristle brush at most stores. Just some suggestions that worked for me!

  4. My acne significantly decreased when I stopped using facial cleansers. Go figure. 😉

    I do the warm water & washcloth routine at night and mild soap in the morning.

  5. cocolamala says:

    i don’t wash my face with soap and water unless it feels itchy (dirty). i have sensitive skin, so washing and moisturizing it daily would be extremely irritating. i don’t usually wear makeup though, so there isn’t much to wash off anyway. the natural oil is more compatible with my skin than the fragrances and stuff they put in most lotions.

    i horrified my friends at a sleepover in high school when they all went to wash their faces and i hung back.

    [secretly] i’m down with the dirty face!

  6. Karen,
    I use coconut oil on my legs after shaving, but nothing on my face since I stopped stripping it with facial cleansers. I suppose I should worry about sunblock, but I’m really not outside a whole lot and I’m not in a high risk group.

  7. Hi Kim,
    this isn’t about hair stuff, but I am wondering what you all use for face moisturizer. I am tired of using expensive products with lots of junk in them. I just started using extra virgin coconut oil last night after doing a bit of research. I was th inking of making my own moisturizer, and wondering what kind of “cloth” skin products you use or if you have any ideas! 😉 Karen

  8. I find this thread very interesting. But I actually have a question for you about hormones. I had my fifth child, a girl, about 8.5 months ago. I had the baby blues really bad this time around. Now, I still feel pretty emotional as in sadness. But I’m now noticing that I’m loosing more hair, have developed dandruff which I’ve never had, and am getting some acne and I’ve always had clear skin. I’ve also had ovarian pain last week. What do you think? My first child was a girl and my previous three were boys. Do you think that the hormones post partum are different for boys than girls? Do you think my body is trying to regulate since I haven’t had AF yet? I know your post wasn’t about PP but I can’t figure out what is going on with my body and am hoping for some advice. Thanks.

  9. You inspired me to try this as well, and so I haven’t used shampoo for about as long as you. I’m finding the same things with the egg… the egg wash helps for at least a week, making me think my hair has adjusted… but slowly it starts to get oily again. I had dry and damaged hair which is what inspired me to try this, and the positive has been:

    -my hair holds it’s curl better and is less frizzy

    but here are the negatives:

    – there seems to be a residue coming off my hair when I comb it… my brush/comb ends up being covered with a whitish oil, which seems kind yucky! Would that be from the baking soda, or the ACvinegar, I wonder?
    -my hair has been falling out more lately! Which makes me a little nervous to continue… but I can’t find anything online that suggests that baking soda and ACvinegar might cause hair loss. It could just be coincidental. Any thoughts, anyone?

    • Rachel,
      We get the residue on the hairbrushes here too. I think it’s just oil from our hair, building up faster now that we aren’t stripping it all away in the shower every day, then attracting dust. I’ve started washing our hairbrushes more often, at least once/week. I just run some hot water over two brushes, squirt a bit of handsoap on one, and scrub them together. Then rinse again with hot water. It very quickly gets rid of all the oil, dust, grime, etc.
      How ironic – stop stripping our hair with soap, and start stripping the brushes instead.

  10. I started washing my face with just warm water several months ago. Occasionally I use a commercial apricot scrub, but it just makes my skin oily again. I no longer need to use moisturizer and my skin is smooth and not oily at all. I still get some acne, but mainly when I touch my face constantly. Hopefully it will still work through the summer!

  11. Kim:

    My dear mother, who died 4 years ago this month, had the most beautiful skin of anyone I have ever known. She washed her face with warm water on a clean washcloth every morning and every evening.

    When I wear makeup, I cleanse my skin with something to remove the makeup in the evening. But in the morning, I wash my face as my mother did. And the older I get, the less I want to put makeup on my face even.

    Perhaps the egg shampoo twice a week is the best solution for you?

  12. Oh no, I just started blogging about going no shampoo. Your success encouraged me and I commited for 6 weeks. lol

    I had tried is a little bit ago and got 2 weeks in and gave up. I started again and am now a little over a week of no shampoo and am wondering what I’m supposed to do about church.

    I hope things get better sooner for you AND for me.



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