Boys are different than girls. Duh.


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A few days ago, The Boy asked his sister to help him change his shirt.  He had peed on it.

“How did you pee your shirt?!” she exclaimed.

“It just went up and down, up and down.”  He paused, and frowned at her.

“Why are you laughing?  I’m not telling a joke.”


And while we’re on the subject…

He likes to pee off the deck.  We live in the country, so this is fine if he’s careful to do it out of sight of girls and make sure he’s all clear below.

Recently Megan was outside and saw a stream coming off the deck.  She didn’t quite realize what it was until her eye tracked it back to its source.  Then she laughed out loud.

She heard an insulted voice from above.  “What are you laughing at?  It’s just my pen**.”


  1. Ok I’ll haft to say not all boys are like that, but that was really funny!

  2. Chortle. I’m linking with a tale of my own.

  3. Hahahaha!!!! =D =D Oh my, that’s great. =D How fun that you let him pee off the deck. What a great adventure for him.

    Re Tracy’s comment about the chicken tenders – which was absolutely hysterical – when I had my third child, my second son had a difficult time with my breastfeeding. Not that he minded me doing it, he just couldn’t say the word “breast”, so for some reason, he called them “chickens” and would say that the baby needed chicken feed.

    One day my husband came home with some chicken breasts and said, “Look Ben! Chicken chickens!” =D

  4. i am sure I have stories to tell but I can’t top yours right now. I have already posted on another post how my 4 yod likes to sing about how “big” he is when he’s in the shower. My 2 yod is now discovering he’s a boy. Oy vay!!! I love little boy stories. Keep them coming.

  5. And yes, Russell is the King of the House, the Alpha male at 14 yrs old…..what’s HE going to do if we have another boy??

  6. When my two oldest girls were little, they wondered why they didn’t have TAILS too!!!!!!

    I’m laughing……with 6 girls and 14 years since we’ve had a boy, I don’t know what to DO with a boy!!!!

  7. So, these are some of the things I have to look forward! It sounds like a blast!

    Mom of currently 5 girls, one 1yr. boy!

  8. Oh, yeah.

    Different but great! So unique!

    Love it!

  9. Having 3 boys first, I have to say that girls are different than boys, duh. 😉

    lol too funny!

  10. Oh yes. Same things go on here. I’ve decided boys are just a whole different breed of humans. tee hee. I only have 3 of them, but I have 9 girls and the difference is hysterically funny!!!

  11. oh – this reminded me of a funny that happened the other day.
    My little boys have taken to referring to their pen** as their ‘tender’ . Very likely, they’d been warned to be careful with an older brother – or daddy . anyways.
    We were having grilled chicken tenders for dinner and I overheard the 4 year old say, “You know – the chicken’s pen**”

    boys! 🙂

  12. When I was a little girl, I was happily playing down below the deck, when I began to feel raindrops. Now, since it was a sunny day, this seemed peculiar – until I looked above and saw my little brother merrily peeing between the rails, as my grandmother had taught him to do.

  13. lololololol

  14. Trust me when I tell you it is way WAY way better that he is saying not to laugh than if he were TRYING to get laughs!

  15. Ha! Funny boy, but he evidently doesn’t know it! 😉 Too cute…

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