My solar oven…

…like most of my projects, did not turn out looking just like the photos.  I rushed a bit, didn’t quite read all the instructions to the very end, didn’t take the time to follow the instructions precisely, and didn’t quite have all the right materials.

So I’m really curious how my dinner rolls will turn out.  40 minutes and counting…I figured in south Texas, we had a bit of leeway.  We could probably just set the food out in the sun and it would cook.  We’ll see if I took too many liberties, because we already know that the technology is sound.  A friend of mine has brownies to prove it.

Sorry, no photos.  Can’t find the cable.  Don’t want to look harder.  Anyway, my solar oven is not as pretty as the two my friend made.  Furthermore, I smell my backup rolls in the electric oven, and I suddenly have something more important to do than hunt electronics accessories.


  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks so much for the advice! I will certainly try ahead of time.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hello, Mrs. Shoe! I’ve been reading for a few weeks, by way of The Common Room. I’m commenting because I have a question I know that if ANYONE can answer YOU can.

    See, I’m going to France next month. I just can’t bear the thought of wearing my slouchy jeans/t-shirt combo in such a chic city. Imagine taking a picture of yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower in such a getup with tons of chic Parisians in the background, who would YOU want to look at? Certainly not the slouchy tourist! *grin*

    Anyway, in thinking over my wardrobe, and that it will be May, I’ve decided my last four Easter dresses are definitely coming with me, along with some other dresses. I’m not a skirts only girl, like you and your girls, as you can tell from my jeans comment, but all of the pants I own are just too slouchy for Paris!

    I’m sure you didn’t need ALL that information, but the background is there for a reason. One day we (my college group) are going on a bike ride in the French countryside. (think leisurely, not strenuous mountain biking). I do have one long denim skirt, all the dresses/skirts beside that are just below the knee. So, how do you and your girls handle biking, and what type of garment is best for this? Or should I, as a non-skirts only girl just stick to pants that day? We are also picnicking that day and seeing lovely gardens so I feel one of the Easter dresses would look so lovely in the setting.

    Could you please help a fellow Texan out? Thank you!


    • Jennifer,
      My girls assure me that a long loose skirt works beautifully on bike rides. They say their skirts have never been caught in the wheel or pedal gears, and they simply let the skirt drape over the front of the seat.
      Your Easter dresses might be fine, though if they’re not long enough they’ll tend to flutter up in the breeze as you go.
      If you have access to a bicycle, I would strongly recommend trying it out yourself ahead of time, but it seems you have nothing to fear.
      Enjoy your trip – it sounds wonderful!

  3. I want pictures! I wanna see!
    I made rolls in mine today, too.
    Oh, and there are pictures.
    Maybe a back up usb cable would be a good idea. (I know what I’m getting you for your birthday next time.) How do you keep losing that? Put a hook on the wall by the computer or something. It needs a stable home, the poor little lost cable.

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