Swine flu

I know a lot of people are scared, but I have a confession to make.  I can’t help being suspicious that the general public is being whipped into a panic over a manufactured crisis.  Every time I hear somebody on the news say, “Don’t panic, but…” it just sounds like they are suggesting that you’re going to feel the need to panic when you know all the facts.

It’s like talking to a little kid who just skinned her knee.  Do you say, “You’re fine.  There’s just a few drops of blood,” or do you scream, “Don’t look!  I think you’re bleeding!”  Does any mother in the world think that’s a good way to keep a 5yo from panicking?

Call me cynical, but the CDC’s Key Facts About Swine Flu simply don’t look that scary.   The google map showing confirmed and suspected cases of Swine flu in the US doesn’t look that scary.  Influenza already kills 35,000 people every year in the US, and nearly 10 times that many people worldwide.  So far, the WHO only credits the H1N1 strain (Swine Flu) with about 13 deaths worldwide, though Mexican sources were earlier blaming it for nearly 200.

For a more balanced view than what the media is presenting, you might want to take the time to read this extensive article from Mercola.com, or watch this brief video of Ron Paul reminiscing about the 1976 outbreak.  Did you know that exactly 1 person died from Swine flu back then, while at least 25 died from vaccinations and thousands suffered severe side effects of the vaccinations?

First, the government wanted to bail out our economy.  Now we have a health crisis, and they’re ready to leap to our rescue again.   Can I see a show of hands?  Who think this might help certain parties in their goal to achieve nationalized healthcare?


  1. I don’ t know about this being their way of getting national healthcare but what I do think is the media jumps on things and builds it up WAY to much. Your right about the swine flu vs. flu. But some how, the national media (except for maybe Fox News) doesn’t tell you these numbers.

    What I do think: Yet another “crisis” for the president to try to solve and look good over. You notice how since the “big outbreak” the economy has NOT been the big headline in the news. Could it be because he couldn’t fix it. Just a thought.

  2. Sorry Kim…..try this link……don’t want anyone to have to go through FB:


  3. Kim,

    Read this and tell me what you think. Very interesting article……especially the facts listed by the CDC.


    Call me cynical too, but I think this is yet another move by the government to get us all in line for another vaccine. MONEY!

  4. Elizzabee says:

    lol…I found an online game about swine flu…you’re a virus and you’re supposed to sneeze on people! Isn’t that crazy?
    Sorry, guess that’s a little bit random. 🙂
    (but….if you want to check it out, it was on miniclips.com) 🙂

  5. Here’s my hand!

    There is the possibility that it also goes beyond healthcare. Maybe this is a leap to suppose that there is a connection between the Georgia Guidestones (article on Wikipedia, with photographs) and these health crises.

    To confirm your suspicions:



    Thanks for getting the word out there, amidst the hysteria! 🙂


  6. Stacey Masrud says:

    I believe the concern with the “swine flu” is that it is parallelling very closely the flu outbreak in 1918-1919, in which 40 – 100 million people worldwide were killed. (Estimates vary) Both flus are not “native” to humans, meaning that we have no built-in immunity or ability to fight them. The most concerning part is that most of the deaths in 1918-1919 were healthy adults in their prime, aged 20 – 40 years old. What I have heard is that it is their good immune response that killed them. Their bodies basically battled the flu TOO hard. I think it is called the Cytokine storm.

    We have yet to know if this is the media’s “normal” reaction – to blow everything out of proportion, or if this is something that will follow the 1918 outbreak more closely. In 1918, the flu broke out in the spring (as now) with mild results. It died down over the summer but came back with a vengence in the fall. That was when a good deal of the deaths first took place (around 25 million, I believe). It continued to cause deaths for 3 years. Only a small percentage of those who came down with the flu died…something like 2 – 5%, but that is still a lot of healthy people who died.

    Yes, it is good not to panic. We have an awesome God who is in control. It is good to be aware that history does repeat itself and know what you can do to keep your families healthy and prepared. In the mean time, let’s pray this dies out completely.

