Come visit us in Arlington, TX!

The kids and I are taking a long slow drive to Missouri this week, with a 2 day stopover in the Fort Worth area.  Our friend-and-reader Paulette, whom I can’t wait to meet in person, has arranged for a meeting at her church on Friday, July 3 from 1-3 PM.

Any readers who would like to meet us in person are invited to join us there.  Just bring snacks and a sense of humor – and don’t expect too much.   I’m a wallflower so it could be a bit awkward if you’re shy and quiet too, but my children can talk the legs off a chair so they’ll pick up the slack.  If you’re a talker, please come.  We’ll need your unique skills and abilities!  If not, I will have to force my children to sing for us as entertainment and they have threatened to sing every modern pop/rock song they know.  I’ll be ruined.

If all else fails, we’ll just sit and watch Bethany scootch around on her bottom.  It’s pretty entertaining…especially when she’s diaper-less and her bottom sticks to the floor…

At any rate, we would love to meet you.  Come see us!  No need to RSVP, though I’d love hear in the comments if you’ll be coming!

Who is invited:

Readers of Life in a Shoe, friends, acquaintances, mommy bloggers, mother of many young children, aspiring mothers of many young children, children of any of the above, and benevolent onlookers who want to know what a family of 11 looks like.

NHMs are not invited. Don’t worry.  It’s an inside joke.  If you don’t know what it means, you are not an NHM.   Even if you do know, you’re not one.  Karen? Jenny?  No telling.


Friday July 3rd, from 1-3 PM


Grace Fellowship Church (view map)

1516 W. Pioneer Pkwy.

Arlington, Texas 76063

***go around back to the gym***


  1. Sorry, Our budget won’t handle the trip 🙁

  2. Sounds like a blast!! Wish I could be there!

  3. Karen,

    You’re in McKinney? We are in Farmersville. We should connect sometime.

  4. Smockity Frocks and Shanna,
    Paulette, the kids and I will see you there!

    Susan and Brandi,
    That’s too bad! I would have loved to meet you.

    My Boaz’s Ruth,
    Well, what’s the word? Yeah or nay?

    I emailed you about this.

    Karen in Mckinney,
    Please do come. Everyone is cancelling. We’re going to need some rowdy kids to make it look like more people are there. 🙂

    Karen E.
    Yes, as a matter of fact I did know that. I knew you’d remember what I was talking about.

  5. I talked to my husband last night and he’s going to need his truck on Friday which means I won’t be able to come =(
    I just don’t trust my old suburban to make it that far. If you think you’ll make a stop in Hillsboro on the way up to Missouri or on your way home, I’d love to meet up. Email me if you think you’ll be stopping and I’ll send you my phone number.

  6. Did you know that when you laugh through sealed lips stuff comes out your nose?


  7. I might try to come out there. We’re is detox mode from grandparents being here last week so I am hesitant to go anywhere right now. Detox is bad enough that I caught my 4 yod climbing the shelves at the library today. GASP!!!! i thought I was going to die!!! Will you be making it anywhere near McKinney (in North Dallas) on your way out of town or perhaps back into town?

  8. That’s the only one Google is giving me with that address. It doesn’t give an option for 76063

  9. Well considering I need something to do not think of how HOT it is in my house we will be there. WOO-HOO!!!

  10. i am so bummed. We will be going to Oklahoma that day. Would have loved to have met you.

  11. My Boaz’s Ruth,
    umm…probably. Should I mean 76013?

  12. Pondering coming from Austin. Will have to talk it over with my husband.

  13. Did you mean 76013?

  14. hee hee I vaguely remember the NHM thing! Enough to remember what it stands for, anyway. 🙂

  15. cool I read susans blog as well.

  16. I’m going to try to come this weekend. We’re out near Hillsboro, so I’ll wave as you drive through on 35! =) It won’t be too far of a drive for us and I need to visit my grandmother in Burleson anyway. I’ll talk it over with my husband tonight. What fun this will be!

  17. How FUN!

    I would love to meet you! I may very well come and bring the whole gaggle of kidlings.

    I can talk the legs off a chair as well. Plus, I know the dance moves to “Beat It”. Be afraid.

  18. Oh please let us know if you have a get-together like this in Branson! I live 20 min from there!
    I know you have family there but, feel free to e-mail and I’ll be glad to send you my phone # in case you need anything!
    Will you be able to visit Silver Dollar City or White water?


  19. “…and they have threatened to sing every modern pop/rock song they know. I’ll be ruined.”

    Cracking up. It reminds me of when my then 2- year-old performed a perfect rendition of “Amazing Grace” for her SS teacher–immediately followed by “Superfreak”. And who was the SS teacher? The pastor’s wife, of course.

    On the positive side, our pastor’s wife is wonderful and she thought it was funny.

    I would like to state for the record that it was my SIL who taught my daughter “Superfreak”. Not because I’m afraid someone will judge my parenting, but because I’m afraid someone might think I’m into disco.

  20. awwww….since I had read that your husband would be dressed as a character…I thought we would get to meet your family. We’re in Plymouth yesterday and today and will transfer to Boston tomorrow and are having a great time! Sorry we’ll miss you!


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