Several Things For Sale

Posted By: Lydia Mae & Meg

Megan and I have some stuff for sale,

  • 3 copies of The Family the lower right corners of the books are bent forward in the front and the back. Retails for $20.00 will sell for $5.00 2 PENDING; 1 LEFT!
  • 1 copy of Backyard Ballistics like new condition except for a little bit of shelf wear. Retails for $17.00 will sell for $7.00 PENDING
  • 1 copy of How to Build Tree houses, Huts and Forts almost perfect condition except for the top right corner is a little bent. Retails for $15.00 will sell for$7.00 PENDING
  • 4 copies of  Backyard Homestead with minor damage on the spine.  Paper is a bit “chewed” in one small spot on each, but damage is not structural. Retails for $19.00 will sell for $7.00 each.  4 PENDING
  • 1 copy of Backyard Homestead perfect condition retails for $19.00 will sell for $9.00  SOLD

Note: Shipping is $3 for the first item, and $1.50 for each add’l. Please add $4-5 dollars for shipping to Canada.

Paypal is our favorite method of payment!

Remember to check the For Sale page for more great deals on Vision Forum products!


  1. Theresa Taylor says:

    Id like 1 copy of Family and the backyard ballistics, please. I will remit paypal if you say that I can have these.

  2. I’d like one copy of The Family. Thanks!

  3. Hi! Can I get the last copy of backyard homestead!?

  4. I’d like the Backyard Homestead book if you still have it! I can pay with paypal.

  5. Hi, girls! Not sure how this works, but could we get three copies of the Backyard Homestead. If possible, the perfect one and two damaged ones.


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