  7. I don’t have a real problem with the tax aspect of Socialized Healthcare. My issue is that the government has shown itself to be the absolute worst manager of anything it has touched.

    Think of the DMV. Is that what you want to deal with everytime you get sick? I can not name a single government entity that functions as well or better than a private company. Service will go down.

    However, that’s the the worst of the problems. The real problem will come in the form of rationing care. Grandma Edna’s hip replacement just wont happen. Suddenly a lot more patients will be deemed “futile.”

    When we combine national healthcare with assisted suicide, we have a recipe for trouble.

  8. Marcy Smith says:

    Amen to everything you have said Mrs. C.
    Hands waving high. AMEN!

  9. For those who asked, nationalized healthcare is bad because all authority comes from God, and Romans 13 tells us what authority He gave to the government; healthcare is not part of their jurisdiction.
    When a government oversteps its bounds, it becomes tyrannical in nature, even if it seems to be acting benevolently.
    Some of us might think it would be nice if somebody else paid for our healthcare, but it simply wouldn’t be right to take from some citizens and give to others.
    If an individual did this, it would be called theft. When the government does this, it’s called socialism. Neither is a good thing.

  10. Mrs. Price says:

    I am so raising my hand on this one. This is why I am SO glad I do not have television in my home. 😀

  11. Raising my hand too and shouting, “Me! Me! Me! I agree.”

  12. So true!! It’s crazy how the media is swirling this thing out of control. So thankful that I KNOW the God who controls it all!!! Appreciate your honesty.

  13. I agree….

  14. armymamma says:

    It has been my experience (not speaking for the whole military community here) that when healthcare is government managed, there is little motivation for physicians to provide high quality care. They don’t have to worry about their practice retaining patients, because you are required to go to that Dr. I’ve had Dr’s prescribe me the wrong meds and then refuse to return calls to fix the problem, a Dr. that asked me to undress into a gown with assurances that “he won’t look, he’s looking at my chart”, Dr’s that misdiagnosed serious chonic illnesses (Lupus for example), -nobody is held responsible. I’m now in the process of changing our healtcare plan so that I can pay a copay to see a civillian.

  15. I can see where you’re coming from on this, but I have to say that I disagree.

    The media is most definitely blowing this out of proportion, I agree with you on that. I think we should all be concerned, but to be frantic is not the answer. People die every year from flu, usually the very young, the elderly, or people with respiratory problems. The trouble with H1N1 is that, in some areas, otherwise healthy young adults have died. Considering the huge pandemic of 1918, I think it’s good to be vigilant. Being afraid doesn’t help; being informed does. While the media response is as frantic as it is with just about everything, I think the government’s response has been pretty measured.

    I’m a supporter of national health care, but I don’t look at it as another commenter on this page does, “stealing one man’s money” to give to another. So being taxed is the same as being stolen from? I don’t think so. I would just like to know that my tax money is paying for something. We’ve all received a lot from the government over the years (roads, electricity, education, etc.), and it boggles my mind how angry people are about this. I get it: You don’t want to be unfairly taxed. But is it unfair if you’re receiving services? I don’t think it is.

    And if my (and others’) tax money can ensure that in addition to myself having access to affordable health care that my sisters and mother can, and that my friends and loved ones can, and that my neighbors can, and that the rest of the good people of this country also can, then I feel good about it.

  16. Here’s another group NOT panicked about Swine Flu.

    I’m all for nationalized healthcare. So many people think it would be a disaster with the government running things, but at least there could be some control over costs, and everyone could get coverage. The way that for-profit companies run health insurance in the US right now is criminal. They deny anyone or any treatment they feel like, and they rake in the money on something that should not be for profit!

  17. Mrs.Pear says:

    Oh, Quinn beat me to the quote!

    We had socialized medicine in Canada, and it is not great, you wait forever for things.

