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Thank you to all of our friends who signed up at our urging.  If you joined through our link, we get a SwagBuck every time you earn one!  We’re on our way to earning a much-longed-for serger to help with a multitude of sewing projects.

We are totally jazzed about SwagBucks, and we want you to be excited too! If you missed the exclusive code last time and still haven’t signed up, here’s another chance.  Sign up through our link by midnight Monday, May 18 and use the code FRUGALHACKS (case sensitive) to get a total of 5 SwagBucks when you sign up!


  1. Just out of curiosity –how are you doing the serger through swagbucks? Gift cards? Which ones? I know you can get just about everything through Amazon, but does Target carry sergers?? Inquiring minds needing (okay, desperately desiring) a serger want to know… (although whatever we earn is earmarked for gift cards for our family’s summer mission trip right now 🙂 ).

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