I heart Swagbucks

Why didn’t I join Swagbucks sooner?  Leave it to me to be the next-to-last one to jump on the bandwagon.  Now that I’m on, you’re probably the last one.  Jump on with me!

I just blogged about Swagbucks a few days ago on Frugal Hacks, and already I have enough for $10 in Amazon gift cards!  We already use google all the time, so I added the Swagbucks search engine and now I get paid for something I was already doing for free.  That’s my idea of fun!

Exclusive code

To join, just go here and fill out the simple form, and they’ll start you out with 3 Swag Bucks.  I also got 1 Buck with my very first search.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Want more?  Here’s a special code just for my bloggy friends to get 2 bonus bucks when you sign up:  LIFEINASHOE (case sensitive).  It’s good through midnight, Friday, May 9 so hurry!  Feel free to tell everyone you know.  I don’t mind.  😀

Search & Win


  1. I too heart swagbucks. (in fact that is the phrase I just searched) lol. I signed up several months ago, but was not using it like I should. I finally installed the toolbar last week. What a difference!!! How about youdata? do you do that? youdata.com/join/mrsknapp It does work. Honestly! I’ve been using it since May. If you have a paypal account and the ability to recieve a text message on your cell phone (they really only send one, so don’t be worried about receiving text spam) they will pay you a few cents for viewing ads. They deposit the money to your Paypal account weekly on Fridays. It will NOT make you rich, but free money if free money, right?

  2. homemakerang says:

    did you get the sprouter? we couldnt figure out how to do UPS collect.

  3. Lisa Beth W. says:

    Just confirming that yes, they do pay out to Canada! We have redeemed $15.00 from Amazon.ca so far, and have $5.00 more waiting for us right now. 🙂

  4. I agree. We all use the same Swagbucks acct and it’s fun to win just for searching, isn’t it?

  5. Hi Kim,

    I think I am the very last one on the Swagbucks trail. I too keep wondering why I haven’t done it yet. I would love to join and get you a few extra buck$!

    God bless

  6. Hi Kim!
    I joined Swagbucks just a week or two ago myself… so you’re not the only second-to-last-er! 😉
    I just wondered how you had gotten a personalized code to enter. I’d like to get one too to give my friends (the last-ers :P). Thank you!

  7. angelle,
    I think they do, because one of the things you can buy with your bucks is a gift card for Amazon.ca. That’s Canada, right?

  8. you know if they pay out to canada?

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