    When our 2 year old needed an echogram in the US she was walked across the hallway and got it immediately, we had the results about 10 minutes later. My MIL needed one in Canada and she waited about 9 months…

  18. Michele says:

    You have 9 raised hands from here!
    We are totally against national healthcare for many reasons. The first being that it is not right for the government to steal a mans money to pay for another mans bills. Do you realize how many men do not work and their bills are paid by the working men. That is wrong!
    If, well not if I am sure Obama will make national healtcare happen. We will not take it, if there is a fine for not doing so hubby said he will get another job and pay the fine. I am proud of my husband.

  19. Australian nationalised health care is ok. Waiting lists are extremely long for elective surgery. BUT, you do also have the option of private health care as well, which means that I can pick and choose. So instead of waiting 6 months to get my son speech therapy, I can get it straight away and private covers a lot of it. But I also had two of my babies in a public hospital which seeing as I nearly died during one, had two emergency surgeries and spent two weeks in hospital, cost the government at least $45,000. Would I rather have died because I couldn’t afford insurance or lost my house because I couldn’t afford the bill? Um, no. I totally LOVE the Australian system. It takes a village, people. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

  20. What you should remember is that over 36,000 people die from the regular flu each year in America, and 300,000-500,000 die each year worldwide. When you consider the fact that this is a new virus that no one has immunity to and it is spreading during non-flu season, it is a big deal. Of course, it’s not a reason to panic, but it is a reason to practice healthy habits and to be aware.

    People who are healthy may not have so much of a reason to worry, you’re right, but if you’ve ever been sick or had a child or relative with an impaired immune system, you would be a little more worried. If this virus passed through America taking 1,000s of lives with it, then you would criticize the government for not doing enough to warn and prevent the virus. Isn’t it better to be over-cautious than under-cautious, or are you just looking for any excuse to criticize the government no matter what?

  21. I’ll raise my hand. It may help them.

    The media sure do like anything that could possibly be scary if looked at just the right way [smile].


  22. I get so tired of hearing the media trying to whip everyone into a mass panic! All the major news channels keep reporting the number of deaths at 150+ when the WHO website says only 9 people have died world wide!

    Anyway, I personally have a big problem with nationalized health care because of the basic principle that claims gov’t has a right to steal a person’s wages to pay for their neighbor’s health care. Where did we ever get the idea that gov’t could best handle health care anyway? And how long until the cost of treating someone is considered too much a burden on the system and they deicide to stop treatment? It’s already happening here to the elderly on medicare and even some of those on medicaid. We actually dropped our health insurance a few years ago when my husband was out of a job. What we found was we saved an incredible amount by paying up front with cash and had way more rooom to negotiate. Also, we can leave and take our business elsewhere when we’re unhappy without having to go through the hassle of paperwork and redtape.

  23. Thanks for the common sense approach. I’ve been feeling the exact same way. I think this thing is so totally over blown. I can’t believe the way they’re closing schools here in Texas around me. Fort Worth ISD is totally closed down! It’s ridiculous, how many cases of regular flu goes through that school district a year and it doesn’t close. But let a couple of swine flu cases hit a couple of schools and the doors shut down like crazy. It really makes no sense!

    I think the media is purposely creating a panic for many reasons. one being to stimulate the economy…how many people are going out to purchase masks, meds, hand santitizers, doctors, etc, plus stocking up on food, gas, etc. And I also think that it is being used politically to push agendas.

  24. Sorry, it this is double but not sure if it went through.

    Thanks for posting this. I was going to post something similar but now I don’t have to. I’ll just link back to you.


  25. Good thoughts, and I agree! I am sure this administration is making sure they don’t “waste this crisis”, even though I don’t think it is a real crisis.

  26. melanie says:

    you are right on target! another factor (IMO) is the fact that not much else is going on right now in the news. The news media seems to think that they exist to create a frenzy. every topic is sensationalized and blown out of proportion… from a missing person case to the White House dog.

  27. Lisa in ND says:

    Yep! I totally agree with you. When I looked at the map on my MSN homepage of how few confirmed cases there are, I sure don’t get why it’s such a huge deal with the media. Something’s up. The assessment is correct that many, many more people die of the regular flu every year.

