No Shampoo, week 7: getting old

I have to admit: this is getting old.   Most of my daughters had no problem at all making the switch away from shampoo, but I sure did.  I know my hair is still adjusting, but it seems to be getting oily faster again.  Maybe it’s the hot weather.  I shelled out a few bucks for a boar bristle brush in the hopes that it would help distribute the natural oils, but I was hasty and bought the first & cheapest one I found.  It’s far too soft for my hair, so I don’t expect it to do anything at all for my scalp.

I washed my hair with egg and lemon juice again, but my hair only felt clean for 2 days instead of 3 or 4 like last time.

It seems harder and harder to thoroughly distribute baking soda through my hair, and my scalp is feeling a bit icky.  Ack!  Dandruff!

I’m not ready to quit, but this is a bit discouraging.  I’m perfectly happy with my hair up in a clip all the time – it’s my normal hairstyle – so I only really notice when I take it down at night.  It feels good not to be a slave to a daily shampoo, and I know my scalp and hair are probably healthier for the change, but at the same time I miss my soft and swishy hair – especially when I’m surrounded by so many soft and swishy heads.

I could really use a few words of encouragement from others who gave up shampoo and persisted through a long and oily adjustment period.


  1. That’s great, good it’s better this week..

    One other thing I just picked up is doing a salt rinse, about 1 tsp sea salt in 2 cups of water as a pre wash which is great for the scalp.

    As I have a problem scalp (one of the reasons I gave up shampoo) I used the salt rise and then massaged a little Dessert Essence face wash into my scalp which is just castille soap and tea tree with some other oils and it really cleans the scalp, then rinsed. Followed by the egg, lemon and Baking soda wash. The castille soap with the oils will leave oil in your hair so needs washing out.

    My hair was great afterwards and had lots of volume for once and was really shiny. This is the third day and it’s still not greasy!

  2. Thanks, y’all. My hair and I are much better this week, so I guess it was just a phase. I’m even wearing it down this week, though I don’t know how long that will last.

  3. Don’t give up!! – it will get better. I found an amazing blog but didn’t bookmark the link 🙁 anyway the womans hair looked amazing and it had been over a year! – she also had the straight, greasy type hair. If I find it I’ll post it.

    Your blog and hers have really encouraged me and I did my first egg and BS wash and rinse with CV and it took out the grease, so now I’m planning to do that every 5 days and stop using shampoo.

    I’ve been working up to it by increasing the time between shampoo washes up to 10 days and this is without even one rinse or wash so it is vile! – greasy to the ends (and I have long hair!) but apparently it’s good to do that as it helps your scalp adjust and stop producing so much sebum. It takes 2 whole days to get greasy again instead of the evening of the day I wash it and it’s in a much better condition. So already by leaving it greasy it’s getting less greasy.

    Maybe you need to give it a break, just let it get really greasy, leave it for a week and wear a scarf. Then try an egg mixed with lemon juice, 1/4 cup water and BS pour it on bit by bit and really massage it in well to the scalp and through the hair. Followed by a cold CV rinse.

    It can take 8 weeks for your scalp to adjust so it needs a bit more time.

    Just imagine soon you will have wonderful hair all the time!

  4. I wanted to say don’t give up! I had a similar experience as you did around the 7th or 8th week too! So I did a bit of research of my own and discovered another thing to help clean the hair without stripping its oils. Clay!

    I use the typical Baking Soda and acv method but once every two months I’ll do a clay mask with bentonite clay with a solution of water and acv. It really helped me with my issue! The only thing is that you have to use a conditioner after you do the clay mask, because the clay tend to leave a clay residue in your hair. You can condition with a purchased conditioner like Burt’s Bee or something. Or do a homemade version of your own conditioner.

    If you decide to make your own, you google conditioner recipes and I’m sure a site will pop up with tons of them.

    I have tried a few but my most favorite was the extra virgin coconut oil & honey conditioner but I found I couldn’t wash out all the coconut oil! So had to end up doing a baking soda wash the next day and a light acv rinse. BUT OMG! My hair was SO shiny and soft it looked awesome after I did that! My mom thought I had dyed my hair when she saw it! Which is funny cause I have never dyed my hair before and she knows it! =) Also you can make a conditioner out of egg too so you can mess around with egg. I live at a dorm so I can’t purchase eggs since well I have no way to cook them. =( But I’ll be trying an egg conditioner when I go home for the summer and see it that gets the clay residue out easier.

    Anyways, definitely look into adding a clay mask once a month into your routine I think its completely worth it. A bit more time consuming but that’s how it is for no pooers! Trial and error! =D

    I’ve heard that rhassoul clay is even better for hair clay mask but I have a pound of bentonite clay here so I just use that. Also have heard that adding marshmallow root powder to a clay mask mix helps, because its sort of conditioner of some sort. (I can’t remember the exact wording so just google it a bit and check to make sure.)

    After all I too sometimes miss the light, fluffy, soft feel of shampoo and conditioner, but when I think of ALL the gunk I used to control my frizz ball hair during that time and how often I’d curse and struggle with my hair, cause it was just that uncontrollable, the soft, fluffy, light feel of commercial shampoo and conditioner IT JUST ISN’T WORTH IT! My hair back then was part of the cause of my low self-esteem because it was just a frizz ball of thick dryness, when compared to the hair of all the other girls around me in high school. x( Now I don’t have worry about my hair at all since I’ve started this.

    I do take a bit of extra time to massage my scalp on the days I don’t wash my hair w/ baking soda and acv but I like it. Hoping to grow it down my back again since I no longer have to waste a ton of shampoo and a bajillion conditioner on my hair. =D

    Wow this turned out to be really long! Sorry! Just don’t give up though! I’ve been no poo since January and it is definitely worth it! You’ll love the results in the long haul. Good luck!

  5. I agree with Christy above. You have to find the right “system for you. Each of my girls hair and mine is so different. It’s hard to belive they all came from the same parents. Anyhoo. I’ve been going at this for about 4 1/2 weeks. I went through a more sticky week last week, which surprised me. So I washed with egg and lemon juice and double rinse with acv. After my hair dried it was swishy soft.
    My mom who was a cosmotologest said that the baking soda opens the hair shaft. That’s why mine was feeling so thick and curly.
    So you sound like your up for making this work. I don’t want to go back either.
    I do normally rinse with acv every night. I put it on warm and rinse out with cold water. I’m also not oppossed to washing twice a week with an egg and not using the soda at all.
    The best “system” that seems to work for my hair is: nights 1 &2 acv only, night 3 bs & acv rinse, 4,5 &6 acv rinse, night 7 egg & acv (2 times).
    Hope this helps. I

  6. Sorry but….USE THE SHAMPOO! It’s like Beer…if God didn’t want us to have it, he wouldn’t let us invent it!( I know my arguement doesn’t hold up at all…but it was worth a try)

  7. I have been using Baking soda and vinegar about 9 weeks. I had my hair cut in that time and they shampooed it. It felt great and lasted several days with only water rinses in between. Then I went back to the no shampoo routine. In the 9 weeks, I’ve shampooed 3 times just to get rid of the oil. I use the baking soda/ vinegar every other day and water in between. I like it and don’t think you have to never use shampoo. It seems like this system works differently for different people. I hope you find what works for you!

  8. I’m behind you on the journey just finishing up week 3. (I need to post about week 3)

    My hair is curly so I’m traveling a different path than you are, giving up the brush and comb as well as shampoo. I’ve seen a lot of improvement (nice defined curls) as well as some, not-so-improved areas (some frizz and oil), but am hoping that things will smooth out, literally. 🙂

    Keep it up. Go, Kim, go!


  9. Let’s see….it’s been many months – maybe almost a year – since I stopped using shampoo. (I think I broke and used it once during that time period.) For a long time I wore it up all the time – just like you. 🙂 My hair is waist long, very thick, and slightly curly, and when you talk about your hair looking fine until it swings out and then you see separate strands I know exactly what you’re talking about.

    But guess what? Yesterday, for the first time in ages, I wore my hair completely down in public. It wasn’t even freshly washed. It wasn’t oily-looking, and it was soft. It even had a bounce to it while still laying down enough to not be fly-away hair.

    …So keep on pressing on! You’ll get the results you like eventually. Btw, thanks for posting updates on this adventure of yours. I hadn’t told anyone what I was doing for fear they would think I was crazy or gross. But somehow when you talk about it sounds almost logical. :):) You’re so much braver than I!

  10. I couldn’t hack the no-poo thing, partly because of the oil and partly because my hair is so curly and I couldn’t get a comb through it. We also get dirtier than a lot of people because of farm work. In my online shampoo replacement search, I ran across a recipe for homemade shampoo using homemade soap, and tried it. That’s what I’ve used since, twice a week. I no longer need hot oil treatments for my hair. It’s still soap, but being homemade, I know there asren’t all the chemicals and additives.

    Here’s my post about it.

  11. no words of encouragement here but tell me again why your doing this? I t seems to me it would be alot easier just to use shampoo…..

  12. Don’t give up!! I am living proof that success is achievable! I went from washing my hair with shampoo every or every other day. Then I switched to baking soda and acv rinse and did this every fourth day (more often if needed). After a while, 8 months or so, I was able to start washing as needed. Now I go about a week between washings!! It has been a year or more long process. Don’t forget that: this is a process!

    Have you tried diluting the baking soda in boiling water ( I use a little less that 2tbsp to 8 cups of water. I pour in the bs add 4 cups or so of boiling water, let it sit for a few min, then add cold water. Pour over dry hair a little at at time, stopping to massage scalp and through hair)? It works really well, distributing-wise!

    I totally relate to the “I am surrounded by swishy, good-smelling hair, folks”. It will get better, but there is some sacrifice. My hair is actually swishy again, but I will never have that crazy good shampoo smell. Oh well, it is worth it.

    Good luck and sorry I only comment on hair-related posts! I love your site and the insight into your family! Y’all are an encouragement!

  13. man I can’t even relate, because I am not as strong as you, I could never give up my beloved shampoo, but this isn’t about me and I want to encourage you so, Kim you are a wonderful highly intellegent woman whom I do admire because you are not afraid to try anything that you are convicted about! So I want to encourage you to keep going with this IF it is what you choose, and if you want to go back to shampoo I respect that as well, either way You ROCK!!

  14. I don’t know what to say that will help, this being so individual and all… I’m struggling with some issues myself!

    The thing I ended up doing when I couldn’t take it anymore was to get out the Bronner’s. I’ve changed my routine with that in the past few weeks… First I’m doing the regular 2TBS BS in 1.5 c water, and rinsing it out. I have taken an old medicine dropper bottle that had antibiotics in it at one time, washed it thoroughly, and filled it with bronners Peppermint Soap. So, after washing with BS, I am taking a 1 cc dropper full of Bronners and putting a tinsy undiluted drop directly on my scalp in 5-6 different places. I rub this into my scalp to take off the extra oils and goop that I cannot get off due to our very hard water.

    After that, of course, I’m finishing up with the vinegar and cold water rinses.

    If it isn’t working, there are always other variations to try that might work better for your specific hair. I even tried pureed cucumber… loved it, but it really bleached out my color! (natural, I have never dyed my hair, and never plan to).

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