    Not to mention the emergency rooms and doctor’s offices are going to be clogging up with people, as everyone with a sniffle or cough is going to be running in wanting to be tested for swine flu! Or maybe that’s part of the plan?!

    It sounds like the national health care in Australia may be good. I live near Canada, and many people there aren’t happy with the system. There are often Canadians who come to the US for procedures (such as joint replacements) because they are on such a long waiting list. I have also been told the taxes there are sky high.

    That was a great post Kim. 🙂

  28. A frightened population is easier to control, look at what the government pushed through after 9/11. People will accept slavery for the promise of safety.

  29. “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are… I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” ~ Ronald Reagan

    Read this quote in my Mini-Rubies just last night. Thought of it again while reading your post 😀

  30. Shelly says:

    I can’t remember now where I read it but the goal of government is to keep people scared! Scared people want/need their government to interfere in their lives. Scared people are easily controlled. Happy people think too much! 🙂

  31. Monica says:

    I’m totally with you on this one!!! My family was just discussing this very thing last night at dinner – and I quoted the 35,000-deaths figure, too. 🙂

    They’re making too big of a deal out of it for me to trust them… I do think they’ll use it as a big step toward nationalized health care. 🙁

    (I work in health care and government involvement in it would be disastrous!!)

  32. I AGREE!!

    Clare and others: your national health care works because America doesn’t have national health care.

    Read this most amusing and informative talk by the inimitable Mark Steyn to understand: http://www.hillsdale.edu/news/imprimis.asp

    …but start with this principle: big government is a bad idea.

  33. Jennifer says:

    Yes, I think the hype is ridiculous. Some schools here in Indiana even closed for fear of spreading the disease! The confirmed case in our state wasn’t any where near those schools.

    Some of my co-workers tried to buy face masks, but the stores were sold out. What? It’s worse than everyone buying new snow shovels before the flurries come.

    The media has an agenda and people in panic watch more media…advertising dollars…you get the idea.

  34. If you know the numbers, it’s really astonishing how badly this is being blown out of perportion. You don’t see the world stop spinning when the regular flu strikes, or everyone running around in paper masks.

    Not to minimize this, but it staggers me. I feel like I never know what the media will pounce on next! I mean, last year they took one resturant on the east coast and said it had an Ecoli outbreak -like 6 people got sick. There was probably an outbreak in our state that week, too. A few years ago, some sweet little old ladies food-poisoned half about thirty people at a funeral luncheon (I was one of them).

    Where was our media? Strange ….

  35. Thank you for posting on this! So many others feel as you do, on all ends of the political spectrum, that this is overblown. NOT that people haven’t died or that it isn’t dangerous… but that it’s overblown.


  36. I totally agree! Thank you so much for posting this!

  37. Yep, yep, yep! I totally agree!
    I personally believe it’s a money thing!

  38. I do agree!

    As for the nationalised healthcare, my husband is in the military and I would be afraid if the healthcare were all ran by the goverment. I am not saying that all of it is bad but there are a lot of people who I do not trust.

  39. Oh yeah, my sis was talking about this the other day. Remember a couple of years ago when everyone was panicking about bird flu? well NO ONE in Australia died.
    load of rubbish, I tell ya!

    But i second what Clare said. I LOVE nationalised health care.

  40. *raises hand*
    My opinion is that the swine flu isn’t everywhere, but it’s everywhere on the news.

  41. but yeah, the swine flu thing is ridiculous.

  42. i don’t understand why a nationalised healthcare is bad??

    i live in Australia and we have nationalised healthcare, it is FANTASTIC. it isn’t perfect and you can gripe about some thingss but really what we get for our taxes and how little i pay a year in healthcare, it is a blessing.

  43. Thank you Kim. I have been thinking and saying the same. Not so much different than normal flu.

  44. My hand is up!!

  45. See my hand raising? Waving